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October 10th 2014
Published: October 22nd 2014
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Bye bye and hush-a-bye - can you see the swans fly

Half asleep in bed I lie - half awake with half an eye.

Hey ho and well-a-day

Over the hills and far away

That's where the little children stray

To find the lambs at play.

Icelandic lullaby.

The Denmark Strait was clearly upset at us! We were thrown around the ship for one last time as we chugged towards Iceland. We had an unscheduled landing at the whaling station of Suðureyri, in the Northwest Fjords, mainly to get a break from the rough sea, but also because we were on an expedition, so the unexpected is to be expected. The station is a stark reminder of the dark age of commercial whaling in the oceans. It's a haunting view from the shore as the red brick ruins crumble into disrepair and get taken over by the lush green of Iceland. Juxtaposed in a beautiful setting, Suðureyri is a sad memory that almost wiped out the many mighty cetaceans that swim our oceans today... That was our last excursion of the voyage.

Next morning, the ship moored alongside the dock in downtown Reykjavik. All of the guests disembarked, then we scrambled to get everything secured and locked away before the ship relocated to the southern hemisphere for the Antarctic season. With everything done, we hit the town for an end of voyage celebration. The food was great,including the fermented shark meat! I carefully poked a fork into a piece - it tasted exactly as you'd think! But I thought it was tasty.

I am back home in Canada now, enjoying the bears!


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Crow BerriesCrow Berries
Crow Berries

Empetrum Negrum

North coast of Iceland

22nd October 2014

So even shark tastes like chicken!???
Just kidding...I'm sure it was terrible.
24th October 2014

Taste's like chicken - not!
It was an interesting flavour that did not warrant another piece!

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