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August 28th 2019
Published: August 29th 2019
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Breakfast at the Sneem Hotel was pretty great and the view was even better! This village is situated in the Ring of Kerry, nestled between mountains and coastlines and is separated by the Sneem River. A bridge connects the village which is the hometown of Batt Burns our guide and storyteller. It is quite a find for quaint, flavorful Irish experiences.

Jay, another storyteller in our group and the chief labyrinth builder, set out to build a labyrinth and took some of the group through the village near the river.

D.J. and I set out to discover Sneem. We hiked to “The Way the Fairies Went”, a small Pyramid and other stone structure garden, a senses garden with flowers, a maze and an old church. Peter, also in our tour group, joined us at one point and we roamed through Sneem soaking in the richness of its character.

I eventually met Kerry in the village center for a lunch of fish and chips and we checked in on the labyrinth. It was a mowed labyrinth, and although the labyrinth team had adjourned, we walked and enjoyed their creation. After the walk, we both went on different journeys... Kerry took his camera and hiked, I took my pencils and sat in the park and sketched. While I was engaged with the array of storefront colors, I met Ian who stopped to see my creation. We had a nice chat, and I discovered that Batt had once taught his children, and he loved that I was sketching buildings in his home village. He wished me a good visit and off he went, eventually I left my perch, stopped at a nearby coffee shop for espresso and what the Irish call “apple and berry pie” what truly is a delicious tart.

Our group met up for dinner at the hotel and then many of us met for a sunset labyrinth walk... as Jay put it we walked to “release, receive and return”... Release what we need to let go... Receive what we need to receive, and Return renewed - centered😍

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