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June 30th 2008
Published: September 9th 2008
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Mat: Budapest was the last stop on our trip, and we were keen just to relax a bit. This approach does not make for a hugely entertaining blog, so this will be short and sweet.

We stayed at an awesome little hostel called "Enter Privates". Really - it was called Enter Privates. I think the "privates" part referred to the private rooms, but what possessed the owner to preface this with "enter", I will never know. The owner of the place, Gabor, was a young Budapest local who, despite the misdirected attempt at naming the hostel, was a top bloke. Over the four days in Budapest we had many a good chat about Hungary and Budapest, which was an invaluable bonus to our stay there.

As is often the case, one of the best things Dave and I did was hire bicycles for a couple of days, and cruise about soaking in the city. Dave got a way cooler bike however, which gutted me.

The Turks took control of Budapest at one stage, so there are some amazing Turkish baths dotted around the city. Not that I would know though, as it was the middle of summer, and the last thing I felt like was immersing myself in hot water.

Unlike many other cities in Eastern Europe that ditched the various communist statues dotted about the landscape once free from the shackles of the USSR, Budapest grouped them together in one spot. "Momento Park" is the result of this idea. Pretty random, but pretty cool. Take a bus out into the burbs, and there, all in one spot, is more socialist sculpture than you can shake a sickle at. Nice one comrades!

Somehow I also stumbled across a free Santana concert. And he played some Led Zeppelin. What?


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I have no idea what the instrument is on the left.I have no idea what the instrument is on the left.
I have no idea what the instrument is on the left.

But combined with the Turkish bagpipe thing, the music is awesome.
One of the streets catering to touristsOne of the streets catering to tourists
One of the streets catering to tourists

It provided me with a t-shirt where an orange is saying "Mama?" to a glass of orange juice.
Wherever I go they have statues of DadWherever I go they have statues of Dad
Wherever I go they have statues of Dad

This is Budapest's version.

8th January 2009

Hi guys
Hi there. Good to read about your trip all over and especially to Hungary. Just to explain the name "Enter Privates": some years ago we ran an other hostel called Enter Hostel. But when we moved and had only private rooms we decided to change the name a little. I understand that it can have other meanings... Wish you both a happy new year! Gabor from Hungary
26th June 2009

hey boys and girls:) Nice pics:) in the 2.pic the left musican instrumental called nyenyere or tekerőlant(hurdy gurdy) its an old,traditional hungarian can check it here: Greetings from Hungary:)

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