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September 19th 2016
Published: September 19th 2016
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Looks like there was a fault in earlier blog Day 10
I have to confess that this trip is turning out to be a marathon. I grossly underestimated the terrain, which is like Cornwall with steep hills, some of which are not that short. I am surprised that my body is sustaining it all. My right leg was letting me know of its weakness this afternoon so I had to slow down a bit on the hills and pull a lower gear. I will have legs like Chris Hoy by the time I get home and I will be leaving everyone for dead. Regardless of the toughness the area is still beautiful and changing every day. Today I saw milk cow country and also quite a bit of arable land with grain and also beans. The coast is less rocky and there are many sandy beaches with only a handful of people on them. The estuaries are often several kilometres long and full of wading birds. Swans, herons, oyster catchers, fulmers, cormorants, egrets and godwits just to name those I know. Great to see but it does slow you down somewhat stopping to see them feeding. Sorry I have no photos since they are on my camera with no internet connection. I stopped at Leap for a brew this morning where someone on horseback is reputed to have jumped the waterfall. I passed through Skibbereen, which is, I think the southernmost town in Ireland. From here I travelled along the south coast through Ross Carbery, Clonakilty and the beautiful Kinsale before heading north east to Carrigaline for the night. Tomorrow through Cork and the journey north east to Dungarvan and east towards Wexford. Dublin on Friday. Passed a graveyard today with mass graves of those who perished in potatoe famine of 1845 to 1850 - sad.


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