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July 29th 2014
Published: July 29th 2014
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Today was a relatively lazy until late afternoon. This morning we moved on, slowly making our way down to the south coast and, as it was a relatively short journey for us compared to some of our adventures such as those in Africa, we took a detour on a coastal road on the way back to Bourganes. This was well-worthwhile as the scenery was beautiful: meadows, beaches and little inlets with lots of wildflowers and water birds. This time upon arrival in Bourganes we chose a different restaurant for lunch: it’s good to spread the love around and the food was lovely.

Our new hotel for the evening is the Glymur close to a fjord, giving rise to some dramatic landscapes. We decided to go for a drive and this was a little disappointing at first with lots of farming and industry and not much else, but then we decided to take the road following the river. Rob said we might see some good waterfalls. What we saw far surpassed our expectations.

The road came to an end at a car park and a sign pointed the way to the Glymur falls (presumably what our hotel takes its name from). We set off for what seemed to be quite an easy stroll. When finally we reached the river we could hear the falls but could not yet see them. To come within viewing reach of them it is necessary to take a narrow path down through a cave to the river’s edge where a wire has been set up over some stepping stones and a single log bridge. I let Rob cross but did not have the courage to do so. A young adventurous couple encouraged me and I finally crossed the stones into the centre where I was stuck, clinging to the wire for dear life, not wanting to go forward, not wanting to go back. The guy came back over to fetch me and eventually persuaded me to cross, but I had to do it on my own. Anyone who knows me will know how stubborn I am! Once across the river there is a steep climb, some of it with a rope hand-hold to reach the top where finally the view of the waterfall is revealed.

It was well-worthwhile but by then we were late. The way back was more of a scramble and it is amazing how quickly you can do something once you are under pressure. We arrived back at the hotel very hot and bothered, as we had had less than an hour to do what had taken us nearly two hours on the way. We made it and were even down on time for dinner.

Tomorrow we move on again, this time spending three nights in one place. Wow, I can unpack!

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