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June 11th 2013
Published: June 11th 2013
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So today we left Reykjavik to head down the southern coast with our bike tour guide, Stephan. He picked us up from the Hilton around 9:30 for our 2 day adventure. We were actually glad to be leaving the Hilton as this was not your typical, high end Hilton. Our power went out 3 times in the 3 days we stayed there. Judy was able to finagle a free trip to the spa and hot tub, a $50 value. The hot tub was no hot tub time machine, it was a mold machine. It was hot, but definitely not worth the price if she really had to pay for it. We also were able to procure 4 free drinks out of the Hilton for losing power. We tried for dinner but only got the drinks. At least we did get the drinks, as everything here is very expensive and heavily taxed.

So Stephan met us for our 6 hour drive that we stretched out over 10 hours with stops at waterfalls, lagoons and rest stops. One of the most impressive waterfalls was one where we could walk underneath it. It was massive and impressive and very cool to be able to walk behind it. We thought for sure this is where Judy would meet her match and bite it, but no. We are still waiting. It must be the shoes. Luckily the weather cooperated as it wasn’t raining as we walked outside. However, another natural element that we faced, and holy cow, did we ever face it was the WIND. The wind gusts were crazy strong and cold, averaging about 45-50 mph. It was nuts.

We drove on to see many beautiful waterfalls and took quite a few pictures. Stephan drives us everywhere and narrates the history of Iceland and the local folklore. It is actually very interesting. However, his vehicle is something of a “nap trap”. At one point all 5 of us were almost asleep, yeah, that’s not good when your driver is falling asleep too.

Judy was able to get to her geek on today, too. When we stopped for lunch there was a wool factory attached to a store. She could barely get through lunch, before she B-lined it for the store. She asked for a tour of the factory and was granted a quick walk through and was delighted beyond belief. We all had to listen to her tell us about it and had no idea what she was talking about.

The waterfalls differed in size and strength. They come out of the mountain side either from streams or rivers and head for the ocean. Some were glacier run off as well. At one waterfall, a dog came out from the owner’s farm and chased down a tourist. Then he backed into the tourist and plopped down on the tourist’s feet with his belly showing. It was pretty funny. We did run into a traffic jam at one point, there were 3 cars trying to get into an entrance. That’s it for the traffic jam.

Europe’s largest glacier covers a large part of the southern part of Iceland. There our outfalls every few miles. We stopped at several of them. The sun came out so Stephan raced to one so we could see it with the sun shining. This happens about 3 out of 10 times with Iceland weather.

The highlight of today was definitely the glacier lagoon. It was the last stop before we got to our night’s lodging. We get to the lagoon and the tide was coming in. It was really cool to see the water moving inland fast from the ocean and all these icebergs floating around. The colors were intense and gorgeous. With no sun out you can really see the aquamarine color. If you remember the news a few weeks back, a couple of loser tourists walked out on a glacier with lawn chairs to have lunch and the glacier broke off and they had to be rescued. That will not be us. The wind is ever present and cold but the sights are breath taking and worth the effort to see.

We are staying at a quaint little B and B that is a museum to a local writer and poet. You can look up his name if you Google Pulitzer author from Iceland. There is only one, and his name is too long and difficult to spell or say. This is a working sheep farm as well. We learned that Iceland has 1 million sheep on the island, 3 sheep per person. The dinner was great. Lamb and Char fish. Plus another amazing molten chocolate dessert.

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Windy FallWindy Fall
Windy Fall

It was so windy this waterfall didn't even make it to the bottom

12th June 2013

Hi Girls!!!
Thanks for sharing the travel blog link. I love reading your blogs and checking out the pics! Looks like you're all having a great time. Those horses are too darn cute. I think you should bring one home. Gigg's would love a playmate. Safe travels.

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