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May 10th 2012
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May 10 Thursday - I arrived safely in Dublin about 7AM this morning. It was raining and about 45 degrees. I caught the Airlink Bus into Dublin and took it the long way around to Heuston Station using it to have a look at the city. It really is amazing how those bus drivers can weave in and around traffic on those narrow streets. And the little cars and bicycle drivers have absolutely no fear of death and constantly pull directly in front of the bus, and “hog it out” at intersections. Once I got to Heuston station I got on the LUAS train and when it started moving I found out I was going the wrong way and had to get off on the next station and come back, and continue on to my stop at Smithfield Square. I was glad to find out the walk to the hostel was no more than 100 yards or so….I really didn’t want to carry that heavy backpack any more than necessary. Check in at the hostel wasn’t till 2PM so I had to wait a bit before I could check in as they were cleaning rooms. They did let me check in a bit early at 1PM though.

After I checked in I walked around the area a bit and found out what was around here. I was pleased to find a Supermarket only about 50 yards from the hostel on Smithfield Square. Also there were some restaurants. After looking around a bit I walked down to the Liffey and walked along it towards O’Connell street. Before I got to O’Connell street I got tired of walking ( guess I need to get my legs back after a long time of disuse in Harmony) and so walked back to near the hostel to a Pizza place across the square. The pizza was not anything to brag about and I started to fall asleep while I was waiting for it. So after eating I went to my room and took a much needed nap. After my nap I made myself get up as I wanted to be able to sleep tonight and came back out to the lobby here in the hostel to work on my email for today. Hopefully it will have quit raining tomorrow and I can walk down Grafton Street and Harcourt Street and find the location where the house was that Mom stayed in when she worked in Dublin before the war. It was across the street from where Harcourt station used to be. Saturday I am planning on taking the train to Howth and taking a walk alongside the cliffs there. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. There is a pub called Cobblestone about 60 yards from the hostel on the square. It is supposed to have traditional Irish music so I will check that out as well. I had wanted to go there today but I feel I need to get my sleep readjusted more.

My room at the hostel was clean and cozy. I am sharing it with 4 Spaniards and one guy who doesn’t speak at all so I don’t know what he is. He just comes in and does what he wants to do and leaves. I had requested a room on the 7th floor so as to be away from the bar at night because of noise but they said they had groups reserved for those floors and so I got one on the 1st floor. She said the rooms were in back and separated from the bar
Airlink BusAirlink BusAirlink Bus

When I got on the bus the two front seats at the window were taken so I got the rear Seat where I could look out both sides. When the people in front got off I moved to the front seat which had a panoramic view.
by walls and so quiet which turned out to be the case. I was really surprised and pleased to find out how quiet the room was. The room has 6 beds and an ensuite bathroom. There is also a big room with toilets in the basement. Handy if you need to go but someone is using the ensuite bathroom. There is also a toilet in the hallway. One drawback of the room is there is nowhere to hang clothes and there is a rule against eating in the rooms. There are large metal bins under the bed for keeping and locking your stuff in, with you providing your own padlock. The bed is costing me 83 Euros for 5 days, about $116.

I’m having problems with my AOL. I always seem to get AOL UP and can’t get my home page with my favorites and all showing. I have to go a roundabout way through “My AOL” to send emails etc. Hopefully I will get that all sorted out in the next few days

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Luas Map at Smithfield stopLuas Map at Smithfield stop
Luas Map at Smithfield stop

The LUAS train stops about 50 yards from the Generator Hostel. The Hostel is in Smithfield Square

There is a supermarket about 50 yards from the front door of the Generator Hostel on Smithfield Square.
restaurant down alleyrestaurant down alley
restaurant down alley

There is an alley next to the Generator Hostel and at the end of it going through the door and inside is a "buffet style" restaurant.

12th May 2012

Hello William,
Glad you have arrived safely and certainly glad to hear you have a quiet room. It looks as if things are working out. Happy travels.

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