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Europe » Ireland » County Cavan March 3rd 2009

The pre-journey of my epic African journey has commenced! After finally stuffing a ridiculous amount of literary, medical, toiletry and camping supplies (as well as 4 seasons of clothing) into my well-traveled back-pack in the early hours before my flight from Brisbane, I realised that my bag COULD actually go over-weight (something never achieved before). Luckily the lovely Etihad check-in chick seemed not to notice the 27.7kg flashing before her as I stood guiltily infront of her... However I have now realised that AerLingus and Easy-jet (Ireland and Uk's answer to cheap ar*e airlines) will not be so accommodating...I've got the next week to contemplate the validity of a 'need' and 'want' during my overland trip through 30 countries in Africa. I cant believe that it's been 4 years since I've lived in Ireland - it ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cavan » Cavan October 5th 2008 read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cavan » Cavan October 5th 2008

Visited Countries Map ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cavan September 18th 2008

ahh going on Tues not very organised- and have a very busy schedule ahead was out with work last night- good times..xx... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cavan May 31st 2007

I know this is a blog site dedicated to travelling, and travel I did, but this particular blog is more about the experience of an Irish Wedding. My trip to Cavan was to attend my mate Paul's sisters wedding. Paul is from a large family of 8 siblings and this was the first time I'd met them. I flew into Dublin first thing in the morning and met Paul who was already there. He then drove me up to his home town. The weather was pretty good and it was my first chance to get a look at the Irish countryside. It is very green and lush, and reminded me a lot of home. As soon as we hit Cavan, I could see Brady signs everywhere. There was a Brady pub, a Brady Real Estate shop, ... read more
5 of the Brady Bro's
The bridal party
The happy newly weds

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