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Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger June 11th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling northeast from Budapest to Eger. We were wide awake at 5am, and because we were leaving Budapest in the late morning, we were feeling a little flat. However, nothing that a glass of champagne for breakfast couldn’t solve. Along with the champagne, I gathered a selection of muesli, yoghurt, toast, cheese, salami, pink grapefruit juice and tea. It was a great start to the day, despite the grumpy breakfast staff. We organised our packs for our train trip to Eger, then headed to the Basilica of St Stephen to see if we could finally, after numerous attempts, get to see St Stephen’s mummified hand. We walked around the Basilica for about 10 minutes, looking for the mummified hand, but to no avail. It was time to ask, as we had ... read more
keleti train station
keleti train station
eger basilica

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Sátoraljaújhely October 24th 2017

In our history classes, we were always told that life behind the famous Iron Curtain was dismal, with food shortages, substandard housing, lacking in human rights, and lots of government control over communications. But what can we find out now about life back then? How bad was it, or were we just brainwashed, like we were in many other conflicts? Many say it looked like the Great Depression, though just three decades removed from the fall of the Soviet Union. Store shelves were bare, and long queue at the grocery stores were normal. Life just beat these people down. Meanwhile, in the west, living conditions improved dramatically. The Communist political system stifled free enterprise and stopped the countries from moving beyond their feudal past. The actual Iron Curtain has disappeared, but a few reconstructions of the ... read more
Not very pleasant!
A real wall or curtain

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Lillafüred July 17th 2017

(I just got into Presov Slovakia today, but I'll group today with tomorrow since I'm backlogged here. Praise, I finally have working wifi.) Day 10 - Miskolc and Lillafured Well today was a fun language day. English is hit or miss in Budapest so I knew the smaller towns would be worse in that regard. Sure enough Miskolc continues that trend. For the life of me I could not figure out where to buy a tram ticket lol - I tried asking like 5 people and it went nowhere so I'm like ok... this is dumb. I pulled out a tram ticket from Budapest and went to the train ticket hall thinking that the international trains office would have someone who could speak English. Or not. 5min of charades later she went onto the concourse and ... read more
The Palota
Waterfalls behind Palota

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary July 15th 2017

Alright, back in wifi business! Sort of. Not. It works in the lobby but I'm not interested in sitting downstairs, so... I'm lumping things together again for the blog. Not sure what's up with Hungary and wifi but hey. First we need to talk trains. I went from Revfulop to Deli (in Budapest), then transferred to a different station (Keleti) to continue on to Eger. It went surprisingly smooth considering there are no announcements in English - I basically just kept finding old ladies and pointing at my ticket while I nod like "yes? yes!" Works like a charm because old ladies tend to actually say no if they don't know. So back to that first train. I figured I should use the bathroom while I didn't have my bag with me (the one downside of ... read more
Main square
Inside the Church
Inside the Church

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Miskolc August 28th 2016

Noc bola v pohode, len mi liezol na nervy otravny svrcek co furt cvrlikal. Rano zbalenie plaviek, v ktorych som spal, nakolko som si doma zabudol spodok pyzama a trenky vo vybave nemam. Za tento pocin som hned oznaceny za humusaka,ktory nenosi trenky :) Dolu na terase ranajkovalo kopu ludi. My nasadame do auta a s vyhladom neakeho obchodiku smerujeme do miskolca smer mesto Kazincbarcika. Ideme po starej, miestami rozbitej ceste. V dedinkach ziaden otvoreny obchod, kedze je nedela rano. Obcas zhliadneme neaky ten otvoreny senk. Okolie dost neupravene, hlavne vsade stare domy. Podla navigacie v aute mame ist 1,45 hod, kdezto podla mojej mobilnej sygicovej 1,30 hod, no a google mi to dal na neakych 1,10hod. Po asi 45.min narazame konecne na otvoreny obchod penny market. Hned kupujeme ranajky. Platim forintami i ked sa da ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen August 27th 2016

