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August 9th 2019
Published: August 10th 2019
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August 9, 2019

The alarm was set for 7am, so we can get a jump on Glasgow. We have plans to take Tea at the Charles R Mackintosh designed Tearoom The Willow. Best laid plans of mice and men ofttimes go astray!

Once again, we were both certain we experienced an Earthquake – but we realize at sea this is most unlikely. SO…probably rough seas. THEN….the closet door was rattling opening and closing of its own volition. Yet another “omen” for the morning. THEN…I threw the curtains open. Our veranda, the windows and basically everything are covered in a mixture of rainwater and seawater. That must have been SOME storm!

Both finished with our shower so we can get our day going and spend as much time in Glasgow as possible, WHEN…to our dismay…our cruise director, John, came on with the announcement that our stop at Greenock has been cancelled. The captain feels it is much to precarious for us to safely port there so no go! Instead, we shall cruise on to Dublin. We should arrive dockside in Dublin tonight around 7pm. Another sea day!! Oh well.

Christopher is convinced that because he made reservations for The Willow he jinxed our stop. Do I tell him he’s right? Perhaps I shall let this pass. We are both so dreadfully disappointed, but soldier on we must. Does this mean an additional day in Dublin? Must determine as soon as possible. What a fiasco for Oceania. Do they forfeit the Greenock fees? Must they pay additional fees for Dublin? Inquiring minds and all…

Well drat. We’re up – might as well eat, because that IS what we do best! Grand Dining room has become our breakfast venue of choice. So much more civilized. Today – waffles with blueberries on top and a side of sausage for me. Christopher enjoyed French toast with a side of sausage. I have never had the waffles before…that was a grave oversight. They are quite good, fluffy and delicious.

After breakfast up to Baristas for our espresso. As we sipped, we watched the crew squeegee the decks (plural). They were moving inches and inches of water. Impressive how much water fell on us last night. It must have been one HECK of a storm. The captain came on to explain that the decision to abandon Greenock came in the early morning hours after the storm hit.

So another quiet day at sea in store for us. Time for some observations.

Last night, at Toscana, there were three VERY large tables set for a portion of the 150 Financial Group. They ALL look alike!! Is this some kind of cult? Not a person of color among the lot. Not. One. The “head” of the group – came by to visit all “his tables” – he managed to fondle each and every female. He even made mention of the “me too” movement. I’m NOT joking. His hands were ALL over these women. I’m sure some were not the least bit surprised nor offended, but even so….a tad bit creepy- no? His Cross about his neck in full view – yet he managed to make body contact to every female at the three tables – OH…they were all in their thirties and forties. Hands OFF anyone “of a certain age” (which happened to be 50). Hmmmm. Guess the laying of hands is in his contract? Unsure. Clearly these are all salespeople….one can just tell. I’m guessing Insurance (given our conversation with one member of the group the other day, and the topics of conversation at adjacent tables).

Please explain to me the need for excessive fragrance. I get that sometimes we can’t smell the fragrance on our person, so APPLY MORE? Really, isn’t less more? Is not the reason for fragrance personal? When one leaves a snail trail of odor (fragrance) behind one – which is offensive to others should said person be tossed overboard? Thoughts? I say yea. Throw the offender (male OR female) over! OR confiscate their clothing, wash, throw them in a shower as well and forbid additional fragrance for the remainder of the year. My lungs just can’t handle it.

It's called conditioner – USE IT! OK….enough I have to stop for my own sanity. WAIT….one more – men….HOW HARD it is to hit the freaking urinal? I mean REALLY?! I HATE standing in someone else’s mess. AIM. Not hard. Really. Not. Difficult.

OK. Evidently the winds, through the bay in Greenock, were 50 knots – so the swell must have been significant. We spent the entire day under clouds dealing with winds and at least a 6 foot swell. They made the correct decision – even though we missed Glasgow. Another time.

After breakfast, which was early for us, we went to Martini’s and claimed our “spot” to play Rummykub. Several people asked us what we were doing, and others looked on longingly as if wanting to play. SORRY. Well…not really. We played for a few hours. Until it was time…to EAT! Again.

Grand dining room once again. Lunch was a lentil soup (which was blended and made almost a cream soup (without the cream) – but the addition of pancetta and fois gras! YASSSSSS. A cup was more than enough. We each had the soup and a Moroccan appetizer of chicken, pine nuts and eggplant stuffed into a filo dough on a bed of sliced carrot. SO GOOD! Sweet and savory with a hint of cumin.

After lunch we went back to the stateroom where we both fell asleep. I have NO idea how long we were out – But I DO know Christopher fell asleep before me. We had the TV on, Sharp Objects from HBO (from Gillian Flynn’s novel….she is ONE CRAZY WRITER)! We were HOOKED and watched (except when we slept) to the bitter end….Didn’t see that coming – but should have.

It was a truly lazy day. Too cold to be outside and too crowded to be almost anywhere else. Our stateroom was just the place we needed to be. We decided to break our nap cycle with tea. A proper English tea, as our Tea Room adventure was ripped out from under us my forces greater than our own. One scone, one pistachio baklava and one pot of Earl Grey tea for me, Darjeeling Tea, one scone and one cream stuffed brioche for Christopher and we are done.

Alright – the program over time for – YOU GUESSED IT…DINNER!! We brought a bottle of Antica Chardonnay with us to the Grand Dining Room so something light. We chose the Chicken in a Morel Sauce with tarragon to share. SO. GOOD. We each had a starter – Christopher had a fois gras appetizer with mango chutney – quite good. I had the Greek salad with tomatoes, feta capers and olives – HUGE. The meal took FOREVER and the service was spotty. We ordered sweet peas and mixed vegetables as a side. The chicken FINALLY arrived after at least 40 minutes, the mixed vegetables arrived as we were done with the meal. WASTED! And, here we are trying to stop wasting food. UGH! For dessert, I had the NY Cheesecake – good – not great. Christopher ordered the salted caramel and strawberry ice cream – he RECEIVED strawberry & chocolate – like I said – service not great tonight. Unsure as to why!

The BEST part of dinner – aside from the wine and the chicken – was the docking procedure. We were aft in the grand dining room – in the window just over the engines. At one point I looked out and saw the Pilot boat behind us and eventually heard/felt the “back door” open and the pilot entered our ship. He (or she) basically did a three point turn and pivoted into place so we could come alongside. It was smooth and brilliantly accomplished. The thrusters did their job as the pilot showed their true skill. It was a brilliant move – only bested when we came alongside in Istanbul. NOW. THAT. WAS. BRILLIANT! Pivoted and then squeezed in between two docked ships.

Dinner over. Ship is cleared. We are in a VERY Industrial port at Dublin. We are both wiped out but want to go to shore…but it’s late. And we want to walk, and you can’t walk (too dangerous) and so we go for our walk. We see the Calatrava Harp bridge from the ship (YES), there’s a beautiful stadium visible from the ship as well. So many construction cranes here in Dublin, I’m guessing they are experiencing a boom. Good. It’s getting chilly, rain is coming from the south and we need to head back to the stateroom – so off we go.

Tomorrow – ALL DAY in Dublin!!


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