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Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick July 29th 2018

Our morning excursion was to the extraordinary Cliffs of Moher, (view map) a natural step-like exposure of escarpments overlooking the sea. In bright sunshine, the grass was emerald green, and the skies were sapphire blue, and the sea was a slosh of turquoise waves. Along with hundreds of other tourists, I carefully climbed up the worn path to the top prominence. The views at each step were much the same, but each one was fresh in the changing light. The similarities to cliffs along the coast of Newfoundland were striking – same turf, same friable edge, same crashing Atlantic Ocean. Back in the historic part of Limerick, we had a bit of time for lunch. A fair number of us went to Dolan’s, a pub where some of our group ... read more
Path on the Cliffs of Moher
O'Brien's Tower from the Cliffs of Moher
St Mary Church

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick July 28th 2018

Irish rain at last introduced itself – overnight and this morning after breakfast. My plan for a quick departure from the hotel worked well, and I had a last breakfast at Ann’s Bakery. Two blocks in the light rain to get to the airport bus stop, and the bus came a few minutes later. I thought we were driving through a more working area of Dublin, when suddenly I recognized the central bus station from my random walk yesterday. From there we travelled at a fast pace directly to the airport, arriving in twenty minutes, half the time scheduled. Which meant I arrived before the slightly delayed arrival of the plane with all the Westwinds travellers. After considerable time, I finally saw the other members who had travelled on their own and joined them. After more ... read more
St Mary's Cathedral
King John's Castle 1210
River Shannon

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick November 23rd 2017

we leave the farmhouse and head to the castle! we drive north, heading to the Shannon airport through the town of Limerick for a walking tour & tea and ending at a 15 Century castle for the King's Feast at Bunratty Castle with rich chamber furnishing & artwork, along with our full-costumed talented singing wait-staff. We had front-row seats at the King's table/benches, with no eating utensils (but our very own daggers). First meal, soup (slurped from the bowl), next course/appetisers Short-ribs that tenderly fell off the bone, and then the main course amazing roasted chicken with roasted vegetables. Wow. Dessert was for shared only with your true love! the Wines flowed easily from pitchers. The servers/musicians were amazing, singing all of our Irish favorites (Danny Boy) and so many more. our chariots to the castle ... read more
The magic of breakfast happens here
Our Limerick town tour
Limerick afternoon tea stop

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick June 14th 2017

Off to Limerick, again with a couple of our fellow guests at the Castle, this time two women whose husbands were off golfing. Mike wanted to see the Frank McCourt Museum ( and a bit of Limerick so we set out. We put "Limerick Visitor's Center" into the GPS and were taken/directed to just that--the Visitor's Center. For Limerick University. We went into the Student Union type building, met some lovely students, found out some basic information about the University (at least enough for Susan to deduct the whole trip as 'business-related', haha!) and directions to the Visitor's Center downtown. Re-directed the GPS and tried again. Found the garage at the Quay, just as the helpful student had said. The garage was a bit of an adventure as it climbed very tightly up and up. Walked ... read more
King John's Castle
Closer view
Mike outside the Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick July 26th 2016

We are not sure what we might discover about the ‘mysterious ‘Maria Dillon, my great grandmother who married Daniel Mahoney in Timaru in 1881 but we have not been able to trace her place of birth in County Clare or when she actually arrived in New Zealand. We are going to take a drive to Limerick which is on the Clare/Kerry county border and see what the city library might have in its resources that we haven’t been able to find so far online. So far we have been able to find an entry in Griffiths Valuation from 1851 that may relate to her father as a tenant farmer at a location in Clare and we hope that we may be able to expand on that information. Needless to say it is a typical Irish morning ... read more
Shops with their hanging baskets,Adare
Thatached cottages,Adare
Can't get enough of the thatched cottages,Adare

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick November 6th 2014

This morning started off with a splendid breakfast in Galway, then I headed over to the Medtronic in town. There were several buildings (just like home), and after I managed to find the right one - the Customer Innovation Center - I was told I should've called ahead as there was nobody available to show me around. Apparently there was a guided group of doctors from China in town and all the helpers were tending to them. Oh well. The receptionist was very nice and offered to take a picture of me. After that, I headed to the Cliffs of Moher. This had been on my must-see list since I started planning this trip. It was rainy and foggy, and visibility was very poor. I snapped a few photos, but really missed the magnificence of the ... read more
Dunguaire Castle
Selfie at Dunguaire Castle (forgot my selfie stick in the car)
100 kmh

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick October 19th 2013

I didn't sleep at all on the plane. By the time I thought it was 1:00 am it was actually 7:00 am so I had jet lag for 2 days. The first day in Ireland we did little but drive to the hotel, get settled in and go for supper. Because I was so wiped out we stayed at Limerick for 2 nights so I could catch up on my sleep. The next day we went to King John's castle (King John of Robin Hood fame). It was pretty amazing. There were games to play and characters that talked about the war and battle's that raged on. An exhibit on the Vikings that settled there showed the pre-Medieval lifestyle, I loved it! Later for supper we went to the oldest pub in Limerick. the food was ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick May 5th 2013

Today was "The Great Limerick Run". It is the 2nd largest race in Ireland after the Dublin Marathon. Sara ran the half marathon. She ran around a 1:50. After the race, we went to O'Connor's for Shepard's Pie as a celebration of her race. Being at a race really made me feel at home and made me excited to fly home after these finals. I may regret not running the half marathon in the future, but I hadn't trained enough this semester to feel comfortable running it. Perhaps I will run one this summer. This race was part of a festival called River fest. Yesterday, Sammi and Sara got a bunch of free food in town because there was a food competition going on in town. This was a great way to finish off the weekend ... read more
Sara After the Race

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick April 11th 2013

So it was Student Race Day! As we were putting on our makeup and putting on our dressy clothes, everyone walking outside was in suits and dresses. I loved it! Everyone looked so nice. I had even bought a big, flowery hat for the occasion. We all went over to Reed's house before we got on the bus to go to the Races. Everyone looked so nice! On the bus, I met one of Brittany's friends from London, Kristy. She was a lot of fun to talk to. After the 30 minute bus ride to the track, the sun was out and it was actually warm. Of course, you can never expect this to last a long time in Ireland, especially Limerick which is the wettest county in Ireland. Right by the entrance was the warm ... read more
Martin and I
Kyle and I

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick March 12th 2013

I attended the weekly Tuesday lunch series concert on March 12nd, 2013. I had the privilege of hearing Karen Tweed on the button accordion, Timo Alakotila playing the baby grand piano, and Timo Myllykangas accompanying on the acoustic double bass. It was held in theater 1 in the Irish World Academy Building. The audience ranged from college students participating because of the requirement for this essay to seniors that came just to hear music. When I walked in and sat down, I was curious as to what I was about to hear. The concert started off with just the piano playing legato, quiet music. After a few minutes, the accordion added in and played the same melody at first, but then it built into counteracting melodies. The music was so melodic and beautiful. It made you ... read more

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