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Europe » Greece » West Greece July 17th 2017

July 17 Monday Woke up at 5 AM to get ready to go to Athens today. I looked out the curtain to see if the sun had started to rise. Instead I saw a lot of clouds up in the sky. By the time we got to port it was raining. Finally a cool day One of the things I tried finally this morning was the travel shampoo that I had bought. This is a little packet of slivers of shampoo paper. You take one out of the container with dry hands and then when you wet it and it dissolves into soap. I figured since my hair is a little long I took about three or four of those out. While in the shower I tried using on my hair and it didn't really work ... read more
Athens (2)
Celestyal Olympia (1)
Celestyal Olympia (2)

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 26th 2017

Campsites are like restuarants along this part of Western Greece. You can spend a night at each and still not stay at them all. Suzy is holed up at aCamping Acrodiali. Yet another Italian sounding name. The area has nothing noteworthy in terms of historical sites but what it does have is an unbelievably cobalt blue, crystal clear sea, an endless blue sky and rocky headlands. 21 euros to spend a night in prime seaside location amidst the caravans that have grown into huge man sheds over the years. Our only other neighbours are two Austrian motorhomers. Our first thoughts as we drove in were that it was a bit tight and not many spaces for us. The type of site we sometimes look at and wonder whether or not to stay. First impressions count and ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 23rd 2017

We are well and truly stuck. Suzy is well and truly stuck. I am taken back to 1968 and the three day week when all businesses in Britain were forced to close their doors for 4 days a week. Electricity was rationed and homes were in darkness for hours on end. I worked at the electricity board at the time and worked until midnight most nights answering phone calls from customers who wanted to know when they would get their power supply back. We called that time the bad old days. We had to park up somewhere so we moved a few miles down the road to the latest campside near to Prevetza and still within half an hour of the port. We had not thought last week that we would still be in Greece today. ... read more
Athens museum pieces
Roman mosaics in the museum
Tall trees in the park

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 19th 2017

Suzy the motorhome is parked up virtually on her own on Camping Kariotes just outside the town of Lefkada. Lefkada is described as an oddity. Connected to the mainland by a causeway through lagoons and over an old metal bridge. Next to the bridge is the prettily named Santa Maura fortress and lighthouse . Lefkada was never an island . It joined the mainland until a canal was dug in the 7th century BC. It reminded me of Grado in Italy as we drove over the causeway. The lagoons sadly meant mosquitos and the two of us are getting bitten to death by the little creatures. A tortoise crossed the road slowly in front of Suzy. Lefkada was yet another one of those places in Greece that was fought over periodically by the Venetians and the ... read more
Lefkada quayside
Welcome to the Pirates Bar
We cannot believe the colour of the sea

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 19th 2017

We felt a little sad leaving Yiannis and his small campsite. As we headed over the causeway we said our goodbyes to Lefkada and its little island. The fort looked impressive on our way out and it would have been good to stop and take a photo opportunity but there seemed nowhere to park Suzy up. We were heading down Tortoise Alley. The little creatures ambled their way slowly from one side of the road to the other. Endearing little things that we hoped managed to get across in one piece. They risk life and limb dodging the Greeks in their cars and scooters. The flowers along the coastroad are changing . Pink and white oleanders replace the spring flowers. Broom instead of Gorse. Tamarisk pink and billowy showing our close proximity to the seaside. It ... read more
Another seaside harbour complete with blue sky, blue sea and boats
Something interesting

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 19th 2017

It is not a million miles from Prevetza one seaside town to Parga another.Suzy is going to overnight on the beachside campsite called Enjoy Lyknos camping. Now the title of the campsite gives the clue away I think. It is big and brash and part of a much bigger complex made up of holiday homes, a night club and loungers on the beach. It is an ACSI site and is terraced on the hillside. Rows upon rows of spaces for campervans. The beachside plots are almost all taken by German motorhomers. It feels a little like the towel on the sun lounger before breakfast. It is really not the sort of campsite we enjoy being on. We are struggling to find our type of campsite up here so close to Igoumenitsa the port we sail home ... read more
along the quayside
Sadly there was not much to  photograph - an anchor will have to do

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras May 16th 2017

As a child growing up in post war Britain there were less of the flashy toys to play with. We made our own fun playing in the sand in the local quarry, watching the trains speed by, putting coins on the line for them to run over. We collected car number plates. There were not so many cars on the road then and it was easy to sit on a wall with a pencil and paper and write them down. We lay in the grass watching the butterflies in the meadow . We collected wild flowers. We dipped our feet in the icy cold water of the river. We had I- Spy books. I Spy Castles. I Spy Bridges. We collected points for seeing various road bridges or features on them. If we were lucky enough ... read more
Looking all the world like sails
On the bridge

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia May 14th 2017

Well you have to do it don't you? Stand on the starting line for the 200 yard dash in the stadium in Olympia where it all started. All as in the Ancient Olympic Games and the modern version we all know and love. Queue music - Vangelis - Chariots of Fire and it's off you go. Running naked as the day you were born trying to beat other naked men. Olympia was on the way home as we are now wending our way slowly back to Igoumenitsa. Finding the ancient site was not easy. We mistakenly ended up at the car park of Camping Atreus where we intended to stop the night. The lady owner ran up the path as we turned round to try again for the archaelogical park. Parking in the end was relatively ... read more
they wouldnt be out of place in a modern gym
Some kind of throwing device
One of the many temples in Olympia

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia October 19th 2016

Day 28 - Wed. Oct. 19 - Port of call: Katakolon, Greece. Weather: Partly sunny - temperatures of 70°F/21°C Today we stopped in the town of Katakolon, which is situated in the northwest portion of the Peloponnese. This town serves as the harbour for the regional capital of Pyrgos but also provides the gateway to Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games in 776 BC. The Olympic games were considered an integral part of ancient Greek society. Every four years men from every city state would travel to Olympia to compete in athletic competitions to honour the king of the gods, Zeus. Due to natural disasters and the destruction of the site by Theodosius, Ancient Olympia is mostly comprised of foundations, columns and steps, or as the Location Guide Brett says “piles of stone some more organized ... read more
Rebuilt column

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Olympia October 2nd 2016

Another early start. Overnight we have reached the port of Katakalon, Greece, but our destination is Olympia. On the bus with our local guide Greg. It's a 40-minute drive to Olympia, and he provides the historical background to what we are about to see. The ancient Olympic Games started in Olympia around the 8th century B.C. and ran more or less continuously every four years for 1200 years. The games were ultimately banned by the Christian Byzantine empire and the buildings destroyed. The entire site was lost to history, completely covered by silt and vegetation until excavations started in the late 19th century. And in 1896, the Olympic Games were reborn with a more modern aesthetic. Every since, the Olympic torch is ignited here on the ancient site of Olympia, then transported to Athens, and finally ... read more
Ruins of Temple of Zeus
The Phlippeion
Nike of Paionios

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