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September 8th 2019
Published: September 10th 2019
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We arrived back a JFK 3 hours before our flight to Copenhagen via Reykjavik. Early? Well, #1 it's an international flight so I didn't think it was crazy when I read that 3 hours is the recommended arrival time and #2 it's JFK so one would think it would be super busy. As luck would have it, there was literally NO ONE in line at the Icelandair counter . Check in took 5 minutes tops and then the TSA precheck line was 6 people long counting us. So 20 minutes after getting our luggage back from the storage place, we were all checked in and ready to go.

We quickly got settled, plugged in our electonics, grabbed food and waited to board our flight to Reykjavik. The time went quickly. Before we knew it, the Icelandair flight attendants were arriving to get on our plane. Boarding was one big cattle call but we were flying a 767 so 2 aisles meant that the process was quick and painless. I love the flight attendant uniforms. If you get the chance, google it. Sleek, with a jaunty little hat. It looks fantastic on women at least 6 feet tall. (it seems like they're all 6 feet tall.) I told Mom that the Vikings weeded out the weak by leaving sickly babies out for the trolls. This ensures strong stock, ie. 6 foot Viking women!

When I got to our seats, the only thing I had eyes for was the blanket on each seat. I've never seen an airline blanket look like that! Thick, larger than normal and so comfy! (Sorry, Delta) I immediately unfolded it onto my lap and thought about trying to get some sleep. Lo and behold, the flight wasn't full and there were rows of 3 seats without any passengers. As soon as possible, I relocated so both Mom and I could stretch out a bit. There were 3 more blankets and pillows! I used one as a pillow (paired with an airline pillow), covered my eyes with another and put my earbuds in to cover any announcement sounds and was asleep in no time. I slept the entire way to Iceland. All that walking in Manhattan must have worn us out!

Upon arrival in Reykjavik, I bid a sad farewell to those blankets, hopeful that we might meet again soon!

The Reykjavik airport was sharp! I think it was the cleanest airport I've ever seen! It looked like an IKEA ad. It was also nearly empty at 5am local time.

After a quick bathroom break, we sat down to wait for our gate assignment as it wasn't posted yet. There was a store and food area just opening and we each took turns wandering through to pass the time. I quickly connected to airport wifi so I could figure out the exchange rate. Uh, ok! A container of yogurt was $6. A pair of beautiful mittens was $95. Beer? $18/6 pack. I suddenly see where this vacation may be heading! Just joking.....only slightly, the mittens really were gorgeous. I might be on the lookout for new ones AFTER I have an Icelandic beer or 2. I'll have to hand my wallet over to Jean Whitson who has the good sense not to drink, not to mention, drink and spend.

We got our gate assignment and headed off to go through customs and catch our flight to Copenhagen.

As we sat down to wait for our flight, I thought it might be a good time to get the blog started. I had decided that even though we were trying to pack light, I would bring my laptop along. (It's really a Chromebook and doesn't weigh as much as a bigger laptop) I have typed my last two blogs from England and France on an ipod and a phone. I figured the weight was worth it.

I was finishing up just as the boarding announcement came over the loud speaker. I clicked "save" and got an error message. Essentially, the message said, "Hi! I bet you thought you were connected to the airport wifi, didn't you? Ha! Well, sorry about your luck and your 800 words. Try again!"

Uh, what?!

Yep, not a word saved. Not a word published.

"Icelandair flight 204 to Copenhagen, calling all passengers, all rows"

Nothing to do but pack it up and cry on the plane.

Do you know what made it better?!

Another blanket!!!! I pulled it up under my chin, leaned my seat back slightly and promptly fell asleep.

My only conscious moments on the entire flight were when the flight attendants brought the cart around. I asked for a water until the lady across the aisle asked for a Pepsi. **tires screeching** "You have Pepsi? Oh, my God. Every flight I've ever been on has Coke!" The young male flight attendant, whose mother must have loved him a lot since he was tiny and not left out for the trolls but was very good looking, smiled and asked if I wanted the whole can. I smiled right back, said yes, drank the entire can in a minute and immediately fell back asleep for the rest of the flight.

It's the blanket. I've never slept well on airplanes until I had that blanket. I don't care what I have to get rid of to fit one in my luggage on the way home but I'm stealing one. As my mother said, "You better throw away more than your underwear. That won't gain you any room at all. Too tiny!"


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