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August 24th 2008
Published: January 22nd 2009
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We woke up this morning fully recovered, well, more or less, from our whale watching expedition. Our flight wasn't until much later in the day so there was still time to do some sightseeing in the morning. We decided to head for somthing that was warm and dry and firmly on solid ground so we set off for the Saga Museum in the Perlan. The walk there proved to be interesting. We walked along the main road and couldn't quite believe how completely empty it was. A main road in a capital city and there was no-one in sight. After about 15 minutes we were relived to see a couple of cars drive past - we weren't the only people in the entire of Reykjavík after all!!
The walk to the Perlan proved to be quite long, partially because we got a little lost. We went into the Saga Museum which has a complete audio tour and is full of models depicting scenes from Icelandic sagas and history. To begin with we watched the video on how the models were created. The figures were made of silicon rather than wax to make than more life-like and in order to achieve authenticity, clothing, weapons and everyday objects were constructed using traditional methods passed down through the ages. The weapons were specially crafted and the wool and linen articles dyed by hand.
We went up to the top floor of the Perlan and ate lunch in the cafe there, and spent some time looking in the shops. Eventually it was time to head back to the hotel and from there the airport. The airport was very simple to get through and we killed time by wandering around the shops. We had a good flight home and I celebrated by finally getting rid of the faint smell of sulphur that has been following me around for the last two weeks!
All in all it has been a fantastic trip (I will just supress the memory of seasickness). Iceland is a beautiful, magical country with breathtaking scenery. I think it would be interesting one day to do at least a weekend break to Reykjavik in winter. I would love to see Gullfoss in the snow and I definitely want to do horse trekking - those distinctive little horses are gorgeous and I'd love to have the opportunity to get closer to them some day.

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25th January 2009

Ah, Iceland...that would be a cool (excuse the pun) place to visit...enjoy it.

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