Day 93

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April 21st 2010
Published: April 21st 2010
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Day 93.

27 Days to go.

I hate this present struggle I face right now. I hate not being able to be certain if I will be able to talk to my family, my friends, my love.

While I know God will use my present current circumstances for some purpose that is good and glorifying to him, I have to make the choice to be an active part of that plan and right now it is the hardest choice I make hour by hour whether to be fulfilled by him. I always wondered what my weak point was, I always wondered, "If one thing was taken away from you that you couldn't live without, what would it be" Well I never was sure until now. It kills me not being able to keep in touch with my family on a consistent basis. Everyday now, I know by 10pm I will have to leave the wireless connection I have and return to the quietness of my room. While out my window I hear screaming first year student curse and run about breaking glass, and I cannot stick my earphones in and play some good youtube music or have a conversation with Beau, my parents, anyone. During the day I am alright. I am near people and feel less alone.

Last Thurs night was a genuinely fun night. Volleyball in a dress with SFC- great craic. There were about 10 people per side and we all rotated whenever we felt like it. If you yelled "point" regardless of where the ball fell, you earned a point. No one kept tally of these points though. You could kick a ball into play and if it went out of bounds it was a good thing for both sides? Lol. It was fun.

Saturday, I went to Cork and had fun. We went to Blarney Castle- and it was a gorgeous day! We walked around Cork all afternoon and it was more like a giant shopping center than a city- good times. There was a Bagel shop that reminded me of Einstein's Bagels! I miss EBagels 😞 something else that makes me actually miss UTA lol

We got back and I was pretty depressed the rest of the evening unable to talk to anyone from home.

Sunday came and got a little better. Went to Church, got some lunch, shopped with Anne which is always a trip- we found cupcake mix in a Disney Princess and Winnie the Pooh designs and I said buy both bc they were probably baby cupcakes and sure enough they were thimble sized haha.

I went to the library for a little while and got online until Anne texted me and i remembered she and Jackie were planning to go to the movies so I went with them and How to Train Your Dragon is SO adorable! Loved it so much! highly rec! But then I to come home...

Like I said my daytimes are high and my nights are low, very low.

I will continue to fight the good fight and try to stay strong, until then I count down days.


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