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June 28th 2018
Published: June 28th 2018
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WE arrived in Dublin yesterday after a relatively short (6 hours) flight from Philadelphia. However by the time I had renewed my Global Entry and traveled to and from the airport, we had spent 12 hours on this trip. I did not sleep on the plane so when I rived here I was disoriented.

Immigration lines were long so it took a long time to get into the country. Thankfully our driver was waiting for us and whisked us to the Conrad. The hotel has been completely refurbished on the interior n the last two years and is quite beautiful . It is all done in Irish decor which is modern understated with muted colors. Wherever they could they have interjected a bit of Irish history. The bar is named Lemuels (after Gulliver). They have a beautiful metal work in the skylight depicting his travels.

Of course I collapsed as soon as we got into our room which is beautiful. The bed felt heavenly and i slept for 4 hours. After a hot shower I was ready to go inspect Lemuels. The bartender was a wealth of information. I know now why the Irish all have a Bostonian accent. Its actually the other way around. The Bostonians have an Irish accent. The bartender said his name was “Mac” when I repeated it he said no it was “Mac” Only on the third try I could discern a very soft “r” in there. So “Mark” was his name.

Dublin is a beautiful city. A combination of the old and the new. I walked around the Conad. I am mesmerized by the architecture of the old buildings. Most of them are now offices, but the exteriors have been maintained in their original form. What we call row houses they call terrace houses. Public housing is called flats. The details on these old buildings is exquisite. The ironwork and windows are beautiful.

Today we board our ship to begin our cruise. quite exciting.

We are on the ship and have a beautiful room. We have already had our life safety drill. That’s always exciting. Our butler came down and met us at registration. He took us to our room by-passing all the port security. He is a very nice Indian man from Chinai. He has already promised to have the chef make us an Indian dinner one night. We ate in Polo Grill and had a Cesar salad and a large steamed Lobster. It was delicious. Tomorrow we go to the Isle of Man.

The only problem so far is that I can’t get my pictures to upload automatically. I will have to work on that tomorrow.


29th June 2018

Isle of Man
The Isle of Man is where Joseph Pilates began learning how to rehab injured soldiers by using bed springs and attaching them to the walls so he could train the soldiers with spring resistance. He invented his first piece of equipment (the Cadillac) at Isle of Man. Just a bit of trivia since I'm quite sure they won't mention that one your tour. :)
29th June 2018

Thanks Kellee. That's the kind of trivia that makes you remember a place for ever.

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