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November 6th 2014
Published: November 7th 2014
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This morning started off with a splendid breakfast in Galway, then I headed over to the Medtronic in town. There were several buildings (just like home), and after I managed to find the right one - the Customer Innovation Center - I was told I should've called ahead as there was nobody available to show me around. Apparently there was a guided group of doctors from China in town and all the helpers were tending to them. Oh well. The receptionist was very nice and offered to take a picture of me.

After that, I headed to the Cliffs of Moher. This had been on my must-see list since I started planning this trip. It was rainy and foggy, and visibility was very poor. I snapped a few photos, but really missed the magnificence of the Cliffs (hence today's title). It was cool, and I'm able to say I've been there, but unfortunately it didn't outweigh the dangerous and nerve wracking drive to get there.

The speed limit on the very narrow and very windy curvy roads was 100 kmh - that’s 62 miles per hour. Ahem, I don't think so. I averaged about 24 mph and only on a few short stretches of straight road did I make it up to 37mph. Since I knew I wasn't in a rush, I stopped at a Dunguaire Castle (a real one this time, not a restaurant), and walked around. You couldn't get in, but it was still super neat; I'd say it was the highlight of my rain-sodden day.

After the cliffs, I headed toward Limerick. The roads (I use the word 'road' lightly, they were more like very nicely graveled paths. My GPS said "Turn left on Road ahead" more than I would've liked, but hey, at least I had a GPS.) were only one lane for several miles and I, thankfully, was the only car out at the time.

I finally made it to a real freeway, and yes, I made it up to 120 kmh (hey, it was the posted speed limit!). Unfortunately, my GPS didn't do so well here, and I got lost several times trying to find this B&B. I'd driven around for about 45 minutes before I pulled into the driveway of the house of my coordinates (which I'd copied and saved the previous night when I'd made the reservation in Galway), even though I knew it wasn't the right place. All of the B&Bs that are part of my tour have plain signage and share the same logo. This was someone's house. I knocked on the door, hoping for a nice person to answer. She was super friendly and said she gets people all the time asking for Sandvilla B&B and she doesn't know why; she gave me directions and I got here 5 minutes later. I plan on emailing the tour people and providing the correct coordinates so they can update their books and website.

I’m actually just outside Limerick, in a town called Castletroy. I only met the husband when I arrived, but he was this cute old man who was very excited to hear I was traveling in Ireland alone. After a short chat, I jumped back in the car and went to the city centre. Because of the rain, I was less inclined to roam around like I had the last two nights, but I managed to take a few pictures and find an Indian restaurant to eat dinner at. It seems to get
100 kmh100 kmh100 kmh

A few times I held up my iPhone and pressed the volume button to snap a pic without looking. (Ended up deleting more than I saved of course since most were super blurry) This was an example of a road on the way to the Cliffs where the speed was 100 (62mph). I think you can see in the GPS I was going 31. Yeah. That's about 19 mph.
darker earlier here. I’m not sure if it's because Daylight Savings happened the day before I left, and it's also darker this early at home too, but the sun's going down about 5:00 here and more than dark by 6:00. I just got some wine and came back early. Ah - there's no internet here, so I won't be able to post this one until sometime tomorrow. Who doesn't have internet? Ah well, I made sure as I was sitting in the car in a parking garage when I made the reservation for tomorrow night in Killarney that they have internet. And it's a farmhouse! I’m excited.

And PS, my white noise sleep machine is out of commission. I've had it about 15 years and never sleep without it. It worked fine in Dublin, but last night, it worked when I tested it for a few seconds, but hasn't turned back on since. 😞 It's weird to sleep in a different place every night and not have my comforting noise machine to soothe me to sleep. I think I'm going to chuck it and save some luggage space.

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In Limerick City CentreIn Limerick City Centre
In Limerick City Centre

This was neat - it changed several different colors.
Ceiling of the Fox's Bow pass throughCeiling of the Fox's Bow pass through
Ceiling of the Fox's Bow pass through

I think this was when the lights were purple. It was cool, I stood there for about 5 minutes just watching it.

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