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Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow April 14th 2018

Ireland - only for the Brave 1 14th April 2018 “Did we get on the wrong boat, Janice?” There’s only one piece of the jigsaw left for us to complete our motorhome map of mainland Europe. It’s green and it’s an expensive ferry ride away. Eyes there are smiling, mountains sweep down to the sea and it’s a long way to somewhere or other. They have shamrock, fairies and leprechauns and jet-black beer with froth and a toucan on the top. Got it yet? It’s mid April: the snowdrops in our garden at home in Norfolk, UK, are finally over and the daffodils are just about hanging on. Frog spawn appeared in the pond overnight and a blackcap was singing its heart out somewhere close by in the forest. Rain and cold weather seem to have ... read more
Southstack - Holyhead
Sally Gap

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow April 4th 2017

This is day 3 of our hike and we are starting out of Laragh and headed to Glenmalure to stay 2 days at the Coolalingo B&B downtown. After our 20mile exercise yesterday, we were hoping for a cool 8 mile stroll through the beautiful mountains of Ireland. We finally hit the trail at about 11:00AM after a short visit at the Wicklow Way Visitors Center where the pleasure of seeing their display would cost us 9 euros each. We decided to "move on down the road" so to speak. Ireland is such a beautiful place with their rolling hills and sheep dotting the countryside. Oh....did I mention that it was raining. We were making some good headway along some logging roads when the weather turned bad. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves transversing the side of one ... read more
Kathy on the Trail

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow October 2nd 2016

02 octobre 2016 : Nous sommes revenus à Wicklow et après quelques jours de repos, nous nous promenons dans le Comté de Wicklow pour revisiter cette région, dans laquelle Socorro a passé de nombreuses années. Demain nous reprenons la route vers Rosslare pour prendre le ferry qui nous emmènera à Cherbourg, puis deux jours de route pour rejoindre Benidoleig.... read more
Wicklow County
Wicklow County
Wicklow County

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow September 22nd 2016

18 septembre 2016 : Départ de Cherbourg à 17h00 pour une arrivée à Rosslare à 11h30 le lendemain 19 septembre après une traversée de la Manche e ferry. Arrivée à Wiklow chez Dedra une amie de Socorro, soit un trajet de 1929 kms depuis Benidoleig. 19 septembre 2016 : Le soir, repas chez Theresa 20 septembre 2016 : Repas à Ashford tout près de Wicklow. 21 septembre 2016 : Dîner chez Pepe avecJimmy, Dedra, Catherine et Brian, des amis de longue date de Socorro; 22 septembre 2016 : Dîner chez Marie et Frank.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow April 18th 2015

Here are pictures from the Wicklow Mountains tour and Glendalough.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow January 30th 2013

2.From Rosslare to Wicklow Rosslare is a very small harbour built mainly for the ferry routes linked with the continent. It is situated at the southern tip of the east coast of Ireland. Behind it a large bay hides another harbour, Wexford, so that when you stand on the sandy hills of Rosslare you can see land streching around to the north. The coast is never in a straight line in Ireland, I believe. I arrived in Rosslare on Saturday afternoon, as I said before, 12 January 2013. On the Sunday morning I went to church around the corner from the B&B where I was staying. Although I can't believe in the christian myth any more, I still need to be praying and transcending to some benevolent God. I like to hear that some super being ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow May 15th 2011

Well after a hectic few weeks, my birthday appeared out of nowhere which seemed a bit scary, yet another birthday!!! The first half of the day was spent doing things like buying train tickets to Gatwick Airport (positive moves towards my great weekend ahead) and having every oddball come up to me and tell me all about their problems, their missed anniversaries and lost loved ones. They were all rather sad stories, so felt obliged to listen. I hope I helped a bit but in any case, good to know my oddball magnet was still alive and well! Making me look forward all the more to the weekend! The rest of the day was spent working, kids going a wee bit mad! Was it a full moon as well as my birthday, must check!!! Came home ... read more
Milano's kids' area
Cool chic

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow April 19th 2010

Yes, before you lace into us, we do apologize for slacking. I'm afraid we've been so busy having the time of our lives! So we'll fill you in now. We'll start in Ireland first since we were there for around 3 weeks. There's bound to be something to talk about. We flew from Glasgow, Scotland into Belfast in Northern Ireland. Our plane ride was a millasecond compared to the long flights we're used to. We literally went up and then we went down. I don't think we even leveled out. It was an early morning so it was nice to have a short flight so we could get started on our day. Belfast is a fascinating city rich with history some of it quite recent! We were toured around the Giant's Causeway to get a glimpse ... read more
Belfast City
Cute street

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow December 1st 2009

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 Dublin, Ireland (with a tour of the Wicklow region) My last day in Dublin! Woke up at 8am so that I could be at the Tourism Office at 9am to be picked up by the Wild Wicklow Tours! In one way, I wish I had done this tour first because it had other Americans (they do exist!) and the bus driver was very entertaining. However, the day ended with me cold and drenched and ready to leave the lovely Dublin weather. Our first stop was at a shopping place called "Avoca" in Wicklow which was a craft type store where they stick us tourists in a room full of crap and try to pressure us to buy. Oh, and I got a really pretty Christmas ornament! :) Up next was a little ... read more
Pinch of Nancy (P.O.N.) #1
Forty Foot

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow October 31st 2009

Just spent the last week driving through th south of Ireland. So here is the first leg. After a scary landing in windy Dublin we jumped in our hire car, which was upgraded to a very cool Nissan something and headed to The Wicklow Mountains. We stayed in the middle of nowhere at a great family run hostel called Mountain view. Fresh air and drinking water from the local spring. Hospitality was fab. Because we arrived so late they offered us curry and rice with homemade chrissy pudding and cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The Dublin walking group were also staying the night and entertained us around the fireplace with some trditional music. We had arrived in the dark so we were very shocked to awake to the sound of cows and the country was spectacular. It's a shame ... read more
St Kevins Way
Upper Lake, Glendalough
The most important thing is keeping

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