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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway September 7th 2019

Zaterdag 7/9/2019 – Verplaatsing naar Galway (80km) Nu zelf als chauffeur een stuk door de smalle kronkelwegen van de Burren. Passages met tourbussen moeten stapvoets.. Je kan kiezen, schuren tegen de bus of schuren tegen de zijhagen. Toch maar een bus Turtle Wax kopen. Na 50km spanning wordt de weg dan toch breder. Een hele opluchting. De camping in Galway is prachtig gelegen en we staan met onze neus vlak aan de baai met uitzicht op de oceaan. Tegen de avond krijgen we gezelschap van een grote groep Franse MH'ers die onze ruime grasplaatsen inpikken op aansturen van de eigenaar. Niet iedereen kan dit appreciëren. Maar 'Business is business' zei Boma. En morgen zijn ze weg. Misschien krijgen we dan wel Hollanders in de plaats. Voor de eerste keer zien we hier een volledig open hemel ... read more
Galway -  Camping in de zon
Galway - de baai loopt leeg

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 31st 2019

“Whether the weather be hot, or whether the weather be not, we‘ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!” - Irish saying The weather is definitely not hot! It was fairly rainy today on the road, but no matter, we still had a great day. We had to leave O’Neills before they served breakfast, but we were still able to have some cereal, coffee, and soda bread (yumm) before we left just after 7:30. We walked to Paddy’s Palace hostel, where we were starting our Paddywagon 3 day tour of Southern Ireland. We set off just after 8 am, picked up a few more people at the other pick up location, and headed out of Dublin. Our driver/guide is Alex, who is a great driver and full of information and stories. ... read more
Cong Abbey
Cong Abbey cemetery
Cong Abbey

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway October 25th 2018

It has been a quieter but fun week in Galway, while I’ve stayed with friends Robert and Héctor. Married in 2014, they emigrated here from Oregon in 2017, and now own a spacious and light flat in the suburb of Taylor’s Hill, which they share with their Bengal cat, Carlotta. The timing of my visit worked out perfectly for me to connect with my “Nutcracker” friends from Richmond, Virginia. We met in 1991 for a divorce support group at the University of Richmond, and have been close ever since. They’re on an escorted tour of Ireland, so we had only a few hours in the city center, but it’s astonishing and gratifying that we were immediately our old selves together! I’ve learned the bus routes, and walked Galway City and Salt Hill on Galway Bay extensively, ... read more
Their teapot collection
Type of Shop Street, Galway core
Proof reading

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway October 9th 2018

Went for a long city walk in Galway today. Still a bit breezy, but no rain, so a good day to walk. Took in all the important historical sites like the Spanish Arch, Galway Harbor, St. Nicholas Collegiate Church (built in 1320, hosted Christopher Columbus once), Lynch’s Castle, the Browne Doorway, and Eyre Square, where JFK spoke in 1963. Circled back past the Cathedral to make sure our car was still there and it was OK. Then back to our place to get ready for dinner. Restaurant Dela for dinner. Farm to table, and they grow all their own produce. Delish! Pot of chocolate for dessert; looked like a pot of dirt, tasted like heaven.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway October 8th 2018

After last night’s gale force winds in Doolin, we woke to just a windy day. Decided it was worth another try to go see the Cliffs. This time, after checking out and double checking maps and directions, we made it! The majestic Cliffs of Moher. What an amazing sight! Sheer cliffs plunging 700 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. Then, off to Galway, taking a somewhat longer but totally not-winding route through Ennis. It’s an Airbnb two-floor apartment right next to the university and the cathedral in the city center. Parked the car next to the Galway Cathedral and spent some time inside. Beautiful place. Fish and chips at the famous McDonagh's for dinner (serendipitously sat next to a young woman from Snyder, NY outside of Buffalo, so talked about the Bills), gelato for dessert, a little ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway August 27th 2018

Happy birthday Mitch! After a bit of a sleep in, I headed down to the buffet breakfast. Always a bonus when the breakfast is included in your booking! After breakfast I headed out for a walk to Mutton Island. This took me all the way along the canal then along Nimmo's Pier (can you believe that's what it's called!) and then onto Galway Bay. From here I started to walk along the coast when I felt a stinging sensation on the back of my neck. At first I just thought it was nothing but when it continue to get worse, I tried to figure out what it was. I couldn't feel anything but knew that something had stung me. Eventually I felt a bug of some description and quickly threw it away - what was left ... read more
My hotel, Jury's Inn
Low tide
Pretty dockside houses

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway August 26th 2018

Cormac cooked up a big breakfast for us this morning, which was lovely. Issy had a huge sleep and only woke up around 6am. After breakfast Cormac suggested we try to head into Heuston station as there was a good chance I might not be able to get very close, due to road closures for the Pope's visit. Today the Pope was holding the big mass in Phoenix Park, which is right next to Heuston Station, and they are expecting about 500k people. It was a good suggestion as we indeed were not able to get too close, although Cormac sweet talked a police officer to allow him to get a bit closer than we should have. This meant I had to walk for about 20 minutes but this was fine, as we had allowed enough ... read more
Irish bands playing on the streets
Along the canal
Beautiful stone buildings along the canal

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway April 29th 2018

We were greeted by early morning sunshine and crisp fresh air. Departing Tully Cross took us beside the hikers delight Connemara National Park. It is an area we wish to return to. Diverting southwards along the R340 took us through barren landscape and the most rocky terrain we have ever seen. Rocks everywhere. It had to be seen to be believed. The road was the windiest and most up and down road narrow road we had been on ... ever. Returning to the N59 it was our pleasure to stop in the beautiful town of Oughterard. We had morning tea and a long walk around. Through to Galway and our B&B "Dun Roamin". Definitely the lowest quality accommodation of our travels so far. Even though only 3 minutes from Galway Bay and the Salthill Promenade, it ... read more
Departing Tully Cross
Rocks galore.
Three Donkeys add to the landscape.

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway October 24th 2017

Wild Atlantic Way to Galway “The Wild Atlantic Way is a sensational journey of soaring cliffs and buzzing towns and cities, of hidden beaches and epic bays. So whether you drive it from end-to-end, or dip into it as the mood strikes, it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” from …. and I sat on a coach hurtling south along the coast thru small villages where many people waited to board the bus and go to the next town or the town after. In the wild atlantic waves surfers in black body suits could be seen riding in to the beach or floating out to sea in anticipation of the next swell... OK... saw it all in a flash but I did get that feeling of abandon … as if I were on the beach ... read more
Keeping People Off the Heights
Magnificant Seas
Bus Thru Small Villages

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway October 16th 2017

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” Irish sayingand thus... we did! Tropical Storm Ophelia hit this magical country with such power and destruction (mostly in Cork county area), but resilience is a strong mindset with the Irish, and we followed suit. Plan B for our Monday was ...enjoy Galway!The lessons from the day: ... read more
Serving humor and joy in addition to the breakfast order
Hotel ready for Graduation ceremony, postponed by Ophelia
The Calm skys before the storm, hold on the your hats!

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