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June 26th 2013
Published: June 26th 2013
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Carrick ConventionCarrick ConventionCarrick Convention

Earl Delaney, Trev, Mary Delaney at lunch
Had a quick breakfast with Geoff & Dawn and then off to Carrick convention for the morning meeting. Geoff escorted us out of town and up the motorway to our exit. Arrived about 9:30 in time for tea before meeting. Many came up to Trev and recognized him right off after 37 years and others he recognized and once they heard his name burst into a smile and said ack sure I remember you. We sat at lunch with Earl Delaney. He and his brother John came to Canada in 1990's and stayed so it was nice to get a chin wag in with him and his mother Mary.

Left Carrick and headed to Dublin to Edgar and Georgie's. Transferred to their vehicle and headed to cousin Janice & Raymond in Moira, just outside of Belfast. Arrived about 5:30 met kids that we hadn't laid eyes on before. Christopher, the 15 year old, is the definition of entrepreneur! The school system doesn't allow candy or junk food in the vending machines so he found a niche/demand and simply looks after their sweet/junk cravings for a tidy profit!! BRILLIANT. Delightful dinner and evening catching up and reminiscing. Janice &
Family at CarrickFamily at CarrickFamily at Carrick

Rosemary Delaney, Lorna Baker (Delaney), Trev, Robert Delaney
Raymond came to stay with us in Edmonds in 1991(?). Did a quick load of laundry and went to bed about midnight!

Breakfast was at 8:30, croissants, cheese, Guinness bread, cold cereal, hot coffee and tea. Spoiled rotten we were 😊 9:30 left for Antrim convention grounds to spend a few minutes with David Delaney, Trev's cousin who is a minister. Finished up and we are now on our way back to Wicklow via Dublin.

Here's where the fun begins - Edgar - AKA Mario Andretti was at the wheel. He drives an Audi A3 and when I say drives I mean - pilots!! We shot out the driveway and started down the winding narrow Irish roads. Georgie's says, hope you have good nerves. He has given me many heart attacks. She even went so far as to say she simply closes her eyes so she can't see what might or might not happen. Let me set the stage, 2 82 year old people in the front seats and 2 53 year old whipper snappers in the back. Andretti's average speed on the motorway was 125kph, most spent in the fast lane. On the

Neville & Basil Hodgins and Trev
winding narrow country roads the average speed wasn't much slower. Very calm, mostly smooth driving and Trev & I are just smiling and chuckling in the back seat. If we had to pick a driver again it would be Edgar even with his running commentary about the poor drivers…ahh come on, come on, move over - We sure got where we were going in a hurry. Rumor has it that when Trev's dad Ernest and Edgar worked for Lever they would ride their motorcycles to work. Ernest would leave at the end of the day and Edgar considerably after him. Edgar would make it home and have eaten his dinner by the time Ernest arrived!! Trevor definitely takes after his uncle NOT his dad when it comes to driving. I'm typing this in the car and we just hit 145kph!!! Sunroof is open so is a bit loud and the 2 in the front are shouting back and forth at each other because they can't hear over the whistle of the wind… Traveling for awhile and then Georgie asks me if I sing. I say yes and she tells me to sing something then. I let her know that I
Belfast/Moira FamilyBelfast/Moira FamilyBelfast/Moira Family

Raymond, Timothy, Janice and Christopher Irving. The sleeping beauty is Christopher. Young Melanie fell asleep upstairs so didn't get her in the photo
don't sing solo so she decides to turn on the radio. Next thing we know we are rocking out to Eric Clapton and Lay down Sally. It isn't loud enough for her so she turns it up twice and you'd think we were in the car of a 16 year old. Picture the laughter on our faces. Andretti isn't too sure about this music distracting him from his driving though. They are an amazing pair for their age and our time with them has been so enjoyable.

Found Wicklow without the Sat Nav (Irish for GPS) but nothing looked familiar to Trev so he parked and I went into the butcher shop to ask about a phone. Lovely man asked who I was looking for. I said George Sunderland and he says, ah I know them, farmers. He got the phone book out and found Georges brother Mervyn's phone number and dialed it!! He told the person on the end that he had a relative here that wanted to talk with them. After the call he gave us more directions and we worked our way through hill and dale and found ourselves in Red Cross. Trev got
Antrim ConventionAntrim ConventionAntrim Convention

Georgie, Trev, Edgar & David Delaney.
out and talk to a lady that knew exactly who we were looking for and gave us further direction. Again, off through hill and dale, winding narrow roads and found ourselves at Mervyn's. I remember this old farmhouse from 1978!! Drove up the drive an who walks out of the house….George!! We ended up with a personal escort. They had planned a lovely party with friends and family and it was an evening with lots of chatting and laughter. We kept them up much to late so time for bed now!

Tomorrow we are back to Dublin to visit Trev's 2 cousins, Phillip & Keith.

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Mario AndrettiMario Andretti
Mario Andretti

AKA Edgar Delaney

27th June 2013

Laughing so hard
Love it Rhonda! You had me rolling reading about Andretti! So nice to see the pics of everyone! Its like we're traveling with you. Thanks so much for sharing! Give Keith and Philip a big kiss from me!
27th June 2013

More info about Sunderland/ Wicklow
Two Irish boy in Oz are very, very disappointed at the lack of detail about the vist at Sunderlands. They are really lovely people. Ian & Russell
27th June 2013

That's because we are still here and can't talk about them until we leave!! :) We are going to your mom and dad's for dinner tomorrow night so will give you the low down once we are on our way to England Saturday!! Have you been to the rugby match yet??
29th June 2013

Loved reading about your convention reunion of friends and family. Goose bumps here!
29th June 2013

Hey Donna. It was great to see the reaction on folks face when they realized it was Trevor. His family had lots of good friends here before they left. Every person asked after his parents and siblings. They really do care! Amazing family we belong to.
31st July 2013

Come Back And Stay Longer !!!
Enjoy the rest of your trip. Send the rest of the family home . would love to see Shirley. ! If she does not come home we may all have to come out there!!!!!!
1st August 2013

We've got lots of beds between us so book your tickets!!! Was great to meet you and we are still having a great time. 2 more nights on Sifnos, then 2 in Athens and home on Aug 5th

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