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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge September 9th 2019

If you are thinking of spending a seven days holiday then you must visit Ireland as it is one of the most beautiful and beloved islands in Europe, if not the world. Ireland may be a small country but its natural beauty, stunning scenery, famous hospitality, and fascinating history will captivate your heart. There are many things to do in Ireland and seven days are enough to explore the whole island. But the first time visitor must have a little guide otherwise the journey may not be as fascinating as it should be. That is why in this article we have come up with an ultimate 7 days Ireland itinerary that will help you to get the best of it. The best itinerary trip for visiting Ireland in 7 days The following is the complete itinerary ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge April 18th 2018

Endlich in Dublin! Es ist hier sogar noch alles viel schöner, als ich es mir vorgestellt habe. In meinen letzten Tagen in Victoria waren wir noch auf dem Mount Douglas, wo man eine tolle Aussicht sowohl über die Stadt als auch den Ozean hat. Zwei Tage darauf liefen wir durch den Uplands Park, der sehr an einen Sumpf erinnert. Das Viertel an sich sieht total idyllisch und sauber aus, aber das gilt leider nicht für den Park. Überschwemmte Wege voller Matsch wohin man geht. Wir haben Dicke Stöcke als Brücken benutzt und haben es dann doch irgendwie wieder heraus geschafft. Meine Reise nach Dublin hat am Montag morgen begonnen, denn ich hab nur meinen Rucksack gepackt und bin dann aufgebrochen Richtung Fähre, dann nach Vancouver Downtown und dort den Abend verbracht. Nachts bin ich dann mit ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge October 30th 2017

In Dublin's fair city, Where the girls are so pretty,I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,As she wheeled her wheel-barrow,Through streets broad and narrow,Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!" … read the whole song at … under Lyrics …. :-) …I did not find her and did not caress her cleavage as hundreds of others have done to the point of polishing up the bronze ... This will be a backward look to three interesting towns/c... read more
Medieval Couple
Lane Decoration in Waterford
From the Bus

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge August 28th 2016

No one expects to find Dracula at the gym, or at least, not until they've been to Dublin and then it may seem quite normal. For at Clontarf there is a Dracula Experience at Westwood Gym, a rather unusual place to rock up at (being a rather large health and fitness centre), and then be escorted past all the fitness posters, equipment and various treatment rooms to the Dracula Hall of Fame, then ultimately to his castle. Naturally it was dark, loud and extremely disorientating, populated by the undead waiting to scare the bejesus out of every silly tourist without fail. Talking of undead, I was beginning to feel this way by the time we'd reached the castle as throughout the day, I'd walked over 30,000 steps... My first 1,500 steps had been between midnight and ... read more
Trinity College
Wall of Fame

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge August 10th 2016

No pictures yet. Spent yesterday recovering from the flight and today trying to catch up with all we did not do yesterday. Went the Guinness Brewery and Deb got to pour her own pint. While Dublin is rather compact there can be a LOT of walking. Tomorrow will be the museum tours and then on Thursday to the motorbikes. The streets here are rather small. A duelly would not make it! I have seen 2 busses close enough reach out and touch your hands across and have a bicycle rider go between then at speed. Not only that they drive on the wrong side of the road. The good thing is that the driving we will be doing will be in lesser populated areas. Our hotel is right in the middle of the Temple Bar district ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge August 10th 2016

Woke up today to rain or should I say a realheavy mist that lasted till 7pm and then out came the sun. One thing that became rather apparent was that nothing really starts before 10 or 11. Banks open at 10 and all attractions at 10 or 11 and they close at 5. This can make for short tour day, We had a 2 hour lecture and skit on the 1918 revolution and went to see the Book of Kells and the LARGE library at Trinity University and then on to the Museum of Archaeology,Natural History,etc. No trip to would be complete without the visit to Brazen Head Pub...the oldest pub in Dublin. Only thing I can say that of all the pubs I have between in here it was the only one with a Coors ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge September 28th 2015

In the last week of September my job took me to Dublin. We presented at the url= Conference of the Association of Test Publishers (E-ATP). This time I had only prepared the conference, and my Irish colleagues Laura and David presented. However, I went there anyway to support them, to discuss some business with them, and to provide a short training session for the Dublin team. So I arrived in Dublin on Wednesday evening and it all started off in a super friendly manner with a taxi driver, Michael, who told me a lot about sights to visit in Dublin, about the history of the city, and he even played some Irish songs for me from a CD he had in his taxi. They were by the band ‘The Wolf Tones’, an Irish band who has ... read more
Croke Park Stadium
River Liffey
Daniel O'Connell

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge August 10th 2015

The winter of 2014 in Dublin was no joke. Being from Chicago I figured I could adapt to the climate, however I came to terms that it was unbearably cold. Dublin was a very quick one day trip, so my apologies for those who expected more on this blog. Upon my arrival trinity college was my first visit, loved the architecture, but I was saddened to find that the library and the book of Kells exhibit was closed due to the holiday season. So off to a pub I went. Along the way I ran into St. Patrick's Cathedral, simply amazing! I've seen some massive churches in my day, but this one takes the crown. Outside from every angle, I tried to squeeze my body into the massiveness of the church when snapping a selfie, but ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge March 15th 2015

So this past weekend we headed off to Dublin for St. Patrick's day weekend. Dublin's an oddly charming place. There aren't as many grand monuments as other European capitals, since it's been a historically poor city (thanks England), but something about it just feels different. Part dirty old town, part American-Irish tourism mecca, part living history. If you go, I'd highly recommend the following two guided tours: 1) Historical Walking Tour, given by history post-graduates. They take you through the major sights of Dublin (other than the Guinness brewery) and give the stories behind them. The stories are what really make the city interesting, especially since Ireland has such a turbulent past. url= read more
Beer Festival Marchmallow
Beer Festival Marshmallow
Beer Festival

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge December 30th 2014

We woke up today at 10:30 am again to catch the wonderful breakfast that was waiting downstairs for us. We enjoyed it in a timely manner, and by timely I mean until we felt that we had satisfied ourselves. The plan for today was to either go to the Guinness storehouse or the Jameson Distillery, and we had opted for the Guinness Storehouse. I had been there already, but I didn’t mind going a second time because I thought it would be worth it for Adam to see it and also because they give you a complimentary pint of Guinness at the end of the tour, which is always a plus. We decided to take a taxi there because walking there would take about an hour and a half or so, which was not an option ... read more

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