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June 30th 2012
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After getting a taxi at 5 am to a bus stop, getting a bus to another bus stop, then another bus to the airport only to arrive 3 hours too early, a 45 minute flight and saving $60 in the process I arrived in Athens, Greece. Greece has been a place I wanted to visit my whole life. Did it live up to my expectations? Let’s see.


I only spent half a day here wondering around and visiting the Acropolis. If I hadn’t seen Ephesus two days earlier it would have been more impressive, but the view from the top was pretty nice. The hostel I stayed in upgraded me to an apartment, which would have been awesome if I didn’t have to listen to the other girl staying in there having sex.. and faking it mind you. The next morning was another 5am start to get to the port where I met Megan and Steph for our island adventures.


I loved this island and it definitely wasn’t what I thought it would be like. I had the naïve image in my head that the whole thing would be covered in white buildings with blue roofs. This obviously was the case in some areas, but the rest of the island was pretty scarce and dotted with little white houses. We spent most of our time here exploring the island and getting lost on MTVs. I thought Megan was going to kill us. Out of the beaches we visited I loved Red beach the most because of the way the colours of the sea contrasted with the colours of the rocks. My favourite sunset would be on some random road and in Oia. One night we met some really nice Americans who randomly paid for our dinner. It was such a lovely surprise! We also met a Canadian guy who got hospitalised for food poisoning (of all things) from the plane flying into Amsterdam and who ended up in the police station in Rome because he got ‘mugged’ by some ‘Africans’ who didn’t actually steal anything. He doesn’t remember any of this. So many hilarious things happened here but I can’t think of them right now because my head is pounding from last night. Perhaps I should have put off writing this post. Oh well.

Ios/The land of Bogans and Southern Cross Tattoos

All I do is party. And sleep. And swim. And play ‘there’s a moon in my cup’.

Well I can’t say Greece has lived up to my expectations because to be honest it was totally different to what I thought it would be; in a good way though. This seems to be a regular occurrence. On the other hand, I probably wouldn’t got to Ios for a cultural experience. Meg and Steph has now gone off to visit Steph’s family on another Island and tomorrow I will be heading to Poland to reunite with Laura! By the way, I didn’t mention Steph was Greek.. an excellent advantage. We even got a hotel upgrade! Anyway, until next times amigos x


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