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January 25th 2015
Published: January 25th 2015
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Today marks week 3 for my study abroad adventure and it has been an amazing and exhausting three weeks! This week calmed down a bit, except for me trying to book a weeklong trip in February for our midterm break. Other than that, it has been calm. Today we went to Reginald's Tower in Waterford. It is an old stone tower that has been here since the city was founded by the Vikings some 1100 years ago. It gave us an early history of Waterford and of the importance that the tower has played in the city's history. It is one of three of the Waterford Treasures, so now we have to go to the Medieval Museum and the Bishop's Palace to cover the rest of Waterford's history.

I have to say, cooking has proved to be one of the most challenging obstacles in this trip. It's not like I can go to a cafeteria like back at ISU, but instead I have to plan, shop and cook. Cooking could be easier if I had some good cookware, but that is not really the case over here. Also shopping is much more difficult when you do not know any of the brands and when you do not have much space to store anything. All I can say is that I am glad my other roommate has not shown up yet because it has left Chrissi and me a lot more space for our stuff! I am slowly learning though and will probably come home the next Bobby Flay. I just tell myself it is good practice for next year. Besides cooking, everything has been going great! I have met some great people from all over the world and we get to have some pretty amazing conversations. They include serious and fun conversations, but I feel like no matter the subject, I am benefitting from hearing what they have to say. I am just extremely lucky to have had this opportunity and hope that it continues to form me into a more cultural person.


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