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August 12th 2012
Published: August 13th 2012
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Healing WatersHealing WatersHealing Waters

Take the cure.
Some stories begin in the middle and work their way backwards ……this story begins on day two of our trip with us soaking in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland discussing the events of the previous two days.

The Blue Lagoon, along with the excellent hotel of the same name would prove to be the best medicine for these two weary travelers.

These waters are heavenly and the rich mineral content of sulfur and silica are said to have medicinal value, especially to those suffering from psoriasis. We found them to be utterly relaxing and if they do indeed possess extra value due to their content, all the more reason to hop in and enjoy.

The waters are courtesy of the nearby geothermal plant, which takes the vented water from the ground all for the express reason of making people totally relaxed. It’s like the world’s largest hot tub. The waters take on an almost iridescent glow at night, which does not come until after ten o’clock at this latitude in August and provide a wonderful night’s sleep to any traveler, weary or otherwise.

Yes, we are
Their chef can cook!Their chef can cook!Their chef can cook!

Langoustines that melt in your mouth...
currently experiencing 19 hours of daylight.

Sit back while we tell you a short story about our time leading up to this long awaited soak in these shimmering mineral pools. In our world travels we have been extremely lucky when we travel with luggage, connections and weather. This time we hit a couple of small bumps.

Our drive from California to Ohio was wonderful, peaceful and a time to unwind.

The Bard of course said it best. “The best laid plans of mice and men…..you know the rest. If you’re an experienced traveler, you have undoubtedly run up against a situation where your travel plans change at the last minute. The odd thing is that it happened to us before we even left the U.S. We were puttering about on the day of our departure, trying to tie up loose ends. This usually involves a little of this and some of that, mostly the little details.

Our journey is different from most as we will be gone over four months, so it came as quite the shock when our flight from Dayton, Ohio to New York City was
View from our roomView from our roomView from our room

Blue Lagoon Hotel
cancelled a mere five hours before departure. Now Dayton does not possess the largest of airports and of course the airlines aren’t the most customer friendly under most circumstances. Our flight from Dayton was to take us to our jumping off point of NYC, which would take us to the magical land of Iceland.

Trying to book another flight to get us to NYC on a Friday afternoon would no doubt present challenges…..and it most certainly did. Fortunately, MJ suggested we just go to the airport and see what we could do to re-book. Smart woman. We were incredibly lucky and drew possibly the warmest airline agent in the world in the airport who booked us on a flight west to Minneaplolis/St. Paul and then to Reykjavik. We would actually arrive a few hours earlier than planned! What luck!

And so we landed in Iceland, tired from the overnight excursion, but nonetheless, ready to have at it. We breezed through customs and then stood for quite a while at the luggage carousel. No manner of pleading, cajoling or prayer would help, as our luggage never made the voyage from Minnesota. We were tired and in need of sleep and our amenities, but pressed on.


, a fellow travel blogger, who we hired to be our guide for our time in Iceland met us and we took off for the Golden Circle tour of her homeland (more on that in a future blog). You land here and immediately realize that it is a place unlike any other you have seen. It is a smallish island nation in the North Atlantic that possesses unique and stunning beauty. After a night’s rest in Reykjavik, we moved on to more touring and the Blue Lagoon, where you found us at the beginning of this blog.

As we sat in the pools we discussed our canceled flight, our luck of getting re-booked on a flight that would deliver us earlier
Brutus Brutus Brutus

enjoys the healing mineral pools
than our original flight along with excitement that our luggage caught up with us at the Blue Lagoon. We were in heaven!

It was a very pleasant voyage and ended at an exquisite vista near one of Iceland’s power plants. Seems almost the entire country is powered by geothermal energy.

This is the reward for living on the tectonic plates which separate North America from Europe. The landscape was filled with moss-covered lava rocks and can best be described as extra planetary to most.

Before soaking in the pools we found ourselves able to put on clean clothes, indulge in an exquisite meal at the restaurant aptly named Lava. You’ll only have to look at the food photos to realize how serious this chef is. A true taste treat.

In the past, we’ve read a couple of blogs that argued the merits of going to the Blue Lagoon because it is a commercial pool. All of us want to get out and experience the raw nature that Iceland has to offer and we cannot argue that point. We hope while we are here to experience smaller non-commercial pools. But—with that said we

We've arrived...time to test the waters.
must encourage you to go to the Blue Lagoon. We would have a hard time giving you our opinion without sounding like a commercial because we enjoyed it so much.

We learned a couple of tidbits we would like to share with you if you are considering going. When we first saw the Blue Lagoon our hearts sank because the parking lot was filled with several large, very large buses. The pools were crowded.

We continued on to our hotel and checked in and learned that there a specific times that they recommend for hotel guest. We heeded their advice…..as it turns out all the buses are day-tripping from Reykjavik and they leave early evening. If you are staying at the hotel you have quiet and secluded time with a handful of guest. As it neared 10pm there were only 8 or 10 of us left in the water. It was quiet and peaceful.

