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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway July 18th 2012

Today we are here 3 weeks and 1 day. This is a much longer time than I thought it would be. Homesickness is kicking in for everyone. We hear that you are having a heat wave, that would be welcome here. Picture taken is the last bit of sun we saw on Sunday (probably the best weather we have seen in Ireland). It has rained/drizzzzzled and been cold (no higher than 52 degrees) for two straight days. I woke to sunshine this morning thank God! In the rain we have discovered the move theater... saw Ice Age 4 in 3D...really entertaining. Also we found that the Irish are used to the rain and nothing changes... the market and shop street are still bustling with musicians and shopping. Strolling down the cobblestone streets rain or shine makes ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway July 16th 2012

Galway, Ireland. Wow. It is everything I could have ever pictured it to be and more. With the beauty to rival any tourist destination, it is also a very quaint city, about 3 hrs outside of Dublin. Well worth the trek. Traveling, although rather exciting, can be extremely exhausting, as was the case for me. We left the Birmingham Airport around 2:30 pm and didn’t arrive in Galway until 7:30 am (Ireland time). It was raining when we arrived in Dublin so we decided to catch the bus straight to Galway. Fighting sleep was the hardest part but the beauty of the landscape is captivating enough to keep anyone awake. We reached Galway around 11:30 am and by then the delirious energy had set in. We convinced ourselves not to sleep through lunch and instead went ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Clifden July 15th 2012

13 juillet 2012 "There is not a tree to hang a man from, water to drown one in nor dirt to bury one in." Cromwell Hier soir, je suis entre au dortoir a Galway en titubant, grise par la biere et la guitare celtique du pub de devant l'auberge. Il etait 23h et des poussieres. Quelques dormeurs etaient deja enfouis sous leurs couvertures mais la majorite des vingts lits superposes semblaient vides. Mon lit simple, colle au plafond s est mit a grincer comme une balancoire alors que j'essayais de me trouver une place au chaud, colle a mes bagages humides. A chaque fois que le sommeil m'empoignait, un voyageur entrait dans le dortoir, tous plus souls et plus bruyants les uns apres les autres. Je ne sais plus trop a quelle heure tardive, mais Paul ... read more
Reflet dans le Connemara
Skye Road

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Connemara July 13th 2012

We drove an hour into the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. Mountains, lakes, green everywhere, sheep (also in the roads) and best of all down in the valley is Joyce's Border Collie Breeding farm with live herding exhibitions. So worth the drive... the dogs were amazing and if we could have I would have brought one of the little guys home. We miss Rudy and Misty!... read more
Take one home!

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway July 12th 2012

So, taking a nice mellow day to do some food shopping (really should have paid attention when we were learning the metric system!) visited with the landlords of our house...who could not be nicer (Tom and Mary Geraghty)... and a great visit to Atlantaquarium where you can touch sting rays and sharks! We decided to go to the park while waiting for Dad to finish class. This is when Jake decides it would be a good time to smash his chin open on a piece of playground equipment. I always have the backpack which has a first aid kit in it but it was getting heavy to I tossed it back in the car not ten minutes prior to the calamity. As I tried to stop the bleeding with my hand a kind older gentleman ran ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway July 12th 2012

12 juillet 2012 ... Je grelotte comme une crecelle sur mon banc de cuir inclinable d'Air Transat. La climatisation mord la peau des passagers en t-shirt. Avec une temperature exterieure de canicule, rares sont les voyageurs qui ont prevu le cotton-ouatte pour le vol. Et j' en fait evidement partie. Aucune couverture ni oreiller est a porte de main. "We can provide you a blanket, a pillow and a sleeping mask for 7$" qu'on nous lance par l'intercom alors que l'air climatisee s'intensifie. Je ferme les paupieres et je croise les bras. J'ai un mal de tete a faire passer. Sieste climatisee. Derriere moi, deux jeunes gamins jouent a la tague sur leur bancs. Effluves fromagees: l'un deux a delasse ses bottines. Tague. Tague. Tague. Bon. Tant pis pour la sieste, j'opterai pour l'acetaminophene. Une image ... read more
Too many crows
Pecheur a la mouche
Maman, il y a un oiseau sur le balcon...

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Connemara July 11th 2012

Took a fantastic tour today with Kevin's class. We went to Klymore Abbey and Omey Island. The Abbey was beautiful and carries a wonderful love story...someday Kevin will build me a castle! Omey Island is an island that can only be reached a low tide... we drove across the ocean floor...six hours later the same area would be covered in 7 feet of water when the tide came in. I have to follow the tour bus as for insurance reasons the kids are not allowed on the bus. When the bus went out on the ocean floor I just followed... I figured if it could hold up a bus it could hold up my little car. The island is magnificent and is the ancient burial ground dating back thousands of years. Weather and rabbits are causing ... read more
Drving on the Ocean Floor
Omey Island

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway July 10th 2012

I kid you not those are the directions for my new running loop. After the donkey stuck his head over the fence and scared the begeebus out of me, my next direction was to turn left at the cows. The cows looked at me like I was crazy and continued to munch the grass. I held my breath (cows do not smell good and when you are sucking wind running they don't taste good eiither) and continued UP the hill (man is it hilly around here) only to be rewarded with the best view of Galway Bay! I almost liked running! Went to the local library today...very similar to ours but very small. Abby and Sam went to a basketball clinic with the local club teams. They were nervous but did very well. Coaches were very ... read more
Jakes first golf lesson
Irish Basketball Friends

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Salthill July 10th 2012

The neighborhood here reminds me of a typical summer growing up. There are kids everywhere and our boys are treated like local celebrities. We pulled in the street the other day and I heard "they're home"! I overheard one boy talking to our neighbor say "I hear you have new neighbors and they are Americans!" Not too many Abby's age however she seems content to watch for the wild horses at the fence...our apples keep disappearing. Our doorbell keeps ringing even during dinner. Neighborhood wide games of hide and seek, Sam dribbling a soccer ball (with his hands of course), walks to the corner store for treats, and then last night a bona fide ice cream truck! Biggest difference is it is 50 degrees out in July! Definitely did not pack enough warm clothes. Salthill beach ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway July 8th 2012

We have arrived at our final stay and I am finally up to date with the blog.... many, many computer/wifi issues in London. OUR HOUSE IN GALWAY IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greeted with a plate of fresh made scones, a pound of irish butter and a jug of milk! Four bedrooms and a beautiful area to run. Wild horses are our neighbors at the end of the street and Abby couldn't be happier. This weekend is the end of of the Volvo Ocean Race 2012. 70,000 extra people in Galway... the harbor was a blast last night. Kevin has started classes...oh yeah isn't that why we are here. Went on a tour of the city of Galway with a guest lecturer in archaelogy it was grand! Oh and I am DRIVING.... god help us all!... read more

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