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Language is always challenging but especially in Budapest where I know a meager 3 words: jo napot kívánok (good day/hello), köszönöm (thank you), and szia (hi & bye). Back in 2000 during my first visit here, I could have sworn that non-English speakers here were saying "hello" upon meeting and leaving, like szia. I was always saying "hello" and "see ya," the latter exactly how to unknowingly pronounce szia. Fast forward 18 years. While Budapest has gotten a lot schwankier, the local usage of hello to mean goodbye to English speaking foreigners has not changed. I re-discovered this yesterday just before my very short hike to Kékestető, Hungary's highest peak @ 1014 m ASL (3326') about 100 kms northeast of Budapest. I didn't want to take the bus all the way to the top so I ... read more
Ubiquitous Trail Markers
Looking Back Down the Ski Slope to the Plains of Northern Hungary
Approaching Summit and Off-Limits TV Tower

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