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September 14th 2007
Published: September 14th 2007
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Hello pqrty people& I am excited to share my stories and pictures from dublin so fqr; but these keyboqrds in belgium are soooo messed up+ where is the darn exclamation point1³&é"'(§(§§è!ç I zould be able to figure it out; except they have our same keyboard labels it just types different things; go figureè! oh i found it!!!!!! its the 8 key!!! you knoz; the one with a star on it!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL! plus im using the computer in the hotel back office bc their public network is down; very funny situqtion. sooooo who wants to move to dublin with me! i zill have to keep it short this keyboard is killing me. it was so awesome the people of ireland are extremely friendly and there is a pub on every corner ° not true ° theres pretty much only pubs! they sure do like their guinness and i have to say its much tastier over there! its very funny that they speak english but i could really only understand about every third word. but the city has an amazing pulse with tons of young people hanging out everywhere and the streets are as crowded as new york! i ate beef and guinness pie; irish stew; and lots of ham and cheese: europeans are crzy about ham and cheese! its everywhere! i met up w angela and jason and ze zent to the oldest pub and the smallest pubs in town. we also went on a viking tour of dublin where basically u get to wear a viking hat and we were in one of those boat and land gizmos taking a tour of dublin. then on command we zould yell our viking roars at unsuspecting people on the street ° it was a riot! also last night youll never believe it - in marinette last week sarah and mike and i met a bartender who was going to be in dublin - i ran into him on the street!! it was perfect timing i was about to call it a nite and he was with a fun french guy trying to perfect his english and a german guy about to start civil engineering school!! we ended up out dancing to fantastic music °yes they played daft punk ° all night and having the best time! zell; ,y pictures arent loading right and i think i have carpal tunnel from pecking on this
That guy in the middle is from marinette!That guy in the middle is from marinette!That guy in the middle is from marinette!

good times at the irish pubs, meet mz friends, L TO R; the german, the cheesehead, and frenchie!
board:::::dad; how do u do it§ i arrived here in brussels today so im looking forward to touring it for a few days! hopefully i find a cafe tomorrow where i can put up some pics! just zanted to say hi and i love everyone and im being safe and having fun!

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out my zotel window in dublinout my zotel window in dublin
out my zotel window in dublin

love their lightposts!
dublisns smallest pub entrancedublisns smallest pub entrance
dublisns smallest pub entrance

oh that guinness - its delicious no matter where you are in ireland!

Side note - Lauren and I left a disco ball themed diarama in kate's freezer!!! I think we did a bang-up job and Kate says getting ice has never been so fun!!

14th September 2007

too wierd
OK, that's just too wierd to run into the marinette guy in dublin on the street!! how does that happen???? love that you couldn't find the exclamation point on the keyboard, good story!! miss you and love you tons!
16th September 2007

glad to hear from you
Hey, glad you make it safe and sound, and it didn't take any time at all for you to make friends and enjoy the town probably! Did you know Dr. Wilson is at Brussel's also doing a robotic case? You never know, you might just run into him like your other friend. Or you could look for the most unhappy person there who never smiles name Veronica, she is also there with him too. Glad you are having a great time, and we miss you in Duarte, Ca.
16th September 2007

zhat zas that?
Don't you love the funny keyboards...a little tip: often you can change the keyboard setting by a little icon in the lower left of the desktop. Click on it, and choose American English. or just ,ake due zith zhat you;ve got... I love you, Steph...the way you write, I can hear you speaking it. Loving the Blog too. Have fun in Germany. You should definitely see Berlin, visit Neuschwanstein Castle in the south, and if you get a chance, stop by Passau, a little town in Bavaria, on the Austrian border. I was there for a month, taking a German course...beautiful little town where 3 rivers converge and make magical morning fog, nearly every day. Have some good 'ol fashioned dirty-kinda fun...and keep up the writing. Love ya Jimbo
25th September 2007

I love the Marinette guy's mustache! AWESOME! Glad you're having fun! Love ya!

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