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June 14th 2009
Published: June 20th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

My shuttle ride to the airport is an unforgettable one, even though I am mostly a sleep at the time.
The buildings are beautiful until you hit the outskirts and witness debris of a demolished structure. “Just like Miami” I whisper to myself.
The thought reminds me of my Mother who would tell me when I was younger that one day if I work hard, I could go anywhere in the world I wanted to.
I think to myself, she has spent more than 50 years of her life on this earth and she has never been outside of North America because she simply could not afford it.
So I hope it’s understandable that the thought of this experience forced my eyes to water for the first time in a longtime.
Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Budapest- A list worth framing.
I get to the airport and the lines are long…too long. I guess a 7am morning flight out of Budapest on a Saturday is not atypical.
My first connecting flight is Zurich and I make it out on time. As I try to digest my sandwich au fromage, I catch a glimpse of a quote from Warren Bennis, “ NOTHING IS TRULY YOURS UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND IT- NOT EVEN YOURSELF”
For me this was not only a journey through Europe but a journey of myself as well. I am in a plane full of people of a different race, speaking different languages and I feel at home.
When I land in Boston, I am blown away by the ability to understand everyone around me. The Tower of Babel suddenly means something to me.
I hop in the car and I can barely drive. The driver that cuts me off stimulates some reflexes and I am the typical driver again.
It is all so different I think. How can I not go back?


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