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Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes October 1st 2022

SAT, 01 OCT 2022 – Day 6: Akureyri/Snaefellsnes Peninsula - Situated at the head of Iceland's longest fjord, Akureyri is the nation's second-largest city. Embark on a short walking tour of the town, taking in the striking church and other local sights. If you’re travelling between May and December, you might have the option to partake in a whale watching excursion. Ask your leader for details. Later, continue to Snaefellsnes Peninsula, home to the magnificent Snaefellsjokull Glacier, which played a starring role in Jules Verne's 1864 novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Next up is Lysuholslaug, where you can bathe in thermal pools (depending on the season) or check out the Icelandic horses grazing in the fields. Look forward to an included home-cooked dinner this evening. If you are up for it, you can ... read more
Out and About in Iceland
Out and About in Iceland
Unknown, Unnamed and Unscheduled Waterfall

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes July 12th 2022

Today we set off to explore the Snaefells Peninsular, starting with the first point of interest which is clearly visible from our campsite, the Kirkufell Mountain. The waterfall is also supposed to be of interest though it looks a bit pathetic to us as we pass by. We do not stop as Ian has spotted the evil pay cameras - at least they are not on the public highway today! We arrive in Olafsvik, the only other town with a supermarket. We need some bread. I’m not going to moan about UK food prices when I return home…£4.40 for a very small loaf of sliced bread…ouch! And now for something a little different…Helllisandur, a town that claims to have an astonishing art walk comprising over thirty painted murals from worldwide artists. It looks like the graffiti ... read more
Lava Field
School Crater Stairway
Test your wimpiness!

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes July 11th 2022

Today we have a very long drive. We can see where we are headed but there’s quite a bit of water between us and it! There is a car ferry - very expensive and as it turns out I can’t get tickets anyway…not because there is no space but because they need three days notice! I had a chat with a guy in the kitchen last night (if you can call three kettles on a 6 inch worktop and two cold water sinks a kitchen). He had just cycled the route that route and tells me it will be easy with good sealed road all the way. Are you sure, I ask? I was pretty sure there were a couple of gravel sections and one of them pretty steepish. Oh yes, there’s a bit of a ... read more
Tarmac ends!
Coming down the hairpins
Kirkufell Mountain

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes December 30th 2018

What a day! I have truly loved Iceland, but the darkness is something that I would have to get used to. By the time I had packed my room, had a lovely breakfast and checked out, it was around 9:30. It was pitch black dark, cold and really windy. I headed out of town after refuelling and hoping that I wasn't going to have to cross the mountains... WRONG! The GPS took me left where I was hoping not to go... The wind had not stopped and as I started to climb the mountains the snow started; slowly at first and then heavier. By the time I was 10 klms into the journey, the road was already covered with snow. There were a few cars on the road so I tried to keep in their tyre ... read more
Ice cave at the Perlan
Scary Ice Monster
Planetarium lights

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes October 1st 2018

It was the May, 2018, VirtualTourist Euromeet which brought us back to Iceland thirty-five years after our first visit to this spectacular country in the North Atlantic Ocean. Unlike our first visit when we spent only a night or two thanks to Icelandair’s free stop over option, our time this visit lasted almost a week long though it was mostly confined to south Iceland. We had already been in country 4 days and with the official Euromeet activities over, some attendees like ourselves who were staying in country a bit longer decided to book a day trip to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula with Tröll Expeditions. Starting with an 8 am pickup, our much too compact minibus departed the cloudy environs of Reykjavik for a northwesterly route where as the skies became brighter, so did our mood. This ... read more
Gerðuberg Basalt Columns Cliffs
Ölkelda Carbonated Spring Water
Ytri Tunga Seal Colony

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes September 3rd 2018

Snæfellsnes er vores første destination på fototuren til Island. Om aftenen som vi ankom skulle det blive klart vej, så det var muligt at tage ud og se nordlys. Efter at have stået der i noget tid og var vi begyndt at blive kolde og begyndt at pakke sammen. Så lige pludselig væltede nordlyset frem. Vi fik meget travlt med at pakke kameraerne ud igen. Vi nåede nogle billeder inden det blev svagt igen. På vejen hjem til byen kunne vi se nordlyset ude over fjorden med byen i baggrunden. Næste dag så vejret lidt grumset ud, men skiftede på en sådan måde at det gav nogle meget dramtiske himler, hvor det en gang i mellem regnede let og andre gang var det solskin. Målet for dagen var at fotografere Kirkjufell som er et meget ikonisk ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes August 9th 2018

Leaving Stockholm for Reykjavik the temperature was 29 degrees C at noon. On arrival on Icelandic Air it was13 degrees - which was actually the continuation of the European heat wave, Iceland style. All things are relative. Our plan is to travel around Iceland for 3 weeks before returning to the Netherlands and then on to France. We had considered taking a tour, thought about using guides in some places, staying in hotels, hiring a car and running around the Ring Road that is all nicely sealed. In the end we reverted to type and opted for the hire of 4WD with a camper back that would allow us to take some roads that are not widely travelled, could be a little more challenging and that apparently provide access to some of the most spectacular scenery ... read more
Outer Reykjavik
Borganes Area

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes August 4th 2018

Rano se ukazalo, ze i Island vi, ze se nam blizi konec dovolene. Bylo nadherne, azuro, modro, bez mracku a skoro az neprijemne teplo. Rano jsme vylezli na kopec nad kempem. Před 14 dny bychom byli nadseni, dneska to uz bylo jen takove to nemastne neslane „blah“. Ale mohli jsme si odškrtnout dnesni policko v Modrem zivote, ze jsme měli nejaky pohyb. Po navratu jsme vlezli do mistniho bazenu a poradne se odmocili. Pak jsme snedli citronovy chlebíček k obedu (mnam) a vyrazili na cestu. Nejdriv jsme si jeli zajistit splneni nasich 3 prani. Mají tu kopecek Helgafellssveit, u kterého je pohrbena Guðrún (znate z včerejšího dne) a když vyjdete od jejího nahrobku az nahoru na kopec, neotocite se a nepromluvite, tak se vam urcite splni 3 prani. Uprimne, je to trochu prehnana inflace splenych prani, ... read more
Mistni ledovec

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes July 8th 2018

Snaefellsnes is a peninsula near Reykjavik that they describe as a "mini-Iceland", having small versions of the wide range of the island's various features in one place. I think the weather (24 hour grey most days) was really starting to get to me at this point and it rained fairly consistently both of the days I was here, so I'm not sure I experienced it's full potential...but it did have quite a range packed into a fairly small space. One night I woke up around midnight, the clouds were gone, and there was a beautiful sunset (or sunrise?) which was quite a nice surprise (the rain was back by morning though...if I didn't have pictures I'd swear I dreamed it).... read more
Random steaming hillside
Volcano hiding in the clouds

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes October 22nd 2017

Up early for porridge and to pack up the car. We had discovered yesterday that the boot lock is a bit temperamental and takes a fair bit of slamming to shut which we felt rather guilty for doing on a quiet Sunday morning! We also discovered Chavaunnes spare water bottle which she'd left in the car now had a mangled lid. I later found a chewed muffin paper case so we must have had a mouse in the car overnight which liked chocolate muffins and water! We then headed to Helgafell where we climbed without looking back to get our three wishes – sadly 2 of mine didn’t come true. We couldn’t pay for the privilege of climbing the hill though as the booth was closed in spite of it being after opening time. Vicky drove ... read more
Snæfellsjökull from Öndverđarnes point
View from Helgafell
View from Helgafell

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