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Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri August 15th 2019

August 11, 2019 – Akureyri, Iceland – Weather: 39°F/4°C, heavy cloud cover all day, passing bands driving rain throughout the day, wind 40.3 mph, humidity 81°; Overnight the wind increased to 45 knots and the waves were running at 7 to 7.5 meters This area has been nicknamed “the Capital of North Iceland” and was originally settled in the 9thcentury and officially recognized as a city in 1562. Today Akureyri is a thriving port town with an economy largely based on its booming fishing industry, though tourism as in other parts of Iceland is slowly overtaking this position. Today our all-day tour encompassed visits to the Godafoss Waterfalls, the Lava Labyrinth & Hot Springs and included a stop for a hot lunch. After leaving the harbour area we drove along Iceland’s longest fiord, Eyjafjörður, which would ... read more
2_Godafoss Falls branch
3_Canyon walls
4_Skutustadir Craters

Europe » Iceland » North » Seydisfjördur August 1st 2019

Iceland is quite literally synonymous with winter sports. Believe it or not, Iceland boasts of some of the best slopes covered with deep powder for you to explore at whatever speed suits your expertise. So after you take in all the sites in Iceland like the Northern Lights and the Blue Lagoon, try some skiing and snowboarding! Here are some of our favorite ski resorts in Iceland: 1. Bláfjöll This is one of the most famous ski resorts in Iceland situated in South Iceland. It is best known for its vast 15km run and has 15 lifts available to take you up the mountain. The resort offers all levels of difficulties from beginner to advanced. It also allows skiers to ski at night which is oh so cool. The resort also boasts of a poetic background ... read more

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri June 13th 2019

Hello again! Here is another chapter of my exciting 10-day trip to Iceland. I hope you have enjoyed these past few weeks and are ready for more adventures visiting this incredible country. Today, we will explore the incredible Lake Mývatn area, located in the northern part of the island. This location offers visitors a large number of unique experiences that could be found not too far apart from one another. Eye-catching landscapes similar to the moon surface are very common in this area. They are a result of the intense volcanic activity in the past. Now, it is easy to find pseudo craters like the ones in Skútustaðir and the famous Kálfastrandavogar lava pillars. You will instantly see a contrast between this somehow bleak area and the green scenery spread by the lake. Nature has found ... read more

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn June 6th 2019

Hello and welcome to another chapter of my short stories during my journey! I truly hope you have enjoyed these couple of weeks. You probably may already have pictured yourself exploring this incredible country’s attractions. Don’t matter when you choose to come, it will always be the perfect time to visit Iceland! Today we will head to the northern part of the country, where incredible natural attractions await. I must tell you that leaving Eskifjörður was not an easy task. As you may know, the weather in Iceland changes super quickly. After I left the hotel, the rain was pouring down hard, just like in the movies. It was indeed a very unique moment to watch (from inside the car of course), then you begin to understand the power of nature, really. My advice to all ... read more
Dettifoss walk

Europe » Iceland » North April 8th 2019

We decided to take a trip. This time in a hired camper van (to save on costs and travel expenses) for a short trip across Iceland . We have travelled extensively in our lives and wanted to do a trip with a little bit of adventure added this time, so we thought this was a good idea. We already did lots of research online before the trip, so the first thing was the planning and various rental options we could find when we got there quick Google for camper rental Iceland, Iceland camper rental and how to find the best driving routes in Icelandand off we go. Once we had planned the route and picked up the camper from the hire company, we loaded with all o... read more

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri January 1st 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Ok. So. Last night was fabulous. The walk up to the bonfire was way better than anticipated - the sidewalk, thankfully, was cleared most of the way. Clearly priorities were in check haha. About 20min into the walk I ended up being adopted into an Icelandic family lol. I don't know if people feel bad I'm alone or if I look lost half the time, but I find that I'm often adopted by groups haha. Fine by me! We cut through this park and there we were - not that you could miss it - the glow can be seen from quite far away! It was smaller than the one in Reykjavik last year, but I much preferred this one because you could tell it was local and not just a show. ... read more
Akureyri waterfront
Hello bonfire!

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri December 31st 2018

Short and sweet one today: I can't stop laughing every time I look outside - we got a dumping of snow... like... this morning roads were essentially closed and you couldn't get in or out of town level of dumping of snow. I love it. This morning (while it was still coming down, HARD) I got dressed and went on a winter wonderland exploration walk... which was basically me shuffling through ~20-25cm of snow at that point, none of which was cleared. I'm still laughing about it. All in all apparently we got around ~35cm. It was pretty gusty most of the day though, so you'd be walking and sometimes you'd have like 2cm to get through and other times it was up over my boots. It was fun to do some exploring but I only ... read more
Christmas tree looking good covered in snow
No more mountains in this visibility
Bush covered in snow

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn December 30th 2018

(Last night: went for the Northern Lights tour - we did see them, they're as enchanting as ever. My tripod wasn't cooperating and I didn't get good pictures, but that's ok - I was just happy to see them again. And happy that we got free hot chocolate while waiting because it was bloody cold standing in the middle of nowhere) Adventure day! We drove to the Lake Myvatn area, east of Akureyri. Yes everything was amazing, but it was also fun trying to remember where I'd been before and what was familiar/had changed. First things first, they've built a tunnel (7km..!) since last time, so we didn't have to do the mountain pass which was good (especially for the drive home!). It was funny hearing about the tunnel - it was reminiscent of LRT tunnel ... read more
Myvatn pseudocraters

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri December 29th 2018

Doesn't matter where I go, people always ask me directions lol. The domestic airport in Reykjavik is super tiny - it's like less than 10 flights a day, and I had 2 different people ask me where the gates are and how to know when to board. I told them were the gate area is, but that generally people wait in this other area because there are more seats. One girl asked: "But how do I know which gate? I don't want to get on the wrong flight!" - There is literally only one flight haha. You good. When they board (10min before departure) you literally walk out onto the tarmac. I love tiny airports, so much less stress and drama. Flight was short - 40min hop over the highlands. Too bad it was dark, I ... read more
Looking down towards the airport
Santa chilling on some steps
Christmas tree

Europe » Iceland » North December 28th 2018

I packed my bag at around 7 and headed out of the apartment complex. I had no idea how to find the bus and a random lady walked past. I asked her how to find bus 3, she said that she was catching that bus too and I could follow her. I'm glad I found her as I was going in completely the wrong direction. A 30 minute bus ride into the BSI bus station and there was pandemonium with lots of buses arriving with airport passengers. The airport is Keflavik and is around a 30 minute drive to and from the city. Lots of early morning flights bought people from all over the world. It was about 8am when I arrived, pitch black, heavy backpack and people everywhere. I called the car rental place on ... read more
Cousins of the Kids
Waterfall Rush
Unlimited soup and bread

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