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June 20th 2008
Published: June 20th 2008
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Well, So I have made my way from spain through italy and finally on to Athens, where I am waiting out until I catch my cruise... tommorrow.. so not so long. Its amazing how hot it is here. Its incredibly incredibly INCREDIBLY hot, at a scortching, skin burning temperature of about 40 degrees.

Funny thing is.. supposedly, it's cooler today, than it was yesterday.. but you coulda fooled me. We hiked up the mountain to the Acropolis today.. unfortunately we were detained by a photo shoot and an interview, as, I always am of course, so left later than expected.. and were at the top of the hill at the height of heat which is noon. Maybeee not the smartest thing to do.. and yes you probably agree.. funny thing is, that may have not been the smartest, BUT! there were women up there at the same time as us.. also not smart.. wearing HEELS... much less smart. So who has the last laugh now?! haha

Anyway, The acropolis boasts a beautiful view in every direction. Athens seems endless, and the sun shinning off the roofs confirm that little statement. It's so hot, the view of the ocean makes you feel a little bit better, but it's blurred by the rising heat waves off the heated brick of the streets and houses. All together, it was an experience, and felt sort of like a pilgrimage of sorts to get to the top. My advice to future travelers is to stick to the mountain in the morning, and tackle shopping in the daytime, because all the stores have air conditioning.

The brick left behind is still beautiful and has seen history that we can only imagine. Standing for hundreds of years, the marble columns have stood up to the weathering affects of rain, heat, and more heat. They are a haunting remnants of the past, and perch regally above a cliffy hill that is hard to climb.

Although many people have told me that they dislike Athens, I really do think it's beautiful in its own.. old, slightly delapetated way. It's old, and the people here, seem to know how to live. The food is good, the people friendly so far, and the hostel we are staying at.. is great.

The one thing that maybe I don't particularly enjoy, is the abundance of stray dogs that roam the streets. However, they really don't seem to bug you, and don't even try to touch you. They look at you as you walk by and maybe follow slightly, but then leave, without hassle. So, they aren't the diggest detterent.

Probably the most impressive part of Athens so far, is the collection of fantastic shoe stores that are right at our doorstep. I am drooling, just walking by, and have probably caused some smudges on windows from pressing my nose against them, just wishing I could buy everything inside.

Tommorrow we leave for the islands, and hopefully, our experience of those will be just as awesome as Athens has been. My reccomendation for anyone coming to Athens is to stay at the Athenstyle Backpackers, because the owners are amazing, and everyone is so friendly, and everything is clean and comfortable... and probably most important, they have airconditioning..

Anyway, off I go to discover more of the city, it is a friday night after all, and the night life is just a part of a city, as anything else. Ciao for now!


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