The Ferry to the Farmhouse, its gonna be a sunshine day!

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October 22nd 2017
Published: November 2nd 2017
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To County Kerry we go!

Dingle Peninsula, Castlemaine, and Killarney & then just add the beauty of the Ring of Kerry's/ Killarney's National Park. We'll spend 4 whole days in one location and we'll be well-attended to by (Mary #1, #2, & #3) at the Murphy Farmhouse.

Ya know its gonna be a great time, when you walk into the Pub (sun hasn't set yet) and the Bachelor Party is in full swing! Beautiful Mary is our waitress (not Murphy, but Griffin). The Bachelor party is really giving her a hard time, so she is extra happy to see smiling faces from America. She's really very pretty and speaks softly with a sing-song tone to her voice. I couldn't help myself, "Mary, you should meet my handsome american son, although right now he's in NZ" I immediately knew that this had not been her first "proposition of the day!". She smiled sweetly and explained that she was 18 and a freshman at the university in Cork. We ordered our pints and her sweet nature and kind smile didn't diminish a bit.

"DAD!!!" "HEY DAD!" a loud voice bellowed out from the crowd of 15 drunken men party-goers. Our table froze, as this young man was clearly screaming and stumbling in our direction. "DAD!!" he yelled again moving his face ever closer to Mike Furtado's cheek. Startled, we all were, Mike asked if the young man knew him, to which he placed his cheek against Mike's and asked us all to verify that they indeed resembled each other. Most of our table, now realizing what the drunken irish young man was trying to convey, burst out in an uncontrollable and pretty-much non-stop laughter. But not Mike Furtado! He entered into a serious discussion with "'young son" and needed to investigate further. I'm laughing now, as I recount this memory! The young man's friends tried to pull him away, even the groom attempted (his last name was Buckley), so the moment of one confusing conversations, suddenly became several conversations, with several dilects swirling to be understood.

The Bachelor party was due at its next location and the bus that was chariotting this group, was soon to pull away. Just in the nick of time, as the swirling conversation had exposed a word that hit a big nerve in "jr". Bastard child! Oh my, did Mike just say "my bastard child?" "Jr." took great drunken offense to this terminology and his irish humor was turning black/tan quickly. Thank goodness for the groom, escorting Jr. out, but leaving behind another. This one swore to us all that DAvid was SANTA! SANTA!!

Ya know, laughing so hard, really gets in the way of enjoying and finishing your pint!

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