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Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo May 3rd 2019

Day 04 We left our cozy B&B for the Slieve League Cliffs. You pass though a gate, which you much open and close like on a farm, because there is livestock grazing freely on the green grass. Gorgeous views on the way up, and on the way down from the Cliffs. We saw someone’s peat drying, some little lambs, and very pretty scenes. On the way to Sligo, we stopped in Donegal to see the city, and pop into some shops to see what the local economy was like. Most of the day was driving and seeing more of the Wild Atlantic Way route. Some roads today were busier than the roads we have been on so far, but still not too crowded and very scenic with farms, homes, small towns and lots of sheep, some ... read more
The scare crow for sheep.
Peat fuel
Mary had a little lamb,

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo August 19th 2015

Time for a piece on the West of Ireland. It seems to be a a general rule that people often take what they have for granted, in this case the culture and beautiful parts of their own country for granted. I remember one instance where I was in Medellin in Colombia and a German guy from my hostel remarked the Cliffs of Moher was one his favourite places in the world. It kind of startled me a little as Cliffs of Moher is only 2.5 hours from where I live in Ireland and yet I'd never been. Therefore myself and Mags decided in 2015 we would be heading Whest to explore the Wild Atlantic Way! SLIGO Sligo kind of accidentally ended up on the itinerary. We had intended to go to Mayo but when we heard ... read more
Best buds!
Ben Bulben
Sunset Clare

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo August 14th 2014

In Ireland you won't find: Garbage bins- and yet Ireland is very clean.. but if you are looking to throw away some garbage - keep on looking Lights in rural homes at night.. as we drove on those dark narrow roads we saw no lights illuminating the homes - maybe they are sitting in a back room or maybe they just go to bed really really early. Sidewalks- we've come to think that only the very wealthy cities have sidewalks.. Pretzels - I love to see what they have in the junk food section of the supermarkets -i looked and looked but couldn't find pretzels anywhere. when I asked if they sell pretzels the response was:- is that something from Germany? actually I THINK it is. you will find donkey's grazing with the horses and sheep! ... read more
lawn mower for bushes on the roads
the hay roof is almost gone

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo June 14th 2013

Hello! Today was a travel day. We left Galway this morning and headed to Sligo. We made one stop and that was at Kylemore Abbey. We got to see the Abbey, the Gothic church, and the garden. It was pretty cool. The Benedictine Nuns purchased the Abbey after Mr. Kylemore passed away and no one else wanted to maintain the grounds. They turned it into a boarding school. The school remained open until 2010 when they had to shut down due to structural reasons. In 1994 they began restoring the garden. They finished restoring it in 1999. It is gorgeous! After the garden we went to the Gothic church. There was suppose to be a choir but they did not show up. We waited for a little bit, then we went to the gift shop and ... read more
Kitchen in the Garden House

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo August 13th 2011

SOUTHERN IRELAND The pace of the tour since we have been in Ireland has slowed down a bit. The weather is still a mixture of rain and overcast conditions. In Scotland the temperature ranged between 9-15 degrees, its definitely warmer here, despite the unsettled weather it would be high teens/low twenties (no wonder they are the emerald isles). We left Derry at 10.15am, before leaving we had a bit of a walk to the shopping centre to pick up a few things. Everything was quiet but there was a strong police presence around town. On the way out of town we also saw police on almost every corner. DONEGAL We travelled from Northern to Southern Ireland as we headed to Donegal – there were yellow and green Donegal flags everywhere - supporting their All Ireland Football ... read more
Mountbatton Estate

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo June 29th 2011

Dublin to Sligo We left Dublin, driving towards Boyle Abbey – a monastery founded in the 12th century by the local ruling family ‘The MacDermotts’. Although currently in ruins, it is being restored using interesting engineering techniques such as stone numbering to ensure each particular stone that comprises the Abbey is returned to its original position. The lush green Irish countryside rolled on and on, and we came across Tobernalt Holy Well where legend has it that Saint Patrick used this sacred area to bring the Christian God to a pagan people. We drove along the coastline near Mullaghmore Castle and stopped at Sligo for the evening. As we were planning to cross the border into Northern Ireland, we made sure we had pounds handy rather than Euro’s which is the currency of Southern Ireland. ... read more
Boyle Abbey
40 Shades of Green!
Tobernalt Holy Well

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo June 13th 2011

Early morning today. 5:00am wake up for a 7:35am flight from Dublin to Sligo in NW Republic of Ireland. The plane was delayed by an hour. Aer Arann was lovely, only 3 passengers on a Damier? Turbo prop, not unlike a Dash 7. The airport reminded me of somewhere out in the bush, but both Avid and Hertz are represented. We reserved with Hertz. The lady was lovely, the car a Jetta with manual transmission. This driving on the left is bad enough but a left handed stick shift as well. Andrea is a great navigator, however I was keeping too close to the shoulder and hit a curb, very hard. FLAT TIRE! Pulled off into a driveway and sent Andrea up the road to borrow a phone. She came back with a lovely retired policeman ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo September 28th 2010

My mum moved to County Sligo in Ireland a few years ago when she remarried. A place she had always told me was of outstanding beauty...she wasn't wrong! After promising for over twelve months we would go and visit I finally got round to booking the flights for my daughter, son and myself. We flew from Manchester in rather a smaller plane which I was used to and in no time at all we landed on Irish turf. There was no huge airport, just a couple of buildings, a small landing strip and a cafe! Mum met us on the runway!! We had a light lunch on the beach which was just around the corner from the airport, then climbed in mums car to make the journey to mum & Johns. They were renting a cottage ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo July 11th 2010

Geo: 54.2706, -8.47153July 11, 2010Sligo, Republic of IrelandI tried uploading my pics last night, but they wouldn't load. I tried again when I got up this morning at 6 a.m., and they still wouldn't load. Breakfast at 7 was the usual fare except they also had salmon and cheese available. The eggs were back to being runny again. I tried the boiled eggs, but they were still hot and I couldn't get the shells off without taking off the egg with it. My mood is peckish at best; I'm tired, I miss a normal breakfast, and it's that monthly time again. I am so ready for menopause! We left the hotel at 8. Now that we are in Ireland, Dylan states that there is an old Irish legend that if a woman sees 7 white horses ... read more
Morning in Sligo
Morning in Sligo
Sligo to Cong

Europe » Ireland » County Sligo » Sligo July 10th 2010

Geo: 54.2706, -8.47153Sligo, Republic of IrelandWe arrived at our hotel just before 5. We are staying at the Radisson hotel. I have a very nice large room and a bathroom to die for if you are married; 2 showers, 2 mirrors, 2 sinks, and plenty of space! My view is of the heating and cooling system, but its dreary outside anyway. There is AC (nice) and the place does have a nice pool and sauna, but swimming hats (caps) must be worn at all times. When Dylan, our tour guide, told us this before getting to the hotel, we all laughed. We thought he was kidding us, but a sign in the lobby states it. Of course, they sell caps for € 3.00 ($1.50). Since we had some time before dinner at 7 (they love to ... read more
Radisson Hotel in Sligo, Republic of Ireland
Radisson Hotel in Sligo, Republic of Ireland
Radisson Hotel in Sligo, Republic of Ireland

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