The other advantage to staying at the Blue Lagoon hotel is that they have their own set of mineral pools, which you can enjoy anytime of day. These pools are not at all crowded. It is an
Shimmering watersShimmering watersShimmering waters

mineral pools
amazing setting. With our advancing age we have enjoyed soaking. The view of the hills from our room was spectacular.

Additional photos below
Photos: 27, Displayed: 26


Blue Lagoon HotelBlue Lagoon Hotel
Blue Lagoon Hotel

mineral pool at the hotel
At the hotelAt the hotel
At the hotel

one more photo

They don't look that ready to jump in, but after all, it's not that warm out of the pools.
Lamb Lamb

oh so tender
Lava Restaurant Lava Restaurant
Lava Restaurant

Dave and Merry Jo
Brutus hidingBrutus hiding
Brutus hiding

among the lava rocks and moss

13th August 2012

/they are back on the road...well..I know...already for a few days!
Great to read your Icelandic adventures....I saw blue water, but more in the north as I gave a pass to the blue lagoon...for the crazy silfra....fun...we had patagonia lamb tonight....trust me, it was a hunt...was good, yours look great. So happy to be able to read you guys!
13th August 2012

I was just preparing to read your new blog.
It is very good to be traveling again. Your life in SA sound fantastic. Keep in touch.
13th August 2012

Off again!!
So glad you are off again on a trip so we can enjoy your posts. I've never considered Iceland but it sounds like I should. We are leaving on 9/4 for the Aeolian Islands (off the north coast of Sicily) for 10 days then on to the main island of Sicily for 10 more days. If you divert to Sicily during September let me know :-)
13th August 2012

Hey- keep us posted on Sicily
It is on our short list. You MUST add Iceland to your list. It is wonderful. Having a great time. Good to be on the road again.
13th August 2012

brutus doesn't look very sure about this... :)
13th August 2012

Brutus is a college mascot
Dave is a graduate of The Ohio State .... Brutus can handle it.
13th August 2012

finally up up and away
the food looks amazing, as does the lagoon at sunset!
13th August 2012

You must add Iceland to your list
This is an amazingly beautiful country.
13th August 2012

Welcome to Iceland!
Glad to see you got a good connection when your flight was cancelled. I also had a flight cancelled in Dayton, and ended up flying through MSP back to Colorado. I hope you liked the terminal in Keflavik which NATO funded when I served on the Infrastructure Committee. I hope Gugga points out at least one of the radar stations on your way around the island...another of my projects. Iceland is truly exceptional...unworldly. I just hope it is affordable now...probably so since their financial crash. Merry Jo, make sure you buy an Icelandic sweater.
13th August 2012

We will look for the radar stations
Nato funded a nice airport. Things are expensive. What an amazing country. Having a good time.
13th August 2012

I could use a dip in those medicinal pools
Looks like your trip is off to a great start! Gorgeous photos :) keep the blogs coming and enjoy your time there!
14th August 2012

A great start
We are having a great time. So much to see and so little time. We took 500+ photos in the first 3 days.
13th August 2012
Lava Restaurant

This is Life!
What a wonderful picture of you. But I have to say that all of the photos were awesome. You are making me want to hop a plane.
14th August 2012
Lava Restaurant

Consider hopping on that plane
This is a beautiful country! Glad you are enjoying the photos. We took over 500 the first 3 days. The landscape is very unique.
14th August 2012

So glad you finally got there. Yes, it is as lovely as I remember! The circle drive is spectacular, loved the glacier, and when you get in town find an ice bar. Have fun. :-)
14th August 2012

We will go in search of an ice bar
There is so much to see here we may have to have a second trip. So little time and so much to see.
14th August 2012

Hope you brought your sleep mask!!!
I was in the Blue Lagoon in the rain. It didn't matter. The salts and warmth seduce you so you never want to come out. Be sure to go to the wonderful museum downtown (it borders a small lake). It is beautifully laid out and tells the history of the country quite nicely. Make sure they show you the small pool where women who committed adultery were thrown over the rail and the rocks where the sprites and fairies hide out. It is, indeed, a magical land.
14th August 2012

Seduction completed!
We are already giving some consideration to coming back to Iceland on our next trip to Europe and plant ourselves at the lagoon for about 3 days. We will see if that happens. I'll have to check out the museum...that adultery story sounds interesting.
14th August 2012

Those meals looked sensational.....what a great way to start your trip off. Doesn't seem like that long ago since you told me of your plans in the House of Nanking in San Francisco...looking forward to reading more about it.
14th August 2012

Hi Rachael,
We have fond memories of our evening at the House of Nanking. It does not seem that long ago. It is great to be on the road again exploring the world. This is a great beginning for our trip.
14th August 2012

Taking us on the road with you !
Sounds like you've settled right in to traveling life. My mouth was watering over the plates and the views are great. Love the smiles and the story.
14th August 2012

