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Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Donegal August 30th 2019

Up early because today we will cover a lot of ground. Buffet breakfast at the hotel and then on the coach, heading north. We drive through a sizeable town, Larne, then a series of smaller, extremely picturesque towns. Most of them have "bally" (town), "glen" (valley), "lough" (lake), or "castle" in their names. The weather is very changeable. Violent blasts of rain alternate with brief sunny periods. The force of the wind may be felt inside the coach. We take a detour to visit Glenariff Forest Park. This beautiful 1185-hectare park has several mountains and two small rivers that cascade through narrow gorges on their way to the sea. The coach climbs to the summit of a mountain where there are great views of the surrounding landscape. Walking trails lead off in several directions. And there's ... read more
Grey Squirrel hotline
House and rope bridge
Northern coast

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal May 2nd 2019

Day 03 It was a leisurely morning, the first thing on our agenda was the walking tour of Derry, which was at 10AM. We had to check out, but left our bags with the hotel to retrieve on the way out of town after the walking tour. The tour was led by a gentleman with his yellow tour guide rain jacket, shorts and sandals. We had coats on because the wind was very brisk and very chilly 48F. It did not rain on us, so big plus. The city built a wall around it to protect it from it’s enemies. It can claim to be the only walled city that has never been breached. The area inside the walls are 30 acres of land. The center of the city has a monument to those that have ... read more
Our guide John
Fanad Lighthouse
Family Keating

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Malin Head April 28th 2018

How are things in Glocca Morra this fine day? 28th April 2018 Continuing the Grey Haired Nomads’ 2,200 mile journey by motorhome, clockwise around Ireland Out of Co Mayo and into Co Sligo. A chilly wind was howling through the trees, but a window of blue sky had chosen to travel along with us for the rest of the day. It was nearly closing time when we arrived at the Visitor Centre at Carrowmore Megalithic Graves near our campsite on the rocky beach at Strandhill, Sligo. Time for a quick recce before tea. Dating back as far as 3,500BC - 3000 BC, these stone grave-sites, spread across the nearby fields, are truly fascinating. I could stand there for ages, just thinking about the lives of these people. There are numerous other similar sites across Ireland. What ... read more
Classiebawn Castle
Gleniff Horsehoe

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Malin Head April 26th 2018

If there's a cleaner country on this earth we've yet to see it. No matter whether its a village, town, city, carpark, riverbank or National Park there is never, and I mean NEVER, a scrap of litter. I am fortunate that today actually happened. After completing the previous blog I developed severe dizziness/vertigo. I had spent a week in hospital a few years back when the crystals in my ears displaced so I knew the feeling. Our journey could have been in severe jeopardy, however by some miraculous occurrence I gradually recovered during the night. So I live to tell another tale. We headed to the most northerly point of Ireland, Malin Head, finding it to be a very cold, windswept rocky headland, with the Atlantic Ocean swells pounding the black rocks. We were dressed for ... read more
Looking landwards from summit of Malin Head.
Looking down from Malin Head summit.

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Killybegs September 3rd 2017

Eine kurze Fährüberfahrt, und schon ist man nicht mehr in Nordirland, sondern in der Republik Irland, und zwar auf der Halbinsel Inishowen. Dort sehen wir uns die beiden Kaps an: erst Inishowen Head mit Blick zurück nach Nordirland, dann Malin Head, den nördlichsten Punkt Irlands. Hier gibt es jede Menge schroffe Klippen, tiefe Einschnitte, tosenden Brandung - wirklich beeindruckend. Weiter geht an den höchsten Dünen Europas und einem alten Ringfort vorbei. So machen auch die Tagesetappen, an denen man vor allem Kilometer frisst, Spaß. Nächster Standort: Dunfanaghy. Kennt keine Sau - das gilt aber für viele unserer Standorte, und tatsächlich sind ja auch die kleinen Orte sehr nett. Zumal wir, wie auch hier, vom Fenster aus direkt auf das Meer blicken können. Hier machen wir eine schöne Küstenwanderung über viele idyllische kleine Sandstrände zwischen hohen Felsen, ... read more
Blick von unserem Balkon aus
Am Malin Head, einem der vielen Kaps
Und noch mal Malin Head

