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August 20th 2007
Published: August 29th 2007
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Catching up with NoelCatching up with NoelCatching up with Noel

Enjoying some of the local Irish hospitality
Having loosely organised to meet a friend (Noel) from my overland trip to China, I came to the realisation that all I had was his e-mail address and the town he lived in in Ireland (Moycullen, Galway). Following frantic writing of e-mails without reply I decided to track him down. All I will say is that I am glad I was in Ireland where everybody seems to know one another!! Admittedly I thought Moycullen was in the centre of Galway, but how wrong I was.

Starting off with a trip to the Tourist information Office in Galway, I was surprised how helpful they were when I said:" This is a long shot but I am looking for a friend in Galway by the name of Noel O'Neill. I told them that he lived in Moycullen, but I hadn't got a clue whereabouts. With nothing in the telephone directory, the Tourist Information Officer rang some commercial premises in Moycullen asking them if they knew the aforesaid person. Was I surprised when they said:"Ach aye, he lives somewhere near the Gaelic Amateur Association Football Grounds." With no buses running on Sunday I jumped into a cab and took the 20 minute journey to Moycullen, where I was dropped off at the local boozer.

I asked the landlady if she knew Noel. She didn't but she beckoned over another punter who knew of Noel and told me to turn right at the traffic lights and take the first road left after the football grounds. 5 minute walk I thought. 45 minutes later I eventually turned up at his cottage to find out that he wasn't in. How disappointed was I. I'm not going to give up. I will wait and wait till I find him. Anyway I decided to sit down on the wall by the football ground and hang around for a while.

Next minute I saw this Ford Fiesta zoom by with Noel in it, straight up his lane but not stopping at his house. He'd completely missed me. I ran down the lane and then to my surprise I saw him coming back from the opposite direction. I put my thumb out to hitch a lift.

Talk about in disbelief. He could not believe that I had tracked him down.

Following 5 minutes of catching up, we both headed down to his local haunts where he
Guinness is good for you!Guinness is good for you!Guinness is good for you!

Just in case any of you doubted the benefits of the Black Stuff
treated me to pints of Guinness and Fish and Chips all night. A fantastic evening was had by all. Cheers Noel for a great night out in Galway. Next time the round is on me!


29th August 2007

Wow Clive, thats dedication! Haha it reads a bit like a shaggy dog story! you did really well to track him down. I had wondered if you were going to meet up, hope Noel is well. Hope all is going well, and that it doesnt piss with rain too much. Angus
13th September 2007

double wow!
and when he thinks he is safe from us all fellow overlanders, you tracked him down, now he's got to move!!!

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