Hi Lee Ann,
So great hearing from you. The taste buds were dancing. It is always wonderful to run into a chef that knows what he is doing. The landscape is unique, stark, amazing....so difficult to stop looking at it as it does not seem real.
14th August 2012

Excellent Stuff.....
....TB's most delightful bloggers are on the move again :) Could do with one of those pools to sooth my own aching bits and pieces. I think we should all be entitled to a little hedonistically inspired pampering every now and then hee hee ;)
14th August 2012

Hello Nick
Indeed your words are true-- hedonistic is the way to go. My gosh we feel great after a good soaking.
14th August 2012

Very cool, looks amazing! cant wait to here & see more
14th August 2012

Hi Jen
Great hearing from you. Iceland is amazing. The landscape is so unusual it is difficult to stop looking at it. More to come in a few days. We are flying to Greenland today and will then come back to Iceland to explore a bit more.
14th August 2012

Yay, on the road!
Those pools look amazing...although we shudder to think how cold it is when you get out ;) Keep on enjoying the food, it looks very tasty!
14th August 2012

Ha ha yes we moved fast
The give you nice fluffy towels and a robe to use when you get out. The showers are warm so it is not bad. All too soon you are back in your clothes wishing you were in the pools again.
14th August 2012

What a way to kick start 4 months of wandering, feasting, discovering & relaxing...preparing the body in the Blue Pool of Iceland. Keep safe...and don't forget the coffee...and some withering slow Blues!
14th August 2012

Hello Dave
I will post photos of coffee in the forums. All is great. We are now exploring glaciers in Greenland....more to come.
14th August 2012

A great beginning!
What a brilliant idea to get another TBer for a tour--you two make such good connections wherever you are! The pool sounds so inviting, and you two are so cute in that restaurant with a view. Thanks for the inspiration!
14th August 2012

We hope to be inspirational to all
We love hiring a guide when we can from time to time as you learn so much more about the country. We are both nurses and yesterday she took us to a hospital and we got to tour surgery. It was fantastic. See you along the road some day I am sure.
14th August 2012

Just beautiful
I love reading about your adventures. Places like this are like what you find in dreams!! Love to you both from NC! -gretchen
14th August 2012

Good to hear from you!
We are living the dream. Hope all is well in NC. See you at Christmas and of course, Lauren's wedding!! Thanks for writing....love UD and AMJ
14th August 2012

You look warmly dressed. What is the temperature there? How hot is the lagoon? Great photos
14th August 2012

Hello, hello
The temps are between 50 & 60 but we've had a bit of strong wind which cools it off. Temp at the Blue lagoon was 98 to 104. We had coats on because it has been raining.
14th August 2012

Iceland beauty
Iceland is Heaven ... and always been on my must visit place, Specially the Falls i am sure wou will love the Gullfoss Golden Falls in Iceland... http://www.worldfortravel.com/2011/10/28/stunning-gullfoss-golden-falls-iceland/
14th August 2012

Ah I'm so jelly! That lagoon looks so amazing...looking forward to all your road stories as you make your way through this fantastic trip of yours. I am headed for Alaska, so I will wave to you in Iceland!
16th August 2012

And we will wave back!
We love Alaska. Iceland is fantastic. We are currently in Greenland and it is most amazing. We recommend it highly!!!!!
15th August 2012

Wonderful Iceland!
Such an impressive blog with photos that dreams are made of (especially of the food!) and a great story. Glad that the three of you (including Brutus of course) are enjoying Iceland so much!
16th August 2012

Hello Shane
New and exciting adventures are coming. We are currently in Greenland and going back to Iceland in two days. So much more to see.
16th August 2012

Now I want to go!
Hi Merry Jo and Dave, I've never had much interest in the rock island of Iceland but after reading your blog it sounds fascinating. Now I want to go! I look forward to hearing more. Thanks, Sheila
16th August 2012

Hi Sheila
You must add Greenland and Iceland to your to do list. They are simply amazing. Another blog coming soon.
16th August 2012

Pictures are lovely but it looks dark and cold. I'm really a palm tree. Food looks yummy tho. You guys are so lucky to have found each other.. Want to know what happens next. Lucy
17th August 2012

A beach bunny
Hi Lucy, I Love the warm temps too. Not as bad as it looks. The first few days were rainy and we had a wicked wind so it was a bit too cold. But the rain has stopped and the sun is warming things very nice. The landscape makes it worth the visit no matter the temp. It is amazing.
21st August 2012

This took me back to those healing waters! Wonderful pictures!!
21st August 2012

Hi Katie
I thought it might. We sent you a thank you in the Reykjavik blog as we spent a couple of nights at Sunnar Guest House and really enjoyed it. Very comfortable and as you say a great location.
24th August 2012

Sigh... Would love to check out that place too. Looks so relaxing and peaceful. Years from now, with weary creaking bones I promise to soak myself in those mineral waters!
24th August 2012

Those pools are amazing
Relax, relax, relax and heal. You must find the time. It is so beautiful.

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