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July 4th 2008
Published: July 4th 2008
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We had the ultimate Greek dining/evening experience.

A taxi took us up the other side of Patmos, the island where we were anchored for the night
and dropped us off near a concrete-stoneworkers yard, followed the drive down to an
authentic greek restaurant
with rows and rows of tables
we were the first to arrive
at 8:30 pm
and were guaranteed
many locals solicited this very place

there was a stage
and kitties peering through the window
and a wonderful view of the bay
up and over there to the right

and we started imbibing
and eating
even though the place was empty

the "mezes" started marching in
the appetizers
eggplant spread
tomato balls
eggplant moussaka(sort of quiche sort of thing)
legendary greek salad
fried cheese
cheese pie pastry

and dinner hadn't even been served


and one half of the one of the other tables had been filled with a
family with an infant and a five year old
who got dressed up in traditional greek clothing
and two greek orthodox priests
and their wives
smoking and drinking

but we ate
and then we got a choice of
and i orderd the chicked souvlaki
chicken skewers

but before it came out the band had started
with a mechanical drum set
a couple of keyboards
a traditional greek mandolin sort of stringed instrument
and a stringed instrument the size of a large wooden spoon

and pretty soon
our waiters changed into
traditional garb
and started dancing
and slapping their feet
and the ground
and yelling

as we cheered
and hooped ourselves

one song was about the sponge divers who would
re-surface with the benz
and the eldest dancer
did a wonderful acting bit
wobbling along with a cane

then it was our turn to dance
and i jumped up
and was taught
and circled around
it felt very similar
to american line dancing
and irish dancing
at the same time

they taunted us
encouraging the music to go faster and faster
and gave us a break when the eldest priest wanted
to dance

i was coming from the bathroom
wiping my brow
when the eldest dancer
showed me a new dance
and lead me on stage again

i soon ducked away
again, outside
to the cool air and my own large bottle of water
it's the most exercise i've done this whole trip

so fun


4th July 2008

Mercy buckets
Hi Lily, We've really enjoyed your numerous posts from Greece. You've packed a ton in a very small window of opportunity, and we've been so impressed. Thanks for taking the time to sit down and write so often. It has been a real treat to read stateside. Yours, Tim
7th July 2008

Really liked this Food report

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