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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands January 27th 2015

Saturday, January 17, 2015 - My roommates and I took a day trip out to one of the Aran Islands, Inis Mor. To get to the Aran Islands from Galway, we took a shuttle about 1 hour north of the city and then an hour ferry ride out to the Islands. The shuttle bus was rather scenic along the western coastline of Ireland and also had great views of the mountains. The ferry boat was also very scenic with the mountains and exploring Galway Bay. However, the waters were a bit choppy and did not make the water as enjoyable as it could have been. (It was not as smooth as the ferry boats back in Seattle, and I don't know if Dr. Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy would have liked ferry boats as much if he ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands July 30th 2013

It was yet another early start to make our way to the Aran Islands. I was very excited for this excursion because anyone whom I've spoken to about them, had nothing my amazing things to say. We took a bus 45 minutes to the ferry. It was pouring and I was getting nervous that the day would be a wash out. By the time we got on the ferry, the sun was shining and then skies were blue. I prayed that it would last. The ferry to the Aran Islands is about a 30-40 minutes. The views from the ferry are fantastic. The ferry rocked a bit too much for my liking, but it was fine. Once we got to the island, I picked up my bike rental from the bike hire. It looked like a ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands May 16th 2012

Wednesday May 16 - Today my Irish cousins Christy, Noel, and I went to the Aaron Islands and Dun Aengus. It was very impressive and frankly I have been to the Cliffs of Moher 3 times and I think the Aaron Islands and Dun Aengus has them beaten by far. Much more interesting. My cousin Noel drove us to Rossaveal which is west of Galway and we caught the ferry to Inish Mor. There is absolutely nowhere to get anything to eat or drink at the ferry dock so if you want something get it before going there. The first parking lot is a very long walk to the ferry so go by it and there is another parking lot across from where the ferry leaves next to the Handicap Parking lot. Both lots charge 5 ... read more
Our ride
Parking lot at Rossaveal
Cows on the Aaran Islands and Galway Bay

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands April 19th 2012

Ireland day 4 I almost didn't make it to Enis More, I had been still battling the flu I got before leaving Townsville and my back had been aching due to way too many hours of sitting on a bus. I am so glad I went, it was the most incredible day of the whole tour. We woke early and took a bus for 45mins out of town to the ferry which was another 40mins across to the island. I fell asleep on the boat and only woke when it started to get seriously rocky, which was very unhealthy for those of us who were hungover. The lack of fresh air is also bad, but it was crazy cold outside, so we weren't going out. Shannon and I played where's the hidden wrench with the evacuation ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands June 28th 2011

We finally set sail from Kilronan early Thursday with the intention of going straight to Inishboffin but the winds were NW F4-5 and right on the nose. We tacked back and forth for hours and at one stage we were 5miles SW of Eerigh Light ttruing to get into a favourable position to round Slyne Head. But it was not to be. Having left at 0630 we were looking at an ETA of 2100 so decided to cut in to Roundstone. That was a great decision because as soon as we north we had fair winds oon opur port. We navigated with care through the approaches to Roundstone. I was last here on FR with Ray about six years ago. With Moritz on the tiller we sailed right up to a mooring without turning on the ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands June 24th 2011

Departed Kilkee at 0445 and arrived in Kilronan at 1000. I did two things that I had not done before. First was to leave a mooring with the navigation lights on (it was still dark) and the second was to set out with a F7 forecast for that same morning. But it was calm and we figured we would get there before the big blow. And we did. We made good time motor sailing to Gregory Sound and then tried our luck with a bit of fishing before headed in to the new harbour. The new pier is huge. It must be 400 metres long. It had two small ribs on it and nothing else. So we tied up. There is still work ongoing and that is the reason that the pier is so empty. I ... read more
Moritz watching the dolphins

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands October 8th 2010

Thursday, October 7: Happy 80th Birthday to my Dad! This morning we were up early to catch a tour bus to the ferry and on to the Aran Island of Inishmore. We walked to the city centre and made a quick stop to buy a plugin adapter for our laptop. The clerk in the store was very helpful but I couldn't understand a word he said--seemed mostly like mumbling and reminded me of a character in a movie I once watched but I still haven't recalled the movie. The bus trip took about an hour and was a nice break for Ed from driving. We drove through County Mayo along Galway Bay getting an eyeful of the Connemara landscape. We caught the ferry at Rossaveel and had a lulling ferry ride out of the bay to ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands July 24th 2010

Hello everyone! it has been a couple of days since I have posted, but I thought I would take a minute to update you on my travels. We have had a busy last few days of travel and adventure along the west coast of Ireland. After a wonderful night's stay in Ennis we headed off to discover the Burren, which is very much like a lunar landscape with monuments that look a bit like stonehenge and even some fairy circles surrounded by trees. We took a brief walk outside, but the rain was coming down quite heavily so we took our photos and got back on the bus. En route to the Cliffs of Moher we drove through a town called Lisdoonvarna, which is known for its Matchmaking Festival where single people from around Ireland and ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands September 24th 2009

Yesterday we took the ferry from Galway to the Aran Islands.... The sea's were rolling and Amber was convinced we were gonna flip the boat. And by boat I mean a pretty goodsized ship. Don't worry we didn't capsize and we got our moneys worth for the ride. We landed on Inish Mor, the largest of the three island, and rented Mountaibn bikes... more rust buckets with front suspension but at least most of the gears worked. We only got rained on for about 5-10 minutes but then the sun came out and we dried off quickly. We rode up to Dun Aengus, an ancient fort atop a cliff face that drops at least 500 feet straight down into the Atlantic. After that we toured the most of the island by bike. We found a very ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Aran Islands July 12th 2009

This weekend has been amazing. Yesterday Laura, Josh, Ally, and I went to the Aran Islands (specifically Dun Aonghasa) by bus and then by a very bumpy ferry to see the cliffs there. The weather was terrible, and I'm an idiot and didn't want to take up precious backpack room to pack a rain jacket OR real shoes for the weekend so I wore a zip-up sweater and flip flops. Sometimes I wonder about my intelligence honestly. It took us two hours to get there which included a kinda gross bus that I got carsick on, then a rocking ferry in the Atlantic ocean which I got seasick in. We went to one of the three restaurants on the island to get a late lunch, but by the time we all sat down and looked at ... read more
crazy man
view as we got higher
Walking into the structure

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