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Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras May 16th 2017

As a child growing up in post war Britain there were less of the flashy toys to play with. We made our own fun playing in the sand in the local quarry, watching the trains speed by, putting coins on the line for them to run over. We collected car number plates. There were not so many cars on the road then and it was easy to sit on a wall with a pencil and paper and write them down. We lay in the grass watching the butterflies in the meadow . We collected wild flowers. We dipped our feet in the icy cold water of the river. We had I- Spy books. I Spy Castles. I Spy Bridges. We collected points for seeing various road bridges or features on them. If we were lucky enough ... read more
Looking all the world like sails
On the bridge

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras May 8th 2014

Geo: 38.2381, 21.7392 GÜN 08 GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Biraz derin uyumuşuz ..kendimizi zorlayarak 08:30 da kahvaltıya katıldık. Etrafımız çekik gözlü çinli kaynıyor.. Kendime nasıl kızıyorum ..Nasıl oldu da Bu Çinlilerin bir gün dünyayı harmanlayacaklarına uyanamamışım.. Biraz vizyon olaymış bir otel alırdım .. Beni Mao yaktı.. Biz, kültür devrimi dolduruşlarına gelmişiz.. Bunlar yurt dışına çıkamaz diye kesip atmışız.. Potansiyele bak be abi.. Önemli değil artık gelecek sefere… Saat 09:30 da kapı önündeki şahbazımıza bindik ve personelle vedalaştık. Bu kez MIO'yu (Bizim GPS)yu dinliyeyim dedim. Tak diye inadına bizi otobanın dışına çıkarttı. Kime güveneceğimi bilemiyorum . Kendisini bir süreli... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras September 20th 2013

Geo: 38.1333, 21.5833 GÜN 22 GÜNLERDEN CUMA: Bugün başımıza gelmeyen kalmadı …hepsini anlatacağım. Ne var ki, bu bloğun formatı gereği ,aynı günü parçalayarak anlatmak zorunda kalıyoruz .. Güzel bir gün doğuşundan sonra ,sakince toparlandım ve 08:30 da yola çıktık Hedefimiz: Kato Alissos Bu japon isimli yer, Patras kentini geçtikten sonra Adriyatik denizinde bir tatil kasabası.. Patras' a rahat vardık ve devam ederek Kato Alissos'ta kalmayı hedeflediğimiz kampa vardık … Gel gelelim kamp ,denizin kıyısında olmasına rağmen deniz seviyesinin bir hayli üzerinde kurulmuş.Benim Ayşe'm bu merdivenleri hayatta inip çıkmaz .. Ne yapalım ? diye düşünüyoruz…Çaresiz B planına geçtik …... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras July 6th 2013

Hey guys, just back from sailing was fun, but happy to have a shower and relax, last night we docked up and had a great meal, whole fish and greek dancing was fun. Two boatsbroke down so we had to share boats, it was very cramped but cozy i slept ell any way. Unfortunately i lost my beloved green stone it got lost to the seas i was so guttered but theres not a lot i can do about it!. Hope blakes back op goes well and gma gets better. Hope brents sussing his stuff and is ok to fly, fingers crossed xx.... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras May 27th 2012

Not much to do on the ferry... So I may as well continue writing out my thoughts about this trip. Me, Chris, and Sergio (the bus driver) were discussing last night that this trip is about 10,000 km and so for we have only traveled around 4,000. Of course this doesn't include water travel. Sergio was filling out Will's map and highlighting which roads we traveled and which ones we will travel on. Then he highlighted in a different color the places we stop in. All in all it looked very cool and I will have to do that when I'm back in Canada and frame it. 10,000 km. 17 countries. We're still 3 days away from the halfway point. I remember being nervous before this trip began thinking that I've never been this far away ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras September 25th 2011

