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November 19th 2006
Published: November 19th 2006
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Hello hello, my faithful listeners,

Again, sorry that there aren't as many postings as I'd like. We left the city of Dublin two days ago to discover the countryside, and see what the less commercial face of Ireland looks like. After studying the Ireland guide that Amber and I picked up from Barnes & Noble, I decided that we should head to Kilkenny, which is in the Southeast area of Ireland, and a 2:10 bus ride south from Dublin. Kilkenny is known as the Medieaval Town of Ireland (and yes, that's how they spell medieval). The population is about 20,000, so it's about the size of my old stomping ground in Grants Pass, Oregon. On the way over, our bus driver was very talkative, and like most everyone that we've encountered here, extremely friendly. Amber and I sat directly behind him, and I got some great conversation out of him, as well as from the English gentleman who sat on our left. Beside that, we also had some great scares as we continually forget about driving on the other side of the road than we're used to, and we would see cars headed straight at us. Luckily, our giant bus with "kneeling" capability (for easy loading and unloading) would have plowed straight though anything coming our way. The streets are also usually very narrow, so riding in the abnormally high (by our standards) bus was a sometimes harrowing experience.

Oh, and Dad, I know that you thought we had a very well-organized trip, but aside from the first three nights of accomodations, we're flying by the seat of our pants. Kevin and I booked the current four-night reservations the last time that I made an entry here online. But about the city of Kilkenny: it really does have a very cool, very old feel. Yesterday we all went to St. Canice Cathedral, which is really fascinating.

I will end here, as the internet fizzled, and everthing else that I wrote was just lost, but for the above that I wisely copied (control-c) just in case. Too bad I hadn't done that more recently...


20th November 2006

lost in cyberspace
save your progress, i always do. taking lots of pics? excited bout Eragon the movie?

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