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May 31st 2009
Published: June 9th 2009
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Shot from the bus station where i had some wicked Chineese
I promised Sarah that I would get up and talk to her at 9am. I was abit late but I did stick to the promise cause thats the kinda guy I am! hahaha Booked a hostel in Killarney because thats what Marcus and I came up with as a backup to Galway which was fully crammed.
Went for a last meal down the street for some breaky with Marcus. Wanted something healthy and cheap so I got granola fruit and yogurt which was freaking huge. Did the trick as well. Stopped off at the internet cafe downstairs to print out my bus ticket. Charged me like 4 dollars or something crazy.
Packed up all my stuff after it had been drying from the first time I got to do a real load of laundry!! Marcus walked me to the bus. He was happy to do it as well because it was another nice day and all he had to look forward to was cleaing the damn flat!! Bus left at 1230 and we had 20mins so we were not too rushed. Found the bus depot just in the nick of time. Went up to the guy at the ticket window and he asked me for some id. I showed him my youth card and he was like no thats not gonna do it. You need this card here and he showed me óne that he seized from a guy. I was like oh shit well thats what my school gave me. You buy the ticket on the net cause its like 6 Euro cheaper right and there was nothing really he could do cause i bought it already so he let me go. Dont let this happen again he says to me. Hahaha I wonder how often that happens. Poor guy.
Got a quick bite and the bus was off on a 3.5 hour journey switching at Limmerick. We actually had a break on the way there. Bus driver just pulled over and light up his smoke outside and it was great cause i needed a stretch and a pee.
Got to Limmerick which looked like a bit of a hole. Had 30mins to get some grub so I went for Chinnese across the road, where I took the pic of the bus station. Had that and jumped on the bus to Killarney. Wróte a couple postcards on the bus. There was a big bang and another after a few mins of driving. The driver got out and started beating the bus to try and shut on of the hatches. Kept beating the thing for like 2 mins ha. Finally got it and off off and away we went. No ipod the whole time ahhhhh
Got to Killarney and there were some other Canadians on the bus as well. Got to the station and had absolutely no clue how to find this hostel with no map. So I set out and found a hostel with no trouble. Wrong one though. Gave me directions but they made absolutely no sense. I was lost again in a matter of seconds. Staring at the city map I just gave up and started walking. HAHA took me a bit but I ended up stumbling upon it.
Checked into the hostel and a Slovakian guy was behind the desk. He didnt make me pay the deposit cause he trusted me right away. Talked about hockey because he was a fan. He told me about the game on that night at 1am that he was gonna watch too. Talking all about the slovak players Havlat and Demitra to name a few. I told him I hadnt watched a game since the Canucks lost. He said he was rooting for them too.
Went through the kitchen to my room and it smelt terrible. Something had crawled up and died there. Smelt like burnt rotten puke. O im not even exagerating. Went upstairs and luckily it didnt smell the same in the room. Got all my things together and went to jump on the net. Too bad there was a bit of a line. So my plan was to get some groceries for later and go on a run around town. First attempt at being healthy again. I actually did it too. Threw on the shorts and just started running having no clue where I was going. Great feeling to just explore like that. Something I get almost everyday. Ended up finding a sweet trail around this park with Cows everywhere and ppl walking. Sun was beaming down and I was in heaven. Took me awhile but I was pooped after 5kms. Got up the steam to run again and did some situps and pushups in the park. Some girls walking by even whistled at me. Ha
Got out the wine I got when I got groceries had a glass and started my meal. I was having veggies and salmon fillets so pretty healthy compared to my usual diet. Put that together and ate around 930ish. Kitchen closes at 10 so lucky me i didnt get lost on my run or I would been hungry. The game wasn't on till 1am so I went out on the town after I went on the computer for abit. Ended up finding this sweet gig in an alley packed with ppl. They played a whole bunch of songs I knew which was cool like some U2 with or without you and Smash Mouth im a believer ha. That finished and I was off to find another cool pub. I found one that an older Irish guy directed me to with a guy called the Donkey playing. He was a local legend. Funky little club everyone was jammed in. Had a Guiness watched the show and then it was time for hockey.
Got to the hostel and some fucker was sleeping in the TV room how could this happen. I was crushed ha
Only other person up was this American girl who was a photographer so I said fuck it and went to bed.

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