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Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs August 8th 2015

Another smooth sailing and we get to eat breakfast while sailing today, a little sleep in and a later breakfast as well. We finally dock at our destination in Hungary - Mohacs (pronounced Mohaxe). This morning we have time to do nothing as we watch the ship do it's thing when docking - very smooth process, once we get the right dock - skipper is obviously told one thing, but the man on the shore tells him to use the next dock. No problems, just slide along a bit. Another ship comes in behind us and docks not long after. We have lunch on board then get ready for our shore tour of the Mohacs memorial park and city tour. There was also a choice of a winery tour but decided against that as some of ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs April 18th 2015

We had a good orientation with Hendrik our Cruise Director the night before, and a lovely dinner where we started meeting some of our fellow ship mates. Some had been on the cruise for a week already; starting in Nuremburg, and we had a collection of Canadian, American, Taiwanese, Australian, Kiwi and Indian, a great group totalling 120. Met all the staff (also very multi-cultural) and felt right at home. We realized that the Avalon Cruise isn’t just about the cabins, the meals, the incredible staff, excursions etc. but also the little attention to detail. The turn down service nightly with (a different) chocolate on our pillow; the international newsletters that Hendrik made every day for the different countries on board with the latest news, the maitre’d checking in on our food requirements nightly and ensuring ... read more
Locks of love, Pecs is famous for being the city of love locks.
Beautiful gate in Pecs along the old city wall

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs March 3rd 2014

Búsojárás is sort of the Hungarian Carnival. It happens on the first weekend of March every year down in Mohacs, which is on the Danube close to the southern border of Hungary. Men dress up in sheep skin everything and scary wooden masks to chase away the winter demons. Let's go! OH BOY. When I was little I had a sheepskin that I LOVED. I called it a "mysaw" for reasons that still perplex my family. My brothers followed suit and we all had "mysaws" that we ripped apart as we grew older (except for Duncan). I assumed this festival would be a slightly traumatic experience for me with terrifying men dressed in mysaws walking around everywhere. It was traumatic, but in other ways. I met Darcy, Alicia, and Kenzie at the bus station at 8:30 ... read more
Us with a Búso!
Nom nom

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs May 4th 2013

Mohacs/Pecs, Hungary It is another beautiful sunny day on the Danube. I packed too many warm weather clothes thinking late April, early May could be cool and drizzly. It has been anything but. Daily temperatures have been in the 80s and 90s. We had a brief thunderstorm the other evening after leaving Belgrade, but otherwise it has been clear sailing. Our first stop in Hungary is at the port town of Mohacs just inside the border. From there we took a bus to the beautiful city of Pecs (pronounced like petch). Pecs is about 45 minutes away from Mohacs. Once again I am surprised by the extent of agriculture here in the Balkans. The flat fertile plains of what was once an inland sea bed the Romans called Palonia. This area appears to encompass ... read more
coffee in Pecs

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs June 12th 2011

Hopefully, a few interesting facts about Hungary ( the 5th country on my itinerary) and the last on the river cruise. It is a small, about the size of Indiana, with a popuation of about 10 million. Magyars , another word for Hungarians, form the largest ethnic group (90%). 98 % speak hungarian ( this next part is for Linda, Eugene, Sharon, and Sheri- all language gurus). It's a fairiy exotic tongue based on the Uralic family which includes Finnish and Estonian. Vowels are marked by various accents and change to agree with other vowels in a word. Yikes! Accents or lack of them may completely change the meaning of a word. Double Yikes!! I was told a knowledge of German is useful ( where is my son, the German teacher when I need him?). English ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs July 20th 2010

My Eastern European & Turkey adventure from April 8-27, 2010 included 4 days & 3 nights in Budapest, Hungary, followed by a 7 night AMA Waterways Danube River ship cruise on the beautiful Amadagio with stops & visits in: Mohacs, Villany & Pecs, Hungary; Vukovar & Ovcara, Croatia; Novi Sad & Belgrade, Serbia; the “Iron Gates” and narrow passageways between Transylvania & Bulgaria; Vidin & Belogradchik, Bulgaria; Giurgiu & Bucharest, Romania; and finally Rousse, Bulgaria. My travels concluded with five spectacular nights in Istanbul, Turkey at the 5 star Conrad Hotel and a 2 night stay in the amazing Cappadocia, Turkey region. NOTE: Be sure to check my photos that accompany this blog and travelogue Also, I will be amending this travelblog over the coming weeks as I re-discover more of my notes and items from ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs February 22nd 2004

The Busojaras Festival, Hungary, Mohács Usually the town of Mohács is a sleepy place, on the banks of the Danube in the south western corner of Hungary. An hour away from Pécs by bus or train. Every late February or early March this changes, the Busó's come out to play. Thousands of visitors join in the celebrations, and the town is a crowded party place, hot wine consumed by the barrel load, and everyone having a good time. The Busójárás festival celebrates the last day before the start of lent (Mardi Gras), and the end of winter in one go. A Busó is some type of devil, the men of the town (and a few of the women), dress in sheepskins, don frightening masks and scare away the winter, scare the tourists who come from all ... read more
A Buso
Traditional Dancing
Buso Closer

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