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Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Cashel September 8th 2023

Today, Renata, Mom and I decided to do a Princess Cruise tour to the Rock of Cashel, the Vee and Lismore. Lismore The first stop on our tour was Lismore. One of the main attractions of Lismore is Lismore Castle. Lismore Castle is the Irish home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. You can stay at Lismore Castle at a steep price with rates starting from 86,000 euros for a seven-night stay for up to 16 guests. Not in our budget. The Vee After exploring the town of Lismore, we headed towards the Vee, a V-shaped turn that showcases panoramic views of the Irish countryside, before making our way to Cashel. The Rock of Cashel The town of Cashel is famous for the Rock of Cashel. The Rock of Cashel is one of Ireland’s most ... read more
Rock of Cashel
Rock of Cashel

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Carrick-on-Suir September 9th 2022

Fiona's family are from Ireland. We received an invite from Fiona's cousin to attend her wedding. Fiona really wants to go, so we organise to stay with her uncle for a few days and decide to travel to Ireland with Fiona's mother (Anne), who also lives in England. We drive to Fiona's mum's house where I leave my car and we move our luggage into her car. I am designated driver of Anne's car since she doesn't like driving on motorways. Our drive is over 3 hours as we take the roads from Southeast England to Pembrokshire Dock in Wales to catch the ferry over to Ireland. The weather conditions are awful with strong winds and rain. I am not looking forward to the choppy sea, but it will be in the middle of the night ... read more
R.I.P. your majesty
Jovie enjoying the train ride

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Cashel May 10th 2019

Day 11 Our last full day in Ireland, was spent traveling to see the Rock of Cashel, which was a little over an hour away. The Rock is where St. Patrick baptized the King Aengus of Munster around 450. Around 1101, the King gave the Rock to the Church, and in 1134 they built the Cormac Chapel, and between 1230 and 1290 the Cathedral was built. You can see from the diagram in the pictures, that both Churches do NOT face East. The Chapel, since it was first, faces East. The Cathedral, because it was second, and the king wanted it bigger, they had to elongate some parts, and orient it the way it is so it would fit on the Rock. We walked around at first, but it was drizzling rain, so we stayed under ... read more
The Cathedral ruins
A view of the Abbey from the top of the Rock.
Returning to Cobh

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Tipperary August 24th 2018

The good news was, when I woke up this morning, I had already done approx. 4,000 steps on my FitBit. Gotta love dancing at weddings! I made the decision last night not to worry about breakfast and it was a slower start to the day. We needed to check out by 11am so the focus was on achieving this. Julie and I did a run to deliver some of Brid and Alex's things to the homeplace and then when we got back, a group of us decided to head to Cahir for some lunch. By the time we got to Cahir we needed to order and eat quickly, as we were running out of time because the Christening of Charlie was due to start at 2:30pm. We said goodbye to Cormac & Jen, as they were ... read more
Awesome cake!
Nawwwwww he's soooooo cute
Brid and her 5 brothers

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Bansha August 23rd 2018

I was up at 8 this morning as I was going to head up to see Brid and then take Charlie for a walk so he could sleep. Brid was looking great this morning and didn't seem to be tired or stressed at all. This is most likely due to her superb organisation skills! After Charlie was fed and changed, I took him downstairs to his pram. Within about 5 minutes of being in the pram the little darling was asleep. I walked the length of the driveway down to the lake. What a beautiful little spot which I am sure comes in handy for wedding photos. There was a little boat that you could row - very Bridget Jones! After walking further, I came across a river that had some swans on it. It was ... read more
Alex and Charlie's suits
The bride and groom and the beautiful church
Stephenie & Ellen - the stunning bridesmaids

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Bansha August 22nd 2018

Alex arrived to collect Steph this morning at 9am - which I don't think anyone was quite ready for haha. We then headed up to the hotel for breakfast and was joined by Julie and also friends of Alex's, Ian and Stephen. After breakfast we checked out of our lodge and David & Nick did a run with all our bags to the new accommodation at Kilshane House (location of the wedding!). Once all this was done, Carol, David, Nick and I headed off to the town of Cashel to see the castle. The oldest building one the Rock of Cashel is the Round Tower that dates back to 1100. Cormac's Chapel commenced being built in 1127 and was consecrated in 1134. More buildings were erected on the site over the next century or so, including ... read more
Inside the cathedral
Outside views
The Round Tower

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Bansha August 21st 2018

When I opened the curtains in my room this morning I was met with an amazing view! Mountains lined the horizon and were all covered with clouds on top. Stunning. Steph, Carol (Steph's Mum), David, Nick and I headed up to the hotel for breakfast. Even though we were there in plenty of time, they had started clearing everything away but they were lovely and set us up in the bar area (of course we joked about starting the day at the bar!). To our delight Brid arrived with Charlie and it was so exciting to see them both. After breakfast we all drove up to a lookout that wasn't far from our accommodation and took some scenic shots before driving Steph to "the home place". There we got to see Brid's Mum (Pauline) again as ... read more
David & Nick
That's Brid's family home you can spot
Zoomed in on the family home

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Tipperary August 20th 2018

I left the hotel at 10am this morning to make my way to the airport. I was able to easily walk to the platform with the fast train and didn't have to wait long for the next one. The trip to the airport only took about 20 minutes so I arrived in plenty of time to check my bag in (just under 20kg) and spend some time browsing the shops. My flight was due to depart at 1:10pm so I had plenty of time. Then of course it was slightly delayed but that didn't bother me too much. The flight ended up leaving about 30 minutes late but was quite ok. I was flying with Norweigan airshuttle and they don't provide any food and drinks - but you can purchase on board. I bought a roll ... read more
The Rock of Cashel
A stunning sight in the middle of darkness

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary May 5th 2018

Is anyone reading these? If not, it will still help us remember our amazing visit to Ireland. We had our first "Irish" breakfast at this nice B&B - little medallions of black pudding and white pudding, (Canadian) bacon, sunny side up egg, grilled tomato. Could have had porridge, cereals, fruits, etc etc etc. Then off to the Waterford Crystal factory tour. It was fascinating to see the craftsmen and hear about the process. No temptations to buy! Then off to New Ross to meet Mary Jo Mohlmasters second cousin (we think), Mike Quinn, and his 14 yr old son Josh. We sat for an hour to have tea/scones, wishing it could have been longer but the tour started after that hour. What a nice man -- we think niceness must be in the genes. We continue ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Cahir June 11th 2017

We had reserved catered breakfast for Sunday morning—John and Teresa, owners, will cater dinner or breakfast if you reserve it in advance. One portion of the group had reserved dinner Saturday evening and all of us had agreed on breakfast Sunday morning. It was excellent—great tea, especially! To get started on the touring, we went to Cahir, to the Castle, after 11:30 mass—no music, none of this singing and messing about. Good, thoughtful Homily and out of there in 30 minutes. Lovely church, beautiful windows. Mike and I arrived fairly early (faster walk into town than we expected), took a seat and looked at the beautiful surroundings. A few people arrived here and there and about 11:27, with a 'whoosh' (figuratively), the church filled with people. Drove to the town of Cahir, thinking to see the ... read more
Bansha Castle
View from our room
Our view

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