Rano sa budim aj bez budika o 7/00. Okolo 8/00 vyrazam smer miriam. Ta uz mi medzicasom 2x volala, kde tolko som. Nasadam do kiaka, bohuzial ale na miesto spolujazdca. Dotankovanie paliva a sup ho do dolnej stredy vyzdvihnut posledneho ucastnika zajazdu. Cestou este mini zastavka na firme, kde odovzdavame mami obcanku aby sa mohol ist vyviest odpad z miriam bytu na zberny dvor a potom uz smer madarsko. Najvacsiu batozinu ma miriam (asi 3x tolko ako ja), najmensiu ja. Po r1 ubieha cesta velmi rychlo, postupne opustame doliny a dostavame sa do kopcoviteho kraja. Spolujazdec na zadnom sedadle sa stale stazuje na zimu, tak furt musime vypinat klimu, i ked je v aute strasne teplo. Naladena antena rock a zrazu prichadza hlasenie,ze sa v okoli sliaca (letecky den) tvoria velke kolony. Nastastie z nasej strany ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary August 21st 2015

It’s another lovely day with clear skies and a nice temperature. We got off to a great start immediately after we left the hotel. Outside were a couple of cops who first waved to us to get to the other side of the street, then whistled and finally looked rather threatening with a shotgun. We were only riding on a one way street the wrong way on our bikes for goodness sake. Linds could only think of all the beer mats he’d taken from various places for his collection and thought it was a bit of an overkill. We never did find out why there were policemen about with guns. That's worth a mention too - we keep seeing the police at many places and gatherings in both Slovakia and Hungary. It's almost as if they ... read more
The tunnel under the walls of the fortification
The enormous statue of St Stephen being crowned king
A medieval battle reinactment

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary July 30th 2014

Bus to Sighetu Marmatiei 8pm July 29 2014 We are finally heading for the Hungary Romania border. We started the day in Eger (pronounced Egg-air) and took a bus back to Budapest in order to catch a direct bus to Sigetu Maratiei in the Marmures region of Romania. We have had a super stay in Eger despite committing one of the cardinal sins of travel - we booked accommodation which did not have the internet. OMG the trauma! We have learnt our lesson now. How did we travel without it thirty years ago? The major issue for us was planning the next stages of our journey. Our solution was to go and spend 3 hours in the free internet zone at the shopping mall above the local Tesco. It was a 20 minute walk up and ... read more
BBQing at the AirBnB place in Eger

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger May 30th 2014

Am heutigen Tag also Besichtigung von Eger. Eine eher kleine Stadt. Zuerst an der ehemaligen orthodoxen Synagoge vorbei. Dann zur Basilika. Dort wimmelte es von Schulklassen. Vielleicht war heute Wandertag. Genau wie gestern an der Burg. Dann zum Lyzeum gegenüber und Besichtigung der berühmten Bibliothek. Danach zum Erzbischofspalast. Dort wird aber gerade umgebaut. Dann eben Rast in einem Kaffee und über den Dobo Platz mit der Minoritenkirche zur Abfahrtsstelle einer Mini-Eisenbahn, welche der Hotelwirt empfohlen hat, um zum Schönfrauental zu gelangen. Dieses ist berühmt für seine schönen Weinkeller. In einem solchen habe ich auch gleich Eger Stierblut (ein besonderer Rotwein) getrunken. Mit einer kleinen Käseplatte. Dann mit der Minibahn zurück und ins Hotel. Dort war ich in der Sauna und habe schon mal die Bahnverbindung für die morgige Fahrt nach Pecs recherchiert. Es haett... read more
In der Bassilika
Die ehemalige orthodoxe Synagoge. Heute eine Galerie.
Die beruehmte Bibliothek in Eger im Lyzeum. Fotografieren ist leider nur aussen erlaubt.

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Eger May 29th 2014

Heute Fahrt mit dem IC in die ungarische Provinz: Eger. Dort Bezug des Hotels (es war vom Reisefuehrer sehr empfohlen), Kaffeetrinken und Besichtigung der Burg. Heute Abend draussen Abendessen auf einem schoenen Platz im Zentrum und Genuss von Rotwein aus Eger. Morgen weitere Besichtigung der Stadt.... read more
Der IC nach Eger. Man bemerke das www-Zeichen ueber der Tuer aber es war sehr langsam
Der Bahnhof von Eger - zunaechst kein Taxi und Bus mehr, aber ein Anruf beim Hotel brachte Abhilfe
Mein Hotel in Eger

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