GOOD BYE TO GREECE Today was a transit day from our Cruise ship to the overnight Ferry from Greece to Italy so not too much to report. We returned to the Port of Athens to end our amazing Greek Island Cruise. Like the rest of our tour it was designed to give us a snapshot of the islands and it certainly did that. I guess it’s no surprise that Mykonos and Santorini were the highlights however the whole cruise experience was a lot of fun and a very nice change from our day to day tour routine. One of the big advantages of touring as part of an organised group is that your bags are always taken care of. We put our bags outside our room before we went to bed and they were picked up ... read more
The Korinthos Canal
Beautiful Beers

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras April 4th 2011

To recap...When we got into Lagkadia, we went to the Kentrikion Hotel. The young man who worked there said we might want to stay at the Lagkadia Resort, also owned by his family, because the Kentrikion was too noisy. Which was true. You know those movies where the Geek families are arguing and talking loudly all at once? There were a group of people, probably 60's, men and women, standing at the desk talking rapidly and with great irritation. I have no idea what was going on. So we moved to the other hotel. Then, we went to the restaurant, also owned by the family, and old men would come to the door, pass through to another part of the hotel, some women too... very weird. It was like the whole town was in meltdown. No ... read more
Museum at Archea Olympia
My favorite at Archea Olympia

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras May 2nd 2010

Geo: 38.2381, 21.7392 GÜN 4 Günlerden Pazar Patras (Yunanca: Πάτρα / Patra, 1974'e kadar: Πάτραι / Pátrai, Osmanlı döneminde: Balyabarda), Yunanistan'ın Atina ve Selanik'ten sonra üçüncü büyük şehridir. Atina'nın 215 km batısında, Korint Körfezi ile Akdeniz'in birleştiği noktada bulunur. Yunanistan'ın güneybatısında yer alır. Atina'dan 3,5 - 4 saatlik tren yolculuğu ile ulaşılır. Kel alaka diyeceksiniz ama Malatya ile kardes sehirdir. Sabah 08:30 da kalktık. Ayşeciğim kahveleri döktürdü. Ben hemen toparlandım. Biraz terleyince, tekrar yıkanmaya karar verdim. Sonra borcumuzu ödedim ve yola vurduk. Yol ,direkt olarak ,kampın önünden devam ediyor. Öğlen Korent civarında bir lokma bir şey yedik. Çok rahat bir seyahatten sonra Patra ya vardık. Gemimizi buldum Check in yapmak gere... read more
Patras Meydanı
Gemimiz Ionian Queen
Gemiye binmeyi bekliyoruz

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras March 18th 2010

BARI Day 57 Uneventful day of trains that break and then have to get on a bus and then back on a train and finally making it to the ferry. The ferry was a superfast and it was both super and fast. I found it really comfortable and a really nice journey. When I wake up it will be to Greece! PATRA Day 58 The ferry finally docked in Patra Greece. The coast at Patra is beautiful and it is just a port town so I can’t imagine how the rest of Greece will be. The ferry arrived in Patra at noon and I quickly learned that the train system in Greece is practically non-existent and that parts that do run suck! So I waited three hours for the train in to Athens. While I ... read more
athens 003

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Patras March 4th 2010

29th May ‘09: Finding a football stadium without a map is reasonably simple. A DAF garage on Thrakis Street, Patras, however, is quite another matter. Spaznavs and Autoroute 2007 are next to useless down here; one has to use “the force” instead. Or buy a map. Although a map is a sensible, well-founded notion in, say London or Berlin, this is Greece - and they use funny letters to confound us. A Patras map does exist - with streets marked in the Roman alphabet - but the index is in Greek. We’re stumped. Patras is not a small hamlet of half a dozen avenues. The solution, then, is for Little Dick to scout ahead, paying a taxi driver to lead the way, and to call me with garbled directions. Voila, Namibian and I arrive with a ... read more
Another garage with two more squabbling Greeks
Boarding the Superfast Ferry to Ancona, Italy
Namibian yet to complete a length

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