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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik January 31st 2019

So the last day in Iceland arrived with a blast of winter. My car had snow and ice all over it. I put on the windscreen wipers and water and scraped the window off with a plastic card. I could at least see. I didn't leave the accommodations until about 10:30 so I could see a bit more. I headed south toward the Blue Lagoon. This is a hot pool with naturally occurring silica, supposedly good for the skin and health. There is no bookings available for this place on short notice and for a 1 hour slot it costs about $100AUD. I decided that it was not worth that much money but went for a walk around the pathways. The water is an amazing blue because of the silica in the water. The water around ... read more
South Coast
Gunnuhver Geothermal Area

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik August 21st 2018

After the crowds of the Golden Circle we were looking for a place where crowds wouldn't be. Our plan had been to go back to Reykjavik because it is the capital city and we hadn't had much of a look around. Or we could have a look at Akranes, another place that looked good that we had skipped in our run from the rain on our first visit to Reykjavik. Unfortunately, Reykjavik has just one camping area, Reykjavik Camping, and it is large, capacity 900, full of people who have been travelling for a couple of weeks or are just setting up. Similar minimal amenities to most camping areas. Crowds at attractions are one thing, waiting for a shower in a long queue, that is another. We decided to see how Akranes was going. Akranes is ... read more
From Akranes campground
At Sangerdi Harbour
Harbour at Keflavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik July 20th 2018

Den nula, misto Praha, konkretne Florenc, duvod: odjezd na Island. Dorazil jsem se sexy zpozdenim, ale nastesti ne s tak velkym zpozdenim, aby to prestalo autobusaka bavit a ujel mi. Katka by ho stejne nejak zvladla zastavit, jak porad jeste verim... A mozna se pomerne logicky spravne ptate, jak se takovy autobus z Florence dostane na Island. Popravde asi docela tezko a/nebo zdlouhave, takze se to z tohoto textu nedozvite (cimz jsem prisel o vsechny ctenare az na Ondina, ktery v praci nema do ceho pichnout, a tak cte internet od zacatku do konce a zpet) Ale abychom popojeli, tak jsme popojeli do Wroclawi, stopli si letadlo a to nas hodilo az do Rekjaviku. Pomerne vtipne bylo, ze zatimco Dansko/Norsko/Svedsko (nebo kudy jsme to vlastne leteli... pri pohledu z okynka bych potreboval appku, ktera by k ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik February 28th 2018

Greetings from the country of Iceland. Your lovable travelers departed Baby Bird's house at 12p on Tuesday arriving in Iceland at 6a local time (that would be 1a your time). Of course we were tired, especially poor HP who slept not. Both Birds slept with mama Bird sleeping on the flight from Atlanta to New Jersey's beautiful airport (yeah, we're lying about the beautiful part) as well as from NJ to Iceland. After clearing immigration and customs we sat on our collective hands for perhaps 45 minutes waiting for the shuttle to transport us to our car. The delay was really fine as sunrise (if one could label it thus) did not occur until 8:30. Well, our direction challenged pilot (HP) then attempted to proceed west looking for an ATM and breakfast. After several times surveying ... read more
Annoyed Mother Geology
Hot Air
Lopsided Arrowhead

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik October 29th 2017

Sunday morning we were up even earlier than usual & left in the dark to drive the scenic route to the airport which avoids Reykjavík. Although Vicky spent a while fixing her broken suitcase with duct tape (very expensive Icelandic duct tape!). We first headed south towards Þorlákshöfn then west along the coast to Grindavík then north past the famous Blue Lagoon towards Keflavík & the airport. We dropped off the car without any issues (the mouse thankfully having vacated after the first night) & as the shuttlebus didn’t seem forthcoming Vicky got a trolley for her broken case & we walked over to departures and checked in. As our flight was over an hour before Chavaunne’s we said goodbye before security. Sadly I couldn’t find any Ris Buff in duty free so had to but ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik August 3rd 2017

The first day is always the most hectic day. Rush, rush, rush just to have hurried only to wait. I love traveling for travel's sake, but all the security protocols and corporate protocols with airlines makes it rather miserable, but I toughed it out. Made it to Iceland where I have a 2.5 hour layover which is unforutnaly not enough to venture out and see anything so in the airport I sit have a Gull (an Icelandic beer because what more appropriate). So from here on to Copenhagen, Denmark. I'll be nice to get to my destination, but the space between in my favorite. Ciao for now... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik May 30th 2017

Amazing Iceland 1 of 3 Why on earth did we choose to come here, Janice? We were up at 2am to catch the 6am EasyJet red-eye from London Luton. It’s now 9am and we’re sitting in our LHD automatic hired Renault Megane in Keflavik under a leaden sky with the temperature gauge pushing 4C : it’s raining like the bath’s overflowing and there’s a mighty north-easterly blowing off the arctic across a bleak barren landscape threatening to blast the hinges off the doors should we venture outside the car. And the sign on the airport luggage-trolley said ‘A Warm Welcome – It’s in our Nature.’ We should have gone to the Bahamas. There are no song thrushes to wake you from your slumber on a bright spring morning on Iceland, or nightingales to lull you to ... read more
Freezing cold and a wind to knock your head off!
A bleak landscape
Just warm enough for the glaciers to calf

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik May 5th 2015

Heräsin jo neljältä. Kun en saanut unta, niin menin kuudelta aamupalalle. Kyyti kentälle lähti klo 8.45. Oltiin turhan aikaisin, koska ei päässyt heti lähtöselvitykseen. Ennakkotiedoista poiketen kentän automaateilta tulostettua sai myös SAS-yhtiön lennoille tarvittavat paperit ja tarrat. Jormalla oli jo aamulla selkä kipeänä ja maha sekaisin. Lennolla tuli vielä kuume. Mittari näytti koneessa 38,4 ja ennen Tamperetta 39,1. Oslon kentällä join vain vettä. Jälkimmäisellä lennolla otin viinin ja söin vasta Vantaalla jotain. Islantiin voisi mennä joskus uudestaan. Jos menen, niin sitten kesällä, jotta pääsee varmemmin kiertämään maan ja näkemään missä on vihreää. Nythän kasvukausi ei ollut vielä alkanut ja vihreää näkyi vain etelärinteillä parissa paikassa.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik March 21st 2015

Klukkan er 06:37 og ég bíð spenntur eftir brottför kl. 07:35... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik July 2nd 2014

We've landed in Iceland and are at the airport waiting for a bus to take us to the Blue Lagoon!... read more

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