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May 5th 2004
Published: May 5th 2004
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Yellow FlowersYellow FlowersYellow Flowers

I don't know what these are - some type of daisy?
One of my favourite activities is walking in the forests and hills of the Mecsek - around 200 sq km of hills and forests, crossed by few roads, and with only a few villages. I’m lucky to live close enough to the edge of the forest to walk up the foothills and then pick a path to follow into the forest. For the most part the forest is either oak based, on the southern and western hillsides, or beech on the northern and eastern parts. Hungarians refer to the hills as mountains - but really they are too small to call mountains, big hills maybe.

This year spring has arrived very late, March and April were some of the wettest and coldest that anyone could remember – but with the advent of May the temperatures have risen, the flowers and insects have burst into life. Unfortunately so have the mosquitoes – only 3 days ago there were no mosquitoes around – now stopping in the wrong part of the forest is a really bad idea. Thousands of the little biters home in on you. They’re least numerous in the full sun.

I have finally bought a real camera –
The Yellow CrossThe Yellow CrossThe Yellow Cross

One of the paths in the Mecsek. Every hundred meters a painted symbol marks the way.
well still digital but an SLR digital – a Nikon D70. I’m so happy with it, learning so much and enjoying photography at a new level. Here are photos that I’ve taken in the Mecsek over the last few weeks, as ever, shrunk and compressed for the web, I can only assure you that the full images are absolutely stunning 😉

Additional photos below
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Wild Onion FlowerWild Onion Flower
Wild Onion Flower

Carpeting the forest floor in April and May.
Lilac with BeetleLilac with Beetle
Lilac with Beetle

A metallic green beetle, really loved the lilac.

Unknown flower 1 and 2. I hope to one day be enlightened.
Forest ButterflyForest Butterfly
Forest Butterfly

Again... I don't know what it is called.

7th May 2004

Nice Pics
Hey Ali, you seem to of picked up a nice camera, those pictures are great!!!! Maybe you've found a new calling? Travel photography!
27th August 2005

your butterfly is called lemon pansy nice blog: Aj
12th March 2008

photo 6
I think these are sweet peas, the little white flower is a daisy of some type. great pics!

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