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April 11th 2011
Published: April 18th 2011
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Today is the final day in Ireland. We checked out of our last B&B in Dundalk and are now heading back to Dublin and staying at the Radisson Blu near the airport (it is basically in the airport). Today we have a few more places that we want to hit before we turn in the car and are done with our driving around. So we woke up and decided to head back through Newgrange onto Trim. Trim houses Trim Castle which is rather ‘famous’, if you will, because Braveheart was filmed there, also it is very old. It is the largest 1172 Anglo Norman castle. However, again we struggled with the fact that no castles are open before Easter. When we arrived we went to the Trim tourist place where we were told it was open on Sunday (the day before), not helpful. Nonetheless, the castle is huge and High Cross – so we started off walking over the bridge all was going well then Zoe did a header. Did I mention yet that this was the second time she had bumped her head, first at Newgrange, she fell right on a rock and now on this bridge. She was done, so we decided to move along. However, I think that all of these places sound pretty cool and if you had time and a baby sans head injuries it would be a picturesque little walk.

We also stopped at the Hill of Tara - this place is just so interseting, you pull up and there are these huge mounds and valleys in the grass and it makes you wonder what exactly is below. Scholars have said that this area was used in 1169 and that it had historical importance and was the seat of the high king until the 6th century. I will give two warnings to anyone who travels there. One, there are a lot of sheep who do a lot of poopin' - watch where you're going. Second, there are stinging nettles in the grass, they do not look like nettles, more so just a low lying weed, however, they are very powerful weeds that sting like crazy and last for days. If stung, you must find another weed like plant that grows in the grass and rub it on the area. If you are wondering about my wide knowledge of stinging nettles, yes, I got them on my arm...not a fan.

So we headed down to Drogheada and through to Dublin. As we got closer and closer to Dublin we were excited to be going home to our own beds, but at the same time so sad because this has been such an amazing trip. I think that it said best by a fellow we met in Portmagee “The next time you come to Ireland you will be home”.

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On the hillOn the hill
On the hill

note to any travelers there are a lot of sheep around here, watch where you step.

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