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal August 16th 2017

Continuing on our Rabbie's tour, we left Northern Ireland (UK) and drove west back into the Republic of Ireland - back to euros. We had had one embarrassing incident the night before in Portrush (Northern Ireland) when the restaurant we chose said their Visa machine was out of order. No problem, we'll pay in dollars or euros, we thought, but no, the local currency was pounds sterling! and that was all that they would accept. Fortunately we were saved from washing dishes when their credit card reader came back online just in time! Most mornings we are served a full Irish breakfast, which has lots of very thick bacon, fried or scrambled egg, sausage, "pudding" (another sausage?) and tomato. It gets a little heavy after a while! I will let the photos and captions speak for ... read more
Eske Villa, our B&B in Donegal
Fairy house on the Bank Walk in Donegal
Cemetery where poet W.B. Yeats is buried.

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Clonmany August 8th 2017

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I had typed it while on the ferry from Belfast to Scotland this morning and lost my wifi connection when I was saving it! Yea I know it sounds like "the dog ate my homework" but man I was not a happy camper! Before I start a quick shout out to my daughter Jennifer - she did a Sturgis SD trip with her motorcycle girls they trailered the bikes then did a number cool rides while at the largest Harley rally in the world. She must get that wonder bug from her Mom😘. Once again I had good enough weather to wear the non rain gear. About 1/2 the ride was on the "Wild Atlantic Way". The Irish took a page from the US "Route 66" concept only ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal May 26th 2017

I woke up feeling bitter sweet as this is the last leg of my cycling trip. As usual, the day started with breakfast at 8:30am. I was tad early as I told Rosaleen that I was coming around 8:45am-ish. She was surprised to see me 15 minutes early and I can sense she was still juggling breakfast preparation for the other guests in the house. At the beautiful breakfast nook, I met an Irish couple from Galway who also checked in the same night as me. We exchanged stories of our travels. Owen is a doctor and during his university years, his internship was in McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario which is an hour away from Toronto (somehow, meeting people with Canadian connection is in the cards for this trip). I learned that their second son ... read more
2_The Uphills from Glenties to Donegal
3_Views Glenties to Donegal

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal May 25th 2017

The next day, I woke up feeling excited that I was back on the bike. Granny Ann greeted me in the morning and said, “Last Supper”! Will it be the same Irish breakfast?” We smiled at each other interpreting that as “Last Breakfast”. I said yes and I got the same sumptuous meal with added fried mushroom in it. As usual, I did not finish the big breakfast and ended wrapping myself a ham sandwich for my next escapade. Granny Ann even asked me to bring mandarin oranges which in hindsight was a treat as I rested on the trail. It was bitter sweet leaving Trade Winds B&B. I spent 3 nights in the area, the hosts were friendly and accommodating. Most of all, I had what I considered a priceless view: The beach surrounded by ... read more
2_Backroads to Glenties
2_Backroads to Glenties_3
3_The SteepDownhill(Start)

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal May 24th 2017

My second day of hiking started at Biddy’s Bar near my accommodation at Trade Winds B&Bat Glencomcille. As usual, granny Ann prepared an Irish breakfast for me of ham, sausage, egg, round pudding, beans, grilled tomato or mushroom, toast and an Irish coffee. I also had a prelude of muesli on milk while my breakfast was being freshly cooked. As usual, it was a heavy breakfast for someone who was not accustomed to taking huge meal. Therefore, I had the ham sandwich as a packed lunch for the trails. Granny Ann also gave me oranges and banana and she insisted I take them along the trail. As I made my way to Biddy’s bar, I stopped at the Fire Station to ask for directions. The fireman was kind enough to show me the way and the ... read more

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