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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty September 2nd 2019

Early departure from Westport after breakfast. It's yet another drizzly day, and the traffic is noticeably worse as parents drop off their kids for the first day of school. We are headed south toward Galway and eventually to the cliffs of Moher. En route, a number of interesting topics come up. One thing you can say about small Irish towns (and cities, too) is that they tend to be remarkably clean. The streets are mostly free of trash, cheery flower boxes abound, front yards and homes are well looked after, and graffiti is minimal. Part of it is cultural, in that the Irish have a tradition of taking pride in appearances. But Tony tells us there actually is a annual Tidy Town Competition, and it's taken very seriously. The subject of the bright coloured markings on ... read more
John Wayne and Naureen O'Hara
Cong Abbey
Lynch Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty September 25th 2016

I knew we were going to go on an excursion, but to be honest I wasn't too excited about it. I was tired and didn't actually feel like doing anything that day. But, of course how could I miss it? So, the bus picked us up at 9:30am with Finn, Kevin, and the munchins Owen, Aisling, and Roisin. I didn't know what to expect because I wasn't even really sure where we were going. We pulled up to this old looking castle and I realized we were at Bunratty Castle. We went inside and it was beautiful. A tour guide gave us a quick description of the history of the castle and then we were free to roam around. A few of us decided to go climb up to the top. The staircase was so tiny. ... read more
The Horses
Family Homes
The Autograph Tree

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty November 29th 2015

We got a late start to our travels today, we are getting our fair share of much needed sleep on this trip. We spent our day at Bunratty castle and Folk Park, touring this restored castle and grounds. The castle is filled with historic artifacts and beautiful tapestries. They had a special Christmas event going on which was very festive and wonderful to see. Heading back home tomorrow, we have a full day of travel ahead of us. Matt and I loved our visit to Ireland, the scenery, kind people, food, and historical sights helped us learn about this amazing country.... read more
View from South Tower
Adare Manor

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty June 15th 2013

Our first full day in Ireland started with a bang, a cold one. Judy was the only one who got a warm shower, Chester got the second shower and it went cold about 4 minutes in. Gene and Kirsten had nothing and did not like it. This was not good start for the driver of the trip. We got over the cold showers and headed for the day’s activities. Kirsten did a great job yesterday driving from the airport to our lodging and this is quite a feat since the roads are crazy narrow and sometimes they are not even wide enough for two cars to pass each other. It gets a little scary coming around blind turns. Gene rode shot gun and as everyone knows, if you are shot gun, you are the navigator and ... read more
Milk Market
Bunratty Castle
King Gene and Queen Judy

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty July 20th 2012

Can't go to Ireland without visiting the castles. Kevin had Friday afternoon through Sunday off so we went to Bunratty on Friday night and then Blarney the next day on our way to Cork. Bunratty does a great job with the folk park that shows life in the 18th/19th centuries. Keep running into other MA families which is fun. One woman at Blarney pointed at Jake's black dog t-shirt and said I know where you are from!... read more
Jake at Bunratty
Abby at Blarney Garden
Mom kissing the blarney stone

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty July 12th 2010

Geo: 52.6945, -8.82243July 12, 2010Limerick, County Limerick, Republic of IrelandI woke up at 6:15a.m. when my alarm went off. I tried to go back to sleep since I also had a set wake up call for 6:45, but I just laid there and couldn't fall back to sleep. I was able to finish all my blogging last night, and enjoyed a peaceful night. Although I faced the street and had the window open, the nightly noises and early morning traffic didn't bother me. Some other of the group that face the same street complained about the noises. When I came down to an excellent breakfast (yep, you guessed it, dry scrambled eggs!) many of the group were already eating. I sat down at a table with 4 other people whom I normally don't hang out with ... read more
Bunratty Folk Park village town
Bunratty Folk Park village town
Bunratty Folk Park village town

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty July 11th 2010

Geo: 52.6945, -8.82243Galway to LimerickJust as we got outside of town, we passed a truck selling strawberries along side the road. Next thing I know we are pulling over at the next vendor. Apparently 2 people towards the front wanted strawberries. The vendor was so surprised that a tour bus stopped, he gave us an extra container for free. Soon the bus had a nice aroma. About 5 some of us were dropped off at Bunratty Castle for a medieval dinner in the castle itself. Bunratty Castle is located in County Clare and is part of the Bunratty Folk Park that we will be visiting tomorrow. The Castle is was built in the 15th century and restored in the 1950's. An actor dressed as a 16th century servant greeted us at the door near the original ... read more
2 more white horses
Galway to Bunratty
Galway to Bunratty

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty September 22nd 2008

Maanantaina ajettiin suoraan Bunrattyyn. Siellä pysähdyttiin katsomaan vanhaa linnaa, jonka ympärille oli tuotu vanhoja taloja eri puolelta Irlantia. Paikallinen ulkomuseo siis.... read more
linnan pihalla
linnan sisällä

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty July 6th 2008

Hello from Bunratty, Ireland. Carl and I had a good trip here - uneventful plane trip - which is what travelers hope for (however a long layover at JFK, something to be avoided in the future). We landed at Shannon airport and were whisked through customs with well wishes for a great holiday. Carl says that is very different than most customs check-in. Our bed and breakfast is only four miles from the airport. We were greeted by Paddy and Maureen, the innkeepers and checked in a little after 10:00 Ireland time. We felt like it was 3:00 am and took a nap. Then it was on to explore Bunratty. This is a tourist area, with the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. We enjoyed sightseeing, visiting a pub or two, and eating a traditional dinner of ... read more
Nanci's Garden
I Knew It
Bunratty Bed & Breakfast

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Bunratty July 1st 2008

June 17th : I left Prescott, Arizona to travel to Ireland. There seemed to be so many sections to the travel: by car to the shuttle, by shuttle to the airport in Phoenix, a flight to Philly to meet Denise, and then an flight to Shannon. We would then pick up our rental car and drive to Bunratty. And, amazingly, it went just like that! Denise was waiting for me in Philly, having flown from Detroit. The flight to Shannon was long, and the movie was really stupid. We arrived in the morning on the 18th. June 18th: began without any real sleep between days one and two. We arrived to rainy Shannon Airport, and got to our car rental place. We picked up our little car, and Denise took on the task of driving on ... read more
Bunratty Castle Hotel
Bunratty Folk Park
Bunratty Folk Park

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