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November 21st 2012
Published: November 27th 2012
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First Time for Everything:

So…my friend and I ended up not being able to meet up the entire time I was in Dublin, but the most antsy time for me was I first landed in Dublin and could not find her at our meeting place that I was already late to…yes…I guess there’s a reoccurring theme to me being late…I’ve been bad about time and planning since a month into BRIC, why these posts were never written…so I’m just getting back into my usual course of overprotectiveness on everything-which causes me to be somewhat obsessive about my plans and calendar that I used to keep…I should probably take that out of my suitcase that it’s been hiding in since the first plane took off back in Boston…

Anyways, yes, so I could not find my friend…it was close to 8pm, I didn’t have a place to stay- I just had my backpack…I was confused, the first time that I was really traveling alone, I was really Alone.

Luckily though, she sent me to a nice touristy place- the center of Dublin to meet up, where right next to the pub that she wanted to meet at (Temple Bar) was a hostel, in a walked (after checking the reviews online of course) and there I got a bed and roof over my head for the night.

My first hostel, my first time in Dublin, My first time Alone…I think I did pretty good

My bag locked up in the cage below my bed, I fell fast asleep- a lot quicker than I expected I would in an unknown place.

And by the next day, when I learned that I would most likely not be seeing my friend at all, I started my own adventure by booking a day tour trip to Wicklow and Glendalough? I have no idea how to spell these places, but I saw lakes and mountains…that many people would consider as hills, and I got to see the bridge from P.S. I Love You (the movie).

Through this day trip, which happened my last day in Dublin…so I had one other day before, where I just walked around the city/district that I was in and ended up seeing Crypts under a church, ate great food, and took the Jameson Whisky Distillery tour, and saw the “Dublin Castle”….oh and met a couple of really nice locals..

So day trip (I apologize for the A.D.D. that I’m experiencing while typing this post)…I ended up going on the same tour as another traveler from my hostel room – who I just met the night before, so that was kind of funny. The night before we had just said a quick “hi” as I entered the room that evening, and so this morning, while not knowing one another- we could still recognize one another after one quick interaction. Anywho- it was a lot more fun knowing someone for the tour because there was someone I could talk to during the ride and get someone to help take some pictures for me- especially because the other people on the tour were relatively older…

And I finally had someone to eat lunch and dinner with during my time in Dublin- besides that day, all my meals were a table for one…which I learned is kind of depressing after a while, company is nice…remember that- never take someone’s presence for granted.

So that’s what I learned in Dublin,

<!---->1. <!---->People in Dublin are really friendly

<!---->2. <!---->It’s super windy in November

<!---->3. <!---->Like really Windy in November

<!---->4. <!---->Anything on a menu that says Irish before it means that there’s Jameson Whisky in it.

<!---->5. <!---->Guinness Beer tastes better in Dublin

<!---->6. <!---->Hostel experiences – if you’re lucky can be really nice and fun

<!---->7. <!---->There are crazy travelers out there in the world

<!---->8. <!---->Fish is really fresh- Fish and Chips is must to have

<!---->9. <!---->Beef as well…super good…Yum….food- why I spent more than I planned- but worth it.

<!---->10. <!---->Jameson Distillery tour is not worth it…

<!---->11. <!---->Dead mummified bodies under a church is kind of cool

<!---->12. <!---->Bring more clothes to beat the cold wind.

<!---->13. <!---->Oh- and what time is lunch time in Dublin??- a question that I still have. I swear I ate lunch at a normal American time…and there was never anyone in the restaurant….I just didn’t understand

<!---->14. <!---->It’s hard to find an ATM…so take out money when you can or be ready to use your card

<!---->15. <!---->Lakes, Mountains, and Trees are really cool- I missed nature.

Off to find the pot of gold—


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