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Europe » Ireland » County Donegal April 25th 2015

Saturday 25thApril. Today I was planning to do less driving, so I set out to visit Marble Arch Caves, just across the county border in northern Ireland. But the people at my B&B told me that I must see this valley and that valley and such and such peninsula, so I ended up taking a slightly circuitous route to the caves. This did prove a good idea, because Glen Ade was spectacular. The valleys around here are of glacial origin, hence their shape. I also visited a ruined Franciscan Friary near Lough Gill. The history of the friars was interesting to read, with their dispersal and persecution at various times. It was weird crossing into northern Ireland. Suddenly all the road route numbers change, distances and speed limits are in the archaic miles, you need a ... read more
Glacial Scenery of Glen Ade
Donegal Bay
Glacial Scenery - Glen Ade

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal October 21st 2014

Donegal was a place of ever-changing light and weather. Apocalyptic rainstorms appeared, soaked us and dried up in ten minutes, their clouds swept across the sky by some unseen hand, leaving blue skies and bright sunshine in their wake. A clear view could be obscured in 30 seconds by mist rolling up around you like a blanket cast over the hills, and the wind was a mad, pouncing, howling thing that steered cars into ditches. Rainbows formed and dissolved continuously in the uncertain light, transforming the waves from steely gun-metal to cornflower blue to a magnificent peaty purple. Donegal is known as the “forgotten county” in Ireland. It is in the far north west of the country, the only bit of northern Ireland that is not in “Northern Ireland”. Only a few miles connect it with ... read more
Double rainbow, Knocknalla
Sunset, Fanad Head
Portsalon Beach

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Donegal June 15th 2013

Hello!Today we left Sligo and headed for Donegal. When we got to Donegal we had a walking tour. We learned about the history of the town. That was pretty interesting. It was a fairly small town. The tour did not take long. We saw a couple of churches, a castle, and an old school. The school had one class downstairs and the teacher lived upstairs. When the tour was over we went to the castle and looked around. That was cool. It was small, so it didn't take long to go through it. After the castle we went to lunch and then shopped for a little bit before we had to go to our next place. We went to these beautiful cliffs called Slieve League Cliffs. The walk up to the cliffs was brutal but the ... read more
Sunset at 10:30

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Donegal June 2nd 2013

Day 6, 7 & 8 Arrived at Loughe Eske. What a beautiful setting, not just for weddings! I could spend a few days walking around to recharge my batteries, but now all the wedding celebrations are on the roll, and we still get to enjoy the area around Loughe Eske in all its splendour. Rowan and Sadhbh will share their vows in St Agatha's Church, Clar, Donegal Town and the reception will be at Harvey's Point on the edge of the lake. The B&B that we are staying at, Ardeevin, overlooks the lake, with such a glorious view. The breakfast was truly scrumptious and should keep us going throughout the day until we have dinner at the wedding reception. If in need of a romantic getaway in Ireland - this is the place. The rooms are ... read more
Loughe Eske
Another great view
Their own number plate

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal September 2nd 2012

There is something about the extremity of land that has a compelling draw. Slope Point and Cape Reinga in New Zealand spring to mind as per our blogs from the bottom of the world. The Republic of Ireland was no different. Malin Head is the most northerly point of Ireland. The most northerly point of Inishowen. North of Northern Ireland, but it’s in the South. The compelling draw was big news. It was not the road less travelled. A constant stream of vehicles flowed towards the Head from the village of Malin. Coaches included. The common sense approach employed at Slieve League – no coaches beyond this point – was not in evidence, as the grand tour of Ireland buses ploughed north. Slieve League forced them into submission with a nice cup of Illy coffee, before ... read more
Grianan of Aileach
Malin Head

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal August 29th 2012

It was shortly after 9.30 pm on a wet Tuesday night. Mine host of our accomodation kindly provided a superb drop off and pick you up at the pub service .............. only up to 1am mind, or we'd ask you get to get a taxi. This sounded late to a man who specialised in the 8.20 pm bus. It looked like they weren't planning to call last orders anytime soon then. We entered the bar in the village ........... there were two, but we'd been assured that "live" music was assured in our chosen venue. The lounge was completely empty. There was no apparent craic in there. The bar was packed in comparison.......... a scattering of 8-10 people, mostly leaning on the bar from their high stools. Guinness drinkers to a man! Celtic were making short ... read more
Teelin Harbour
Slieve League
Silver Strand Beach

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Donegal August 28th 2012

They say a week in politics is a long time. It stands to reason then that 2 weeks in travel can be an eternity. In early August it was all hustle and bustle and the thrill of London 2012. 80,000 in a packed athletics stadium – almost half the population of County Donegal . Noise. Excitement. Donegal was therefore the peace and quiet and relaxation. Empty beaches. Fresh air. No more of the trinket world in Knock. Ever been to Rossnowlagh …………….. Ireland ’s answer to Broome? There are no camels on the beach, but tucked away behind the Sandhouse Hotel on the 3 kilometres of sand are more cars than the average side road in these parts will see in a year. It is quoted as one of Europe ’s best Blue Flag surfing beaches ... read more
Donegal Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal May 18th 2012

Friday May 18 - Donegal to Killybegs via the Blue Stack Mountains, and return. Today Noel, Christy, and I headed North west out of Donegal and explored the Blue Stack Mountains and went to Killybegs. The drive was very nice but also very tiring.... read more
Irish fry
Yes, that's the road
fishing boats in Killybegs

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal January 16th 2012

Hi all, So the countdown is on and we have finally set up the blog today. Just testing it all out after a day of checking through packing lists! Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone on here, please comment or message us along the way! We are both going to be blogging and it will depend on the day/week who has decided to do it! Share the link as you want, Chat soon, Ciara... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal October 28th 2011

Hi everyone, I tried to send this note 2 days ago but as i am new to this blog site i think it may not have gone, so this is round two. Bear with me if you got it first time a this is repeat. Hello all, Today was one of those rare days for us this month in Ireland, with the weather being sunny and clear. After so much , and very unusual, flooding rain, we were blessed with perhaps the best day weatherwise yet, after almost 4 weeks here! We drove SE of Muff to an area on the map titled Sperrin Mountains. The road ran along the side of the river valley and the views were stunning, farmlands, the winding river and little communities along the valley. There are numerous ancient sites in ... read more

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