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May 22nd 2013
Published: May 23rd 2013
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Last night I retired early and lay on the bed for a while working with my pictures and on my blog. When I decided to turn out the light it was about 8:30. I started hearing a noise an annoying beep beep beep, beep beep beep; I remembered that I had seen a memo on the desk from the hotel that said , Dear Guests,
We would like to apologize for any inconvenience the maintenance work on the front of the hotel may cause, please pay special attention to closing your curtains to protect your privacy as contractors may have access to your window from the outside." I assumed there was some barrier marking and feeling too tired to deal with the situation at the time I grabbed my noise reduction headphones and slept wearing them all night. This morning I went to the front desk approaching the desk clerks timidly and said "there's an annoying beep beep beep in my room and I'm afraid even though I love that room I will be unable to stay there for four more nights. The young lady inquired. , " did you check your phone?" I had made myself a hot chocolate last night and knocked the bedside phone off of its cradle. Problem resolved. Yeah!

Had a lovely breakfast in the hotel then set out for my first adventure in Budapest. I even taught myself how to use my panorama feature on my phone so heres my first panorama photo.
Why walk up the hill if you can take the Funicular?

It's a short ride up to Castle Hill, about three minutes, but it offers great panoramic views and it's also a lot of fun. The Funicular (or Sikló, as it is called in Hungarian) first opened in 1870, and it was designed to provide a cheap commute for the clerks working in the Castle District.

In the Square just below the funicular, vendors were setting up for their day. I purchased some candy; the white balls were coconut covered and coconut cream on the inside and the large pretzel shaped candy was made from nuts and sugar that had been caramelized and twisted into a beautiful hard chunk of crunchy, nutty, chewy, delicious goodness. Wish I had bought more of the coconut balls, may have to return.

After the funnicular ride I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket. Daniel and his sidekick were the two young men I purchased my hop on hop off bus ticket from, really two good little salesman and boarded the next bus. I was sitting in the front next to Sylvia the English speaking tour guide. Sylvia was charming and I have a rendezvous with her tomorrow when she's
Boiled EggBoiled EggBoiled Egg

How did they do that?
going to take me on a private tour to a place outside of Budapest; her services are inexpensive, about $10 an hour. Her 15 year old son is an excellent athlete and is involved in a new sport, kayak polo.

Parting ways with Sylvia at about 2 o'clock I headed off for a lovely Thai body massage - 90 minutes for $66 including a generous tip. I had spotted the sign Thai massage from the bus, jumped off and backtracked. I had to ring the doorbell for entry, as I stepped in to the lobby of the building it looked old and smelled musty, I climb the stairs to the little shop. The owner, a good looking middle aged man advised me I could get a massage in about 10 minutes. He offered me some green tea and I settled into one of the two overstuffed chairs. As I listened to the soft gentle music peacefulness overcame me. Soft billowy curtains separated the work areas and the candlelit atmosphere was soothing and inviting. Orsa was my masseuse and her gentle fingers quickly put me at ease and relaxed me. The 90 minutes flew by, I would highly recommend Thai
Caviar and MoreCaviar and MoreCaviar and More

At about $1.25 each
massage at 1075 Budapest, Karoly Kurt 23. /kapukod 19. Tel. 06. 30 842 0396. Just what I needed after that jolting bike ride.

The Hungarian people are an engaging people and on the whole appear happy.

I saw evidence of homeless for the first time on this trip.

Russians have their vodka, the Italians grappa, Germans their Jäger Meister, Czechs – Bechkorova, and Hungarians have their Palinka. Palinka is a distilled drink made from 100%!f(MISSING)ruit, no sugar or other added. Potent, like white lightning. Or so I am told!

Having oriented myself using both the hop on hop off bus, the tram, the bus and the subway I feel well prepared to go out and conquer Budapest. Leaving now to catch the bus for an illuminated evening tour, more later!

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A real flirt

Candy anyone?

My new skill?

Charmed and CharmingCharmed and Charming
Charmed and Charming

Note the woman's lovely little bouquet
Dancing in the MetroDancing in the Metro
Dancing in the Metro

Reminds me of our Shannon

24th May 2013

May 23
I cannot believe all you're seeing and doing. What an amazing trip. Looks like the good weather is with you, too.

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