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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Mallow August 21st 2011

Finally have some time and a relatively decent internet connection so I can update my travel log. I will post our fabulous week in Ireland and time in England over several posts rather than one long post. I can’t possibly write everything I’ve seen or thought, but I will give some highlights. August 21st -- Day One -- Blackwater Castle Spent the day getting familiar with our surroundings. Patrick, the owner of the castle, is a natural-born story teller. His love and passion for the castle and the history of the area were evident and I wish I had had more time to listen to his tales. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Mallow August 21st 2011

Our home for a week -- a castle! Really! A real castle -- large, cold, grey, old .... If one is looking for a 5-star hotel, this is not the place. However, if one is looking for a truly unique experience, this is it. The oldest part of the castle was built in the 12th century and has been added to over the succeeding centuries -- I don’t think they had home renovation shows back then. There’s even a place in the tower that houses a pagan fertility rock where women would go to ask the Gods to bless their union with children. I think Karen is booked for an appointment with the rock. So many things to do, so many things I to write ... no internet at the castle, and there is that wedding. ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 31st 2011

Made it down from Dublin on the train. Definitely the way to go. A little more expensive than the aircoach but quicker and very easy. Excellent ride. Arrived in Cork and staying near downtown so I had a day or two to check things out. A few nice church tours, toured an old prison and took in the sites in Cork. Had time for a pint or two also.... read more
Cork 002
Cork 003
Cork 004

Europe » Ireland » County Cork July 15th 2011

Day 27 Friday 15th July 2011. Portrush to Ballycastle Departed 0600 and arrived 0950. We had a lovely passage under the Causeway cliffs and past Sheep island into Ballycastle……’at the ould Lamas fair boys were you ever there? Where you ever at the fair in Ballycastle O!’ We had no wind and so we motored with the tide this twenty mile hop. We tied on to a pontoon before the harbour master, John Morton, beckoned us in to the marina. We tied up and had chat with him. Then we both tried to catch up on sleep before having a look about the town. It has lots of hardware stores…..! Sally got a haircut, we had a few coffees, shower (again no charge) and then back to the boat. The forecast for the next few days ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney July 6th 2011

So internet the past few days has been almost nonexistant. But, I did blog those days, and am now posting what I've blogged. Day 2 of driving - SO much better than Day 1. We only had to stop and ask for directions once (at a rather shady looking gas station - although my Mom assured me that the man working there was extremely nice). Today's goal was to leave County Waterford, head into County Cork, and ultimately end in the town of Kinsale for the next two nights. Along the way, we had two castles to visit - Cahir Castle, and (of course!) Blarney Castle. Cahir Castle is in Cahir, and was built in 1124. It is one of the largest castles in Ireland that is still standing today. We spent about 30 minutes walking ... read more
Cahir Castle
Blarney Castle
Poison Garden

Europe » Ireland » County Cork June 23rd 2011

This is the 1st ‘episode’ of another of 'our' travel experiences. The collective ‘episodes’ describe our journey from our arrival in London (2nd week of June) and across the 'ditch' to Ireland for a few weeks before a return home in mid July. This ‘episode’ describes our few days in London, and our first fortnight in Ireland. As always, if you want to 'see' more detail in an accompanying picture, click it to enlarge. We've attached a few pics that give you a flavour of our journey, and some 'flow over' past the dialogue. Ahhhh, it's like being home again. There is something about London that is so appealing. Yes, it's a 'world' city with all the hubbub and 'buzz' that that implies. Yes, most speak a dialect of English, and after m... read more
3 + 4 Holborn
Inside St Paul's Cathedral

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Baltimore June 19th 2011

Set off from Baltimore at 0900 and arrive Castletownbere at 1630. Sally and I arrived at the mooring about 0630 and brought her in to the small pontoon were we loaded on the gear. We had no wind and had to motor the whole way in sunshine. We went out around Cape Clear and rounded Mizzen in fairly calm conditions. Passed Sheeps head and then tried unsuccessfully to catch a few fish for dinner bit there were no bites.....It was a warm sunny day but no wind and constant motoring made it a bit tiresome.. Motored in through Pipers Sound and tied up at the main fishing wharf on to a raft of five other boats..... we made the obligatory visit to McCarthys Bar to watch the tail end of the Clare - Tip hurling game ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh June 16th 2011

Early to the train station to begin our 3 day 2 night tour to SW Ireland. Railtours Ireland is a very nifty travel company. With many tours to book online, all from Dublin, you can do a 1 to 5 day tour using rail for the long hauls, buses meet you at the station and provide sightseeing. Today we headed straight to Cork by train, were accompanied by a guide. We toured Blarney Castle, time to kiss the Blarney stone, shop, have lunch, then on to Cobh. This is the port of Cork with a long shipping history. The Queenstown ' Story told of the famine ships, the Titanic, which left here after boarding passengers for its ill fated voyage. The Lusitania was sunk off the coast here and local fishermen headed out to bring back ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Kinsale June 5th 2011

We travelled by train to Shrewsbury, on a long day that involved as much waiting as it did travel – waiting for a connection at Brussels, waiting for a connection at London Euston, waiting for a replacement train at Crewe when the rostered guard didn’t show up. Shrewsbury is a nice quiet town, a bit historic and in a nice setting but for us it was good for some down time after all the cities we have been to. It does have some nearby attractions though. We visited Ironbridge, a UNESCO site and regarded as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Ironbridge has numerous museums celebrating the various industrial activities that took place in the valley – iron-making, pottery, coal mining – as well as the famous (and appropriately-named) Iron Bridge, the first iron bridge in ... read more
Dublin - The Gravity Bar
Dublin - Kilmainham Prison
Kinsale - near our place

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Baltimore June 2nd 2011

Got FR in the water this afternoon. High tide was about 1800 and we were in about 1500. Tied up to a pontoon and went through that annual moment when you start the engine for the first time. Will it start? Is there cooling water coming out the back? It actually started the first turn of the key and ran beautifully all the way to Baltimore. It was a beautiful day for it and it took about 90 minutes. There were a few hairy moments when we were reading 1.5M on the depth but we never bottomed out. Found our mooring occupied by a Glenans boat so we took the first available and spent the night on that. Next day the Glenans people explained that they had lost a mooring in a storm and had to ... read more

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