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May 28th 2013
Published: May 28th 2013
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The most enchanting strolls
Thank You Lord for this Wonderful World

Thank you for my eyes, wonderful eyes; that see smiling faces, blooming flowers, boundless balconies, blue skies, fluffy white clouds, dark threatening clouds, gorgeous gems, massive buildings, crowning castles, colossal churches, dainty delicate handcrafted delights, rushing rivers, palatial bastions, the beauty of the moon and "The Handsome Man".

I haven't told the story of the handsome man. On my first morning in Budapest as I entered the elevator I joined a very handsome man, attired for business; he had a radiant smile and sparkling eyes. I just had to speak to him, "My you are certainly handsome. " "Thank you"' he replied, starting to blush. I responded, "Oh look, now I've made you blush" , he blushed even deeper. " Here you are, trapped in the elevator with me" I teased. We stopped at the mezzanine, where no one got on, awkward, I had pressed the button for the incorrect floor. "Just a little more time for us to be together" I quipped as the door closed. As we exited the elevator we wished each other a wonderful day. Oh, thank you Lord for my wonderful eyes.

Thank you Lord for

The best food!!!!
my ears, my wonderful ears. Ears that can hear music; chamber music, symphonic compositions, opera, rock and roll, organ music, choirs, ompah bands, and traditional folklore musicians. Ears that can hear commentary of history, the sound of an approaching metro, the swooshing of the trees, and the sound of silence. Ears that can hear the sound of someone reaching out in friendship, the chirping of the birds and the sound of pain. Thank you Lord for my ears.

Thank you Lord for my nose. The wonderful nose that could smell the food before the tasting began. The fragrance of the flowers, especially the lilacs, the scent of ages of history found in old buildings, the perfume of the river, the incense of the bazaar, the bouquet of the fresh, fluffy bedding, and the wonderful aroma of espresso. Oh yes, and the hoppy smell of a good beer, several beers, different beers, not a bad one among 'em. Lord, you made this wonderful nose and I thank you for it.

Thank you for my mouth, my wonderful mouth. A mouth to speak kind words, to engage others in heartfelt conversations, a mouth to sing of your glorious treasures. A

All the better to see you with
mouth with a tongue to taste, wonderful taste buds; tasting delicious, delectable, sweet, savory, smoky, fruity, bitter, tart, buttery, sour, tangy, zesty and salty. Oh yes, the wonderful tastebuds. The mouth that can detect textures, wonderful textures; crunchy, crusty, smooth, creamy, chunky, flaky, and grainy. And thank you for the hands that prepared all the wonderful foods and beverages I have enjoyed so much. Foie gras, rich, smooth, buttery with a smoky flavor from the excellent grilled preparation. Thank you for my mouth.

Thank you for my hands, my wonderful hands. Hands to offer little smiley faces to strangers, reaching to them with genuine interest. Hands to touch textures; smooth, soft, buttery leather; rough sandstone buildings, silky water, Hands to hold, hands to carry, blow kisses, hands to give a hand. Thank you Lord for my hands.

Thank you for my feet and legs, wonderful feet and legs that carried me all around four charming cities to see the beautiful things you have guided us to create. The legs that rode the bikes, walked miles of cobblestoned streets, swam in thermal pools, the legs that were tired, the legs that were massaged. Legs that could have belonged to

Can you say, FLUFFY bedding???
the model who posed for my darling Angel #3 watercolor painting. Thank you Lord for my legs and feet, blisters or not, and thank you for blister band aids too.

Thank you for my skin, Lord, wonderful skin that has been caressed by soft, smooth, fluffy bedding, massaged by skilled therapists, embraced by soft gentle breezes and warmed by the sun.

Thank you Lord for my brain. My wonderful brain. The brain that can read, interpret and assess information. The brain that works to provide for my livelihood. The brain that can process foreign currencies, read foreign languages, make plans, execute plans, and abandon plans. The brain that can read and understand; poetry, literary masterpieces, menus, and be transported to another world. The brain that can discern. Thank you Lord for my brain.

Thank you Lord for my emotions. The emotions that range from happy, brokenhearted, joy, peace, yearning, compassion, love, sorrow, bliss, glee, anticipation, to anger and tyranny; and everything in between. The wonderful emotions that aid us in finding direction and purpose for our lives. Thank you Lord for everything.


28th May 2013

Loved your amazing poetry